Living a well-rounded, prosperous life includes learning how to interact with our significant other in a meaningful way that enhances the prosperity objectives of both. Part of the karmic connection most of us have with our life partners incorporates the goal of helping each other reach his or her fullest potential, while feeling utterly safe and loved during the process.

How can we achieve a deeper form of prosperity with our sweetheart? We can start by honoring each other's differences. No matter how long we may have been together, it is necessary to periodically remind ourselves that our loved one is a unique being. Since your partner views the world-and him or herself-through a personal, individual set of experiences and conditioned responses, it may be difficult for you to appreciate everything your significant other says or does. This is where direct communication comes into play! It is much more healthy to ask, "Is this what you meant by your answer?" or "Can you please explain why you told your sister you would loan her money?" instead of reacting in an angry or dismissive way.

Performing a simple ritual with your life partner can help tremendously in honoring differences. Here's how you do it:

Choose a date and time to hold the ceremony. Each of you comes to the ritual symbolically dressed as your true self. Wear any color, or combination of colors, that reflect your soul. You can also add a creative hat or special piece of jewelry. Both of you probably look very different from one another as you meet.

First, light two candles. As each person holds a candle, look deeply into one another's eyes and take turns stating, "I accept you just as you are. I love your unique soul and mind. I am glad you are different from me." Then, exchange candles. Giving each other a lit candle represents that your life energy and essence accepts your partner's life energy and essence. This very easy ritual can do wonders for soothing hurt feelings after an argument or for smoothing over a misunderstanding.

Other periodic rituals can be done together that will help develop partner prosperity. Designing a ritual in which you and your sweetheart symbolically purge an unhealthy way of relating can be particularly bonding. Typically, this type of ceremony involves burning folded slips of paper that contain statements about releasing negative behavior patterns. On a more metaphysical note, performing a monthly Full Moon ritual allows you both to integrate your energies with the natural world. During a Full Moon ritual, thanks can be given for our partners and the prosperity bond we are cultivating. In addition, not forgetting our connection to the universe-at-large lets our Higher Selves and guides know we wish to continue evolving as healthy, spiritually integrated beings.

There are practical ways to increase your level of prosperity with your significant other too. It is important to take regular vacations together, even if most of these retreats are short in length. When we break from our usual routine and get away from our daily environment, we can more easily focus on each other, and uncover new ways to enjoy one another's company. It can feel quite prosperous to share a beautiful sunset at a campground, or to soak in healing waters at a day spa. Also, taking fun classes together often serves as a playful catalyst, helping to free up more creative ways to experience partnership prosperity.

Another method for taking your current level of love-partner prosperity to new heights involves being receptive to growth. This includes both individual growth and growth as a couple. Energetically, everyone grows at different rates and by various means. Does one of your partner's personal growth goals target healing relationships with parents or siblings? Or perhaps retraining him or herself in order to embark on a new career? When we can be 100% supportive of our significant other's changes-without feeling threatened, or wanting to control how they change-we are validating their approach to prosperous self-growth.

Now, how do you want to grow as a couple? Do you see yourselves uncovering deeper levels of intimacy? Do you want to begin providing a service together to the community? There are many ways to welcome growth for yourselves as a loving, evolving unit. Do a short, simultaneous meditation and listen to what your inner voices tell you.

Yes, achieving prosperity with our life partner is very important to an overall prosperous lifestyle. We need to have a loving ally who supports us and with whom we can explore the wonders and benefits of intermingling energy. You both will profit from the process.

Here are some helpful affirmations for you and your significant other to try. They focus on deepening bonds and accepting variations in how we each grow and change. Remember to first ground yourself and take several, deep breaths. Then begin, slowly stating each affirmation three to four times in a row:

Affirmation No. 1:
"I bow to the presence of my beloved through honoring her uniqueness and beauty of mind."

Affirmation number two:
"I acknowledge the beauty of our ever-evolving life through the true essence of my beloved."



Rebecca Bloom has 19 years of experience as a successful teacher and lecturer on self-growth and metaphysical topics. She is also author of the comprehensive guidebook
Begin Your Psychic Journey: Discovering the Path to Your Intuitive Gifts. Owner of the San Diego-based company Blooming Insights, Rebecca's workshops assist and encourage people to develop their own intuitive abilities through the application of growth-enhancing techniques, tools and effective self-study products. She can be reached at (858) 565-1263 or

Excerpted from Rebecca Bloom's new CD Rich in Spirit, Rich in Life: Affirmations for the Five Tenets of Prosperity. To order, contact Rebecca at Blooming Insights: (858) 565-1263 or