Raymond Aaron, the nation’s number-one success and investment coach, has committed his life to teaching people how to dramatically change their lives for the better with his powerful goal-setting strategies and life management tools. For more than two decades, he’s been developing, refining, and testing these powerful techniques that can transform lives.

TAMMY LAWMAN: You’ve seen success in so many different areas: as a speaker, as an author, in real estate, and as an entrepreneur. Most of us have a hard enough time being successful in one area. What’s your secret?

RAYMOND AARON: First of all, thank you for flattering me. The secret is simply that I’ve learned a secret that’s not a secret. Here’s what I mean. When I’m addressing audiences of a few thousand people I say, Put up your hand if you know for sure that you have a greater chance of achieving your goals if you write them down. Everybody in the room puts their hand up.

Then I say, Put up your hand if you faithfully record your goals. Nobody puts their hand up. They know they have to record their goals, not because I say so, but because they already know it. Then they don’t. I know why they don’t. I’ll tell you. It’s actually very simple. Tammy, if you put out your hand when you were a little girl, let’s say that your favorite uncle gave you a candy.

Then the next day you put out your hand and your favorite uncle gave you a candy. The next day you put out your hand and favorite uncle gave you a candy. You did that nine days in a row. On the tenth day, as soon as you saw that gentleman, you would eagerly put your hand out. However, on the tenth day he actually took out a ruler and whacked your hand, and it hurt. The next day you wouldn’t put your hand out, would you?

TAMMY LAWMAN: No, probably not.

RAYMOND AARON: No, but nine times in a row you got a candy. Once you were whacked and you decided, I’m not doing that anymore. That’s the same thing with goals. If you write a goal and you get it, and you write a goal and you get it, and then once, you write a goal and you don’t get it, you say, That was a waste of time, and you stop doing it. If you had nine or 19 or 99 achievements in a row, as soon as you get your first failure you say, I’m not doing that again.

It’s very strange, but that’s what people do. The proof is you can walk up to 100 people and say, Show me your goals written down, and not a single person will pull out the sheet of paper and give it to you, because they don’t do it any longer. Yet they know that they need to write it down to achieve it. I decided I would write my goals, no matter what.

I started writing my goals, and I wasn’t happy because I didn’t know what to do. Should I write it in a future tense? I WILL be a millionaire. Should I write it in the past tense? I’m already a millionaire. What should I do? I didn’t know what to do. I started studying. The studying that I did was very unsatisfying, because people were saying the same rehashed stuff all over again that I tried and it didn’t work. It just didn’t work.

It didn’t work for me. It didn’t work for other people. I set about to create the most powerful goal-attainment program-not goal recording, nobody wants to record their goals-that’s ever been created. I have succeeded. I’ve been independently appraised by some of the most brilliant people in the world and some of the most famous celebrities in the world as having the number-one, most powerful goal-attainment program in the world.

Some of the most famous celebrities endorse it, like Dr. John Gray, Robert Kiyosaki, Robert Allen, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, T. Harv Eker. Some of the most famous people in the world know of my program or endorse my program because it truly works.

TAMMY LAWMAN: Awesome. Tell us how you attract wealth in your life.

RAYMOND AARON: You know the amazing movie, The Secret. There were 40 teachers in the world chosen to be filmed for that movie, and I was one of the 40 in the world chosen, because I have an acute and very intense way of attracting what I want into my life. It has to do with writing goals in such a way that the Law of Attraction works on my behalf in 21 different ways for every single goal that I record.

Tammy, some of your listeners may be saying, I don’t believe in the Law of Attraction. I want to address that right now. If you don’t believe in the law of gravity and you’re on the roof of a tall building and you jump off, which is quite legitimate if you don’t believe
in the law of gravity, you’ll still get squished at the bottom. My point is that the law of gravity isn’t a religion. You don’t get to believe in it.

The law of gravity is. If you don’t believe it is and you jump off a tall building, you get squished. Similarly, the Law of Attraction is not a religion. You don’t get to believe in it. It just is. To people who are suspicious of the Law of Attraction, I say, You’re suspicious that there may or may not be a Law of Attraction, but would you like it working for you anyway? They all say, Yes.

There is a Law of Attraction. It does work. People know it. They just sometimes don’t want to face up to that. I’ve created a way of recording goals that is so powerful and so unique that the Law of Attraction works for you in 21 specific ways. It works so powerfully that clients of mine will Skype me and send post cards, emails, and voicemails to me from all over the world.

They say, Raymond, I can’t believe it. I joined your monthly mentor program, and I’m achieving my goals that I’ve had for 20 years that have gone unfulfilled. I’ve been in your program for one month and it just came true. I don’t even have a word for it. So, Tammy, I had to make one up. The word that I made up is, ‘automagically’. It’s when you write your goals my way

I’m happy, Tammy, for you to ask me whatever questions you want on exactly how my goal-attainment program works so that I can illuminate your listeners. I’ll teach as much as I can in the hour that we have together so that your clients will be able to write their goals powerfully.

TAMMY LAWMAN: Tell me that word again. I didn’t quite catch the word you made up.

RAYMOND AARON: Automagically.

TAMMY LAWMAN: Automagically.

RAYMOND AARON: You’ll be able to achieve your goals automagically. That is as if there is no effort whatsoever on your part.

TAMMY LAWMAN: Can you give us an example? You said you have 21 ways we can do this.

RAYMOND AARON: Yes, 21 ways that the Law of Attraction gets activated. One of them is called MTO. It’s possibly the most brilliant way that goals have ever been recorded. I’ve patented it. No one else can use it. No one else teaches it. Here’s what MTO stands for: Minimum Target Outrageous. MTO answers the question of whether you should aim low or high. Let me explain that.

If you aim very high then it will inspire you and you’ll get more interested in achieving the goal, but you’ll probably fail because the goal is so gigantic, but you may have gone farther than you ever would have gone without such a gigantic goal. Nevertheless you won’t actually get there so you’ll achieve more than you ever would have before, but you’ll feel bad because you failed in achieving a very lofty goal.

Then you say, Maybe I should aim low. If you aim low you will almost always get it and feel good, but you won’t go far in your life because you’re aiming so low. Should you aim low and always achieve it but not get anywhere, or should you aim very high, achieve more than you otherwise would, but almost always fail and feel bad? The answer is, don’t do either of those. They’re both yucky.

I don’t want you to achieve a little and feel good. I don’t want you to achieve a lot and feel bad. I want you to achieve consistently all the time and feel great. If you look at the way every single goal in the entire world has been written, it’s in a way that I call ‘binary’. Tammy, let’s say I ask you or any of your listeners to write a goal about fitness. You would say, I will go to the gym 10 times this month.

Or say, I will lose 20 pounds, or I will make three sales this month, or I will be the top salesperson at my dealership this month. It’s always a binary goal. You either get it or you don’t get it. You might say, Of course you either get your goal or you don’t get it. What else is there? If you’re climbing Mt. Everest, you either get to the top or you don’t. What else can there be?

That’s why everybody writes it in the binary way. They can’t think of anything else. I’ve created a totally different way that’s not binary. It’s MTO. I instruct all of my clients-I’m telling it to you for free though I charge thousands of dollars for this advice-to MTO their goals. In other words, you never write a goal saying, I will achieve this, and if you get it you feel good and if you don’t get it you feel bad.

You always write down three goals instead of one. You write a Minimum goal, a Target goal, and an Outrageous goal. Let’s say you wanted to go to the gym 10 times this month. The definition of Minimum is what you can be counted on to do based on your past performance. Let’s say typically you go to the gym once a week. Your Minimum would be that you go to the gym four times this month. Maybe your Target is six times this month.

Maybe your Outrageous is 10 times. If four is what you can be counted on to do, then you’ll always achieve your minimum. Target is the stretch, and Outrageous is what you’re sure you can’t do. Here’s what happens. Let’s say you’re doing your regular once-a-week and there are a few days left in the month. You say, I’ve done four. That’s what I usually do. I’m really close to my Target. I only have to go two more days, and there are three more days left in the month. I’m going to do it.

It inspires you. It pulls you forward. You always achieve your Minimum because it’s what you can be counted on to do. Then you get inspired by the increased self-confidence that you have to lurch toward your Target, and sometimes you make it all the way to the Outrageous. If I could go even further, let’s say you just did your Target. You did it six times. That’s not just a ‘just’.

Sorry. That was a bit confusing the way I said that. That’s not just a normal thing or an irrelevant thing. That’s a stretch. You achieved your stretch. You went further than you otherwise would have, which is going once a week. Let’s say you’re doing your goal for next month. Now the Minimum isn’t necessarily four any longer. You might say, I think my Minimum is five. I think I can count on myself to do five because of the success I just had.

Maybe your Minimum is five, your Target is eight, and your Outrageous is 12. Even if you’ve written what appears to be the same goal, you’re MTO has been rehabilitated. Your strength, your internal power, your internal feeling of your own abilities has risen. When people start using MTO the first thing that happens is that it never happens that they don’t achieve their goals. The next thing that happens is they feel better and better about themselves.

The next thing that happens is their MTO rises and rises so that within just a few short months, and certainly within six months, their Minimums are much higher than they were when they started. Then they start sailing past all of their friends, dramatically increasing their income, cleaning up all of their messes, losing weight, getting out of debt, increasing their income, increasing their net worth, increasing the amount of real estate they own, and all of the other things that they’ve wanted, financial or non-financial.

TAMMY LAWMAN: You’re showing them how to set themselves up for success. Each time they achieve a goal they feel better about themselves and their confidence rises. They’re actually reaching their goals.

RAYMOND AARON: Absolutely. They never don’t reach their goals. It’s like when you go up to the uncle who sometimes gives you candy and sometimes whips your hand. Then you realize, I don’t want to go to him anymore. You go to your aunt. Your aunt in this case has three hands behind her back. One hand has a little goodie. Another hand has a bigger goodie. Another hand has a wonderfully huge goodie.

You say, From now on, I’m going to the aunt, not the uncle. You choose the hand and sometimes you get a little goodie and sometimes you get a medium goodie and sometimes you get a huge goodie, but you always get a goodie. You’ll always love that aunt, and you’ll always do it for the rest of your life. That’s just one of the 21 ways the Law of Attraction supports you.

If you feel negative about goals, then you’ll produce negativity in your life. If you feel wonderful about goals, you’ll eagerly want to write them down. When you write them down the MTO way it will move you forward enormously.

TAMMY LAWMAN: Tell us why it’s important to write down your goals.

RAYMOND AARON: Everyone already knows, not because I tell them, but because they have an inner guidance system that’s correct. If you write your goals down you have a higher chance of achieving them. I teach people how to write their goals down in a way that actually helps them to create success so that they want to write their goals. Just because you’re going to be healthier because you’re slim doesn’t mean people are slim.

Just because you’re going to be healthier because you don’t smoke doesn’t mean people won’t smoke. People know what’s right. They don’t necessarily like doing it. If it was more fun to not smoke than smoke, if it was more fun to eat sanely than to overeat, if it was more fun to write goals than to not write goals, then you would automatically write goals. I don’t know how to make it more fun to eat less than more, but I do know how to make it more fun to write your goals than to not.

I go into withdrawal if it’s the second day of the month and I haven’t written my goals yet. I always have my goals written by two or three days before the month starts. If something happens-if I’m on vacation or I’m on an airplane from Australia to Europe and I’m zonked from time zone changes-and suddenly I look at my watch and realize that it’s the second day of the month, I get those goals done.

That’s because I like having my written goals, especially because I achieve them. Why wouldn’t you ask your aunt to show you what is in one of her hands if you know you’re going to get a big goodie?

TAMMY LAWMAN: Is there a good way to write a goal?

RAYMOND AARON: Yes, there’s a great way to write a goal.

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