When most of us hear the word "prosperity", we usually first think of such adjectives as "rich", "wealthy", or "successful". But, of course, the word "prosperity" applies to many areas of our lives-and all are equally important and valid components of a totally prosperous lifestyle. Possessing enough capital, in the form of money, a comfortable home, and items that make our lives easier and more convenient, allows us to have enough energy and time for other forms of prosperity, like honoring our spiritual self or enjoying our children.


Why do so many of us struggle with material prosperity? Some of us seem never to have enough funds, or we may live in substandard housing. If we have achieved a certain level of material comfort, we still might feel dissatisfied. On both ends of the material spectrum, it is possible to possess a poverty mentality. By the term "poverty mentality", we refer to a self-produced attitude that encompasses feeling inadequate about your career, not deserving of earning a large salary, and/or constantly worrying about income and debt. Holding onto such a bleak outlook is not a healthy or productive way to approach your life path.


Fear of success is the culprit that feeds many people's poverty mentalities. By understanding-and agreeing deep down at your soul level-that material prosperity is a positive, necessary element for living a totally prosperous life, you can begin to recondition any old tapes you still hear during your bouts of negative thinking.


Did you grow up being told that it would be difficult for you to succeed in your chosen career? Were you ever discouraged from pursuing a creative field and instead encouraged to play it safe and remain in a secure job? It is typical for other people to project their own fears of success. Sometimes, certain parts of society send the very limiting message to just grit your teeth and accept a life full of strife, boredom, and unfulfillment. Fortunately, by learning to listen to our inner voices and discovering ways to stay focused on our own methods of achieving material prosperity, we reduce the chance of falling into a poverty mentality spiral. And yes, we can recondition ourselves to the point of no longer succumbing to this restrictive line of thinking.


Besides performing the suggested affirmations you will hear in a few minutes, start to modify how you use language when you talk to yourself, or others, about attaining material prosperity. Instead of saying statements such as, "I'll never be a successful musician", or "I can never afford a house in that peaceful neighborhood", begin to say,

"I will contact David to find out how he booked those new gigs", or "I'll take that upcoming seminar that shows people how to creatively finance a home." Can you hear and feel the difference between the first two self-negating statements and the second two action-oriented ones? Energetically, positive declarations vibrate at a faster, higher level. And this type of vibration actually helps you to become more integrated with your inner voice and Higher Self.


Since material prosperity deals with the physical, outer world, it is vital to get yourself to physically move if you are truly serious about incorporating this form of prosperity into your life. Promising yourself to do at least one thing per day, like making a phone call to a potential new contact, or submitting a job application for a more lucrative, stimulating position, can make a great deal of difference. After all, each of us deserves to experience a comfortable level of material prosperity, no matter what anyone else, or society, may tell us.


After we gain a sufficient amount of material prosperity, it then becomes important to practice responsible consumerism. Because a prosperous lifestyle involves living ethically, it is vital not to use our money in a frivolous manner, or solely for selfish reasons. Responsible consumerism can include not supporting companies who finance governments that severely oppress their citizens. Responsible consumerism also can embody purchasing ecologically sound products that have more than one benefit and can be used for a number of years. Of course, there is nothing wrong with splurging now and then and buying something just for fun. But we do not want to repeat any old monetary habits or patterns that may cause us to overspend, thereby making us feel stressful and anxious again.


Achieving personal material prosperity does carry with it an inherent duty to give back to one's community, and assist others in reaching their own levels of material prosperity. There is a karmic law that states the more we give, the more we receive. You have probably heard many philanthropists and community volunteers remark that they received much more in return when they donated their time or money to various projects and organizations. This sentiment occurs because money carries its own energetic vibration, and when that energy is directed toward a helpful cause, the resulting beneficiaries are both the recipient and the donor.


Material prosperity is not just about blindly amassing money and property. By first focusing on our sometimes-unhealthy beliefs about materialism, we can cure ourselves of any poverty mentality that may exist, and guard against any future, fearful feelings surrounding material success. Our ultimate goal can then be reached of incorporating material prosperity into our total prosperity lifestyle.


Here are some helpful affirmations to recondition your overall attitude toward material prosperity, and to remind your inner and outer selves that material success is a healthy part of your prosperity horizons. Remember to first ground yourself and take several, deep breaths. Then begin, slowly stating each affirmation three to four times in a row:


Affirmation No. 1:
"I promise from this day forward to do something everyday to promote my material prosperity."


Affirmation No. 2:
"I promise to contact those who can help me achieve what I rightfully deserve: material prosperity."


Rebecca Bloom has 19 years of experience as a successful teacher and lecturer on self-growth and metaphysical topics. She is also author of the comprehensive guidebook
Begin Your Psychic Journey: Discovering the Path to Your Intuitive Gifts. Owner of the San Diego-based company Blooming Insights, Rebecca's workshops assist and encourage people to develop their own intuitive abilities through the application of growth-enhancing techniques, tools and effective self-study products. She can be reached at (858) 565-1263 or www.bloominginsights.com.

Excerpted from Rebecca Bloom's new CD Rich in Spirit, Rich in Life: Affirmations for the Five Tenets of Prosperity. To order, contact Rebecca at Blooming Insights: (858) 565-1263 or www.bloominginsights.com.