Just like us, children need to learn how to live prosperous lives too. As adults striving to integrate-and accentuate-our many types of prosperity, it becomes important to impart our wisdom to youngsters. Whether we have biological children, stepchildren, or have chosen to mentor minors by being a schoolteacher, coach, or other positive adult role model, young people can benefit greatly from our assistance. And children who receive instruction on how to feel and be prosperous have an easier time negotiating the ups and downs of human development.

Where does childhood prosperity begin?

With a healthy, realistic view of Self. This in turn produces good self-esteem. Often, youngsters do not receive enough compliments for their thoughts, ideas, and accomplishments. It is very easy to project our own likes and dislikes onto little people, and many times we expect them to view the world in a similar way. Especially with our own children, it may be our principal parental goal to instill certain values, or a particular lifestyle. However, we need to keep in mind that children, even when very young, are asserting their core energy and personalities into their immediate environment. We need to be flexible with them and allow these magical souls to be the primary designers of their own life paths. To be most helpful, we can assist a youngster’s efforts with gentle suggestions, encouragement, and by honoring their individuality.

Fostering an atmosphere of creativity is another wonderful way to teach prosperity to children. According to the philosophy of reincarnation, youngsters with whom we interact have chosen to be with us. After all, souls decide where and when to incarnate, and they may involve us as a parent or non-biological mentor. When a child crosses your path in a significant, highly impactful way, a karmic relationship is activated, and it becomes your responsibility to recognize and nurture this special, energetic bond. From a metaphysical standpoint, we can help that little one develop a positive, healthy attitude toward prosperity by acknowledging his or her creative spirit. Allowing a juvenile to feel safe enough-and free enough-to express creativity in an uplifting manner lets that youngster experience the joy of tapping into their true essence. And accessing one’s deepest layers helps to lay the foundation for living a productive, prosperous life.

We can also assist children to live a well-rounded life full of prosperity by encouraging risk-taking. If you are a teacher or coach, be sure to not short-change the shy youngster, or give up on the one who does not quickly catch on when learning something new. Set up appropriate challenges that will cause these students to stretch their intellectual and intuitive muscles. If you are a parent, daily try to pace your own energy so that you can give full attention to your children when they need it. Instead of primarily being a disciplinarian, enroll them in a brand-new activity so they gain experience excelling in an unfamiliar way. Better yet, join them in some of their new adventures! Also, be sure to attend your son’s or daughter’s recitals or other events. This shows youngsters you support their efforts to perform in front of others, which can be a bit scary. Any form of risk-taking helps to develop prosperous, positive thinking.

By focusing on helping to shape a child’s self-esteem, creative spirit, and risk-taking abilities, we assist that youngster in developing the needed prosperity tools that will prove useful in adult years. These tools will particularly come into play when that newly-arrived grown-up begins to more deeply concentrate on his or her own approaches to other types of prosperity, like acquiring money or developing a healthy life partner relationship. Of course, assisting a child to first have inner prosperity is key. After all, it is never too early to connect with one’s Higher Self and Inner Voice. As a beautiful, energetic byproduct, the more we gently impart our prosperity knowledge onto children, the more enhanced and elevated our own soul becomes. Being a considerate and involved parent or mentor assures that our young people grow up happy and prosperous.

Here are some helpful affirmations for you to try that focus on developing prosperity within children. Remember to first ground yourself and take several, deep breaths. Then begin, slowly stating each affirmation three to four times in a row:

Affirmation No. 1:

I vow to awaken my child’s inner prosperous self by increasing his self-worth.

Affirmation No. 2:

I pledge to increase my child’s creative flow to give sustenance to her prosperous development.

Rebecca Bloom has 19 years of experience as a successful teacher and lecturer on self-growth and metaphysical topics. She is also author of the comprehensive guidebook Begin Your Psychic Journey: Discovering the Path to Your Intuitive Gifts. Owner of the San Diego-based company Blooming Insights, Rebecca’s workshops assist and encourage people to develop their own intuitive abilities through the application of growth-enhancing techniques, tools and effective self-study products. She can be reached at (858) 565-1263 or www.bloominginsights.com.

Excerpted from Rebecca Bloom’s new CD Rich in Spirit, Rich in Life: Affirmations for the Five Tenets of Prosperity. To order, contact Rebecca at Blooming Insights: (858) 565-1263 or www.bloominginsights.com.