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Most business leaders
don’t know how to structure their sales organizations or even themselves for
maximum productivity. They don’t know how to change, adapt and re-organize for
new stages of growth. Whether you are a one-person army or a large-scale sales
force, you can learn and leverage my golden secrets to super sales mastery.


I first learned the
secrets to building precision sales organizations while working for billionaire
businessman, Charlie Munger. I doubled the sales of the first company given to
me in just 15 months. The second company I doubled in just 12 months. Several of
the companies I took over, I doubled two and three years in a row. Here's how…


How to Increase
Productivity & Double Your Sales


In most sales
organizations, the sales are ad-hoc. Everyone's running around doing what they
think is best. Management sets very little standards of performance.


If you want to achieve
maximum productivity and double your sales in less than 12 to 15 months, you
must think like a scientist. You must plan of every aspect of your sales process
down to the smallest detail.


Are My Top Ideas to Help You Create Your Step-By-Step Battle Plan for Sales


1. Prospecting Stage


Do you have minimum
standards for the types of accounts your salespeople should go after? Does every
rep have some "dream clients" they chase constantly and relentlessly? What is
the minimal size accounts should your reps be going after?


Did you establish the
minimum number of accounts your team will go after (per rep)? How much time each
day is going to be dedicated to this effort? Did you set a minimum amount of
rejections your team will face per client? Make sure you include in your battle
plan what your sales reps should do after each rejection and how this process is
going to be monitored? If you don't set standards here, 52% of all salespeople
will give up after a single rejection. Yet studies show it takes 8.4 rejections
today to get the client to at least meet you.


What will be your sales
reps first approach? The second? The third? What do you say if you get the
prospect on the phone right away? What are your procedures for getting around
gatekeepers and assistants?


2. The sales call.


What are your sales reps
going to present? What are the top five strategic objectives you want to achieve
from every interaction with every buyer? What and how many questions are they
going to ask? How will your reps own personal credibility?


The sales call is a
terrific strategy 99.9% of companies never address on purpose. Have you
seriously sat down and talked about the sales call and planned out each aspect?
Did you practice it, role-play it and polish it to a fine luster? Are you
leaving nothing to chance?


For every company I work
with, I make them plan every inch of the sales call. I tell my clients to think
of sales like a war. Marketing with direct mail, advertising, trade shows and
Internet Marketing are like your long range bombing. They soften the market and
make it more receptive.


Your salespeople are your
foot soldiers. When they get into hand-do-hand combat, how well do you want them
trained? How many scenarios do you want to address in advance? By perfecting
every aspect of the sales phone call, my clients slaughtered companies four
tines their size!


3. The actual pitch for
the product or service


What's your pre-emptive
strategy to block competitors? What's going to motivate your prospects to buy
right now? Pretend you had to present to all your prospects all at once, what
kind of experience would that be? Are you ready right now? If not, your sales
process is sloppy.


Sorry, but it's true. I
plan out the sales opportunities to the letter. I know exactly what I'd say if
you put all my prospects in a room all at once. Figure it out, then role-play


4. The offer.


Creating a compelling
offer is an art form. Can you offer something for free that gets you deep into
your clients' world? Can you offer a free audit related to your type of product
or service? Can you sweeten the inducement to buy with a bonus or free gift?


I have a client who
recently added an MP3 Player to the offer and it increased his sales by 22%
overnight. As a bonus, I give away spectacular additional training programs as
an inducement to buy my primary offers.


Role-play your offer again
and again until the reps do it with ease and complete comfort.


5. The follow up.


Now it's time to continue
the bonding process. In this stage you must recognize and plan your objectives
after a sales interaction? Do you want to get referrals? Do you want to keep the
client coming back again and again?


How are you going to build
a bond? Did you get emails addresses? Can you open a relationship that is so
worth having they can't say no? What's follow up step one, step two, step three
and so on?


Train Your Sales Reps to
Act More Like Top Producers


That said, the procedures,
role-playing, constant training and working on your sales process and not just
in it, can help even regular salespeople perform like top producers. If you're
not leading, you can't close. There's a war in today's business world. It's
called sales. And, if you want to win the war and get more market share, you
must get yourself some true warriors. You need top producers.


Top producers respond
perfectly to rejection by becoming more effective. They become more aggressive
when someone is brushing them off. They're more persuasive if someone isn’t


Top Performers know that
the sales process is a science. They understand that they must operate like
scientists, constantly moving toward the sale. So start drilling down like a
scientist each and every aspect of your sales process.


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