In this moment, what security do you have?
Homeland security?
Social Security?
Financial security?

How about Inner Security?
In a state of inner security, you are at peace regardless of
the external reality. You have a strong and ever-growing sense
of self-love and self-worth. You are free, free as your will, to
feel and to love as completely as you are able in the moment.
You have trust and faith that this moment is perfect, even with
its seeming imperfections. You know you are no longer bound by
the past. Your trust and faith are so great that you are free
from worry about the future.

Exchange born out of inner security spreads greater trust and
compassion into the world. Centered in your inner security, you
create greater ease and flow in your life and the lives of those
with whom you exchange. Why not allow money to be a conduit and
currency through which loving energy can be transmitted. The
conduit consists of trust.

Money only works if it is accepted as the medium of exchange,
and it is only accepted if the receiver trusts that they can
exchange the money for something else of equal value.

Imagine that money a long time ago originated as an expression
of loving appreciation. Yet, in today’s modern culture, money is
rarely perceived as a demonstration of love. Did money fall
from grace
when it was exchanged without appreciation? Was
money once a pure form of direct heartfelt appreciation and trust?

If it was, then over time it became a devalued currency for
impersonal exchange. From the impersonal vantage point, money
could readily be used to impose will, instill fear and abuse

To prevent money from losing all meaning, standards were set to
instill trust. For thousands of years, gold has been a standard
for money because of its brilliance, purity and scarcity.
Clearly, basing financial wealth on a scarce commodity
inherently limits its opportunity for growth. That is the
primary reason why the gold standard was abandoned in the United

So, if your money was once worth its weight in gold, what is
the standard on which it is based today?


The answer is – your standard.

Ultimately, you choose the criteria on which your money is
based. What are your standards?

As you consider the answer to this question, remember what you
value most, what you appreciate most, what you trust most and
what you want and love most.

The purity of money as an expression of love based on trust is
our inheritance and our creation. We can choose now, in this
moment, to reclaim this inheritance. We can choose now to raise
our money to a higher standard.

We can choose now to use our money once again as our ancestors
may have — as a currency of loving energy.

The essences of money and love are the same. Money growth is
dependent on velocity. Velocity is the frequency of the
exchange – the faster money changes hands, the greater its
growth rate. If money sits in a mattress without exchange, it
does not grow.

Love works the same way. You can go off into a cave and be in
a loving state, and you can possibly reach an exalted state of
enlightenment off by yourself. However, your love can grow so
much faster when it is exchanged with another. In that
exchange, you now have the love of another inside you as well as
your own love, so that you have even more love to exchange.

For most of us, it sounds like a paradox to talk about using
money as a currency of love, when money is being used with such
destructive intent. You may ask how can I demonstrate the
principle of money an expression of love? One simple way is by
loving what you do with your money. You can love attending the
theater, traveling the world, buying a used car or even a piece
of chocolate. You can feel a deep sense of gratitude for the
joy and comforts money offers you. You can convey your
gratitude along with your money in all your exchanges so that
your money has greater meaning to its receiver. This is another
form of appreciation wherein your money takes on even more


When what you do with your money creates love, you are raising
money to the highest standard. Redirect your money based on
this new awareness. Change your spending patterns towards goods
and services that improve your personal well-being and that of
your home, Earth.

In fact, this isn’t even spending. It is personally
responsible investing
–in yourself, your loved ones, your
planet with an unlimited potential return:

for appreciation –
for infinite wealth –
For paradise.

Our mutual dream of a world living in harmony can become a
reality. Anything is possible! We can transform the world of
commerce from one based on the belief of struggle and scarcity
to one based on appreciation and abundance. If we are able to
determine that in our lives love is the highest value, then why
not carry it out into the world and determine that love can be
the highest standard in business, education and politics?

*Excerpted from the book Inner Security and Infinite Wealth: Merging Self Worth and Net Worth