As a Real Estate Business Coach, I often hear the question “What is the difference between Accountability coaching and Mindset Coaching?”

This is an excellent question and deserves a comprehensive answer. Many real estate agents have invested money in the wrong coaching program because they didn’t know the answer to this question. Then they often become cynical about all coaching programs in general. The next time you’re considering a business coach; I want you to be fully informed as to which kind of coaching is best for you.

First, let’s address “Accountability” coaching. In this kind of coaching, you are taught a certain system by the coach who helps you to develop action steps to reach your desired income. The action steps are not unique to you; they are part of the system that you’re learning.

For example, if a well-known real estate teacher visits your town and offers a weekend seminar, usually on the second day he or she presents the opportunity for you to work with coaches that have been trained by them.

Perhaps the system you’ll be learning is the system on how to get referrals for your business, or perhaps you will be learning how to become an expert at prospecting and lead generation.

Regardless of the specialty, the main emphasis will be on your implementation of action steps assigned to you by the coach. For example you might be expected to write out a certain number of thank you cards every day. Or you might be expected to make a certain number of prospecting calls every day. Or you might be expected to send out certain information to your database every month. The examples go on and on.

In Mindset Coaching, the emphasis is very different. The theory behind Mindset coaching is this: “success is created from the inside out”. Basically what this means is that if your Mindset is not a positive, proactive Success Mindset, then no matter what action steps you learn, you will not implement them until your Mindset is changed.

For example, I worked with a client in the past, named JoAnn. She had been a seasoned agent for about 25 years and had taken many Accountability coaching programs.

But when she met me, she was frustrated because in spite of all her Accountability coaching programs she was still struggling with money. She still wasn’t attracting her ideal clients.

She requested my help, because she knew I was a Mindset Coach and she had never tried that before.

I explained to her that the reason that she had not been able to implement all of the coaching was that she had an abundance of Self-Limiting Beliefs that were getting in her way.

Here’s an example of some of the beliefs she was carrying:

  • If I call someone, I’m bothering them

  • As a woman, I should be taken care of by a man and not have to work

  • I’m not good enough

  • Other people’s needs are more important than my own

  • I need to be perfect to be okay

Is it any wonder why she wasn’t succeeding? Even though she had received the best Accountability coaching and even though she was in an Accountability coaching program when we met, those programs did not address these self-limiting beliefs. That’s not what they are designed to do.

Her Mindset began to change only after she began releasing her self-limiting beliefs and replacing them with empowered beliefs. Instead of being fearful and frustrated, she started to feel her confidence coming back. In fact by the end of the six-month coaching, she reported feeling “unstoppable.” A few months later, when I followed up, to inquire how her business was doing, she said.” I’m making $35,000 a month.”

I could hardly believe my ears and I suspected that perhaps she was working many long hard hours. So I asked her how many hours she worked each day? And she said “I only work five hours a day.”

When I inquired as to how this happened, she said with the Mindset coaching, she cleared out the core beliefs that she didn’t even know existed. She said, “I wish I’d done the Mindset coaching before I had done the other Accountability coaching because then I would’ve been able to implement what I was learning.”

The point of this example is to demonstrate that both kinds of coaching can be valuable. But the order that you receive the coaching makes all the difference.

Since most people are unknowingly carrying many self-limiting beliefs such as the ones I mentioned above, they really need to be free of this excess baggage before learning a particular system from Accountability coaching. Otherwise, they will experience what JoAnn did and he will be frustrated at their lack of progress.

There is a place for each kind of coaching. It is very helpful to have a Mindset that is unencumbered with self limiting beliefs before you begin to study an Accountability coaching program.

How would you know which kind of program is best for you? Here is the rule of thumb I use when I answer this question. Just ask yourself this question,

Do you often think to yourself, “I know what I should be doing; I’m just not doing it?”

If your answer is “Yes”, then you are an excellent candidate for Mindset coaching. In other words, you’ve already noticed that you know what you should be doing, so no more new action steps are required, in most cases.

However, you have already admitted to yourself, “but I’m not doing it.”

Is it easy to see that your progress is being impeded because of some inner blocks? Not really, motivational issues have a wonderful way of hiding. You already know what you should be doing, however you’re lacking the motivation to do it. Something is getting in your way and you don’t know what.

The most challenging aspect of this; is that you are being blocked from the inside but you don’t know what those blocks are because they are in your subconscious mind. For example, JoAnn did not know that she had those self-limiting beliefs which first came to see me. All she knew was that she was not able to implement her Accountability coaching program.

Here are some questions to determine what kind of coaching you need:

  • Is your motivation level down?

  • Are you avoiding marketing?

  • Do you find it hard to keep a positive Mindset?

  • Have you taken one or more Accountability coaching programs but been unable to implement them?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then you are an excellent candidate for a Mindset Coaching Program. You need to find someone who will guide you can coach you into areas which are your “blind spots”.

Once you have released the old outdated Self -limiting Beliefs, you are then free to install some updated and Empowered beliefs that will motivate you to your desired income.

Here’s an example of some updated and empowered beliefs you want to program into your subconscious mind:

  • I am more than good enough

  • The only persons approval I need is my own

  • I attract success with ease

  • I am worthy of an abundance of prosperity

These are a few of the hundreds of empowered powered beliefs that I use every day when I coach clients to reprogram their subconscious minds.

Here’s the good news: once you have released your own beliefs and installed and Empowered beliefs, then you have transformed your Mindset into a Success Mindset.

With your new Mindset, you will succeed at any Accountability coaching program that you choose. There will be no inner blocks to stop your success and implementation of action steps will be smooth and easy.

About The Author:

Dr. Maya Bailey, Multiple 6 Figure Income Business Coach for Real Estate Professionals, integrates her 20 years of experience as a psychologist with 14 years of expertise in marketing. Her powerful transformational work creates a Success Formula for Real Estate Professionals ready to create a Multiple 6 Figure Income. To get your free report: “7 Simple Strategies to More Clients in 90 Days” and to apply for an Initial Complimentary Consultation, go to

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