Prior to setting out on any trip, the best way to ensure you end up saving money is to plan ahead. Having arrived at your destination, it is extremely improbable that you will be motivated to save and in fact, it typically is quite the opposite.

Almost without question, a good travel agent is capable of saving you a significant amount of money. But they too are busy and sometimes careless and could benefit from suggestions by you.

Having learned a few ideas the hard way, I now pass them on in hopes they may make your trip more comfortable and perhaps less expensive.

Don’t delay planning for your trip; however, don’t nail down a precise date until you absolutely need to make the reservation. You will have more travel options at better rates if your travel dates are able to fluctuate.

It might be smart to travel with a group if you haven’t done much traveling before. Not only will you always have a constant travel companion that is knowledgeable and supportive, but you will be able to take advantage of inexpensive group rates.

You can run into some confusion about the currencies when you are traveling through more than one or two countries.

There are banks that will offer pre-arranged sets of foreign currency you can purchase. Practice with these currencies at home, and then use them for taxis, lunches, tips abroad.

Another great tool that you may find helpful while on your trip would be a currency converter.

Remember to consider your accommodations and if you are interested in saving money, you can choose to not have a private bath. You can save lots of money here as you may have to pay as much as two to three times the normal price if you demand such a convenience.

Also, know what perks come with your room as places like Scotland, England, and Ireland usually include it with the room. In most other countries, you must pay a nominal fee to enjoy their continental breakfast, which normally consists of bread and coffee.

You will want to instruct your travel agent to steer you clear of unnecessary luxuries; a good way to think about it is what services would you suggest for visitors of your hometown? You would probably suggest visitors to stay at a clean, respectable hotel with a reasonable rate; just such hotels are abundant virtually everywhere.

Will you really want to travel without doing any shopping? Armed with the information about the products you are interested in purchasing abroad will allow your agent to locate places where these items can be purchased at the lowest cost.

Duty free shops offer very low prices, and they’re found all over the globe. If you aren’t careful though, you will have to pay taxes when you reach customs.

If you want to avoid customs, plan on sending back your gifts by mail. You can ship as many goods as you like. In any event, keep your sales slips in case customs wants to see them.

Thorough research and careful planning are the critical elements to any trip. There is absolutely no such thing as too much research.

You’ll have a better idea of what your itinerary is going to look like if you plan in advance. Always check with your travel agents to find out all of their money saving tips, especially when it comes to booking your hotel.

In conclusion, don’t worry about your difficulties back home. They’ll all be waiting for you when you get back, just use your vacation as a time to sit back and relax without worrying about them.

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