That’s a Promise – yes, with a capital P. Why? Because it’s in the bible; God said it. In fact, He said it this way: “Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.” That can be found in the third book of John near the back of the bible, which may account for the reason why it seems to have been hidden from so many.

Now, you may be thinking right now: if that’s so, then why are we constantly admonished about money being the root of all evil? Would you like to know what the verse really says? It can be found in 1 Timothy 6:10: “For the love of money is the root of all evil.” That puts a whole different slant on it, doesn’t it? It refers to coveting money to the point of doing anything to get it for purposes that may be detrimental to yourself and others.

Let’s have a look at how our thoughts hold us captive:

  1. If this is a total revelation to you, then look back and see where the thoughts originated. Were they implanted by family members, teachers, church leaders, or fear?
    * Repetition of thoughts can translate into infallible truths in your belief system, whether true or false and regardless of the honesty and well-meaning of the “thought planters.”


  3. Were these individuals financially blessed? Could they have been the products of wrong teaching and/or fear themselves?
    *”Take no thought for your life, what you shall eat.” Luke 12:22. The Lord is our Provider. He does not want us to worry and fear.


  5. Whenever an opportunity came your way to invest into something good or upgrade into a better financial position, did you listen to the negative voices in your head – thoughts of fear of losing?

    * It is good to take time to be quiet and hear the still voice that says: You can do it; you’re capable; you are worthy to want to aspire to much more in your life. Also, there are wise financial and legal resources available with solid advice. Don’t be afraid to heed wise counsel.

Do you see the pattern? Can you do something about changing your belief system and results? Absolutely!

  1. Analyze your thoughts regarding spending and investing, for instance. If you dwell on the negatives unnecessarily long or often, check your emotional reaction. Do you feel anxious, fearful or guilty?

    God loves you; His thoughts towards you are for good, not evil. He says you’re worthy He is Peace; He is your Provider and He withholds no good thing from you.

    – Practice to listen to the peaceful thoughts, study His Word, believe it, and ask His guidance in everything you do.

  3. Check how you express yourself. For instance, do you say things like “I’d die for it,” or “these shoes are killing me?”
    – Words are powerful! Consider this: God spoke the universe into being! His Word is all powerful. It is the implementation of His thoughts. We speak substance to our thoughts! When we speak negatively, whether in jest or a common expression, we give power to those words as we declare them as truth. Conversely, as we learn to declare our wishes and needs out loud, they will manifest themselves! The more we speak good things over our lives, the more we believe them and reach out for them in expectation!


  5. All the above apply to our health as well. We may hear a bad report on the news that “everyone who does not get the ‘flu shot will be seriously ill and chances are…'blah, blah, blah” or the doctor’s prognosis of a serious illness. Those are all spoken words!
    – Choose not to entertain all the negative news coming your way! Yes, you can choose to replace it with positive thoughts and words. You can direct your destiny with how you think and what you say!

So, in summary, let’s do a couple of short exercises.

  1. You’ve just had your 15-minute coffee break with all the office personnel complaining about their salaries and working conditions. How does that make you feel?
  2. You poured your cup of coffee, assessed the negative atmosphere, said a cheery hello, and exited. On your way back to the office you say to yourself: “I love my cheery office with the sun streaming in and my colleagues are a great gang. My salary is commensurate with the type of work I’m doing, even though I need and would love to make more. How do you feel?

In the first scenario, everyone present tends to enter into a mental and/or spoken agreement culminating in frustration and dissatisfaction. This can affect them for hours or days and usually include feelings of blame towards their employer.

People who think negatively tend to blame their problems on others and feel victimized – even if they were. They tend to live in the past.

In the second case, you took control of a situation, chose to keep a happy and peaceful disposition, and probably ended up with thoughts like: “What can I do to improve my income?” And, you know, in that frame of mind you might even come up with some great ideas, such as networking and starting your own niche business!

Those who make a conscious choice to be happy and look at the positive, look inward first, see what they can do to improve their situation, and look for solutions. They live in the now. That’s where the power is; and they speak their future into being!

Remember, Prosper and Be in Health. It’s a Promise!

The Promises of God are powerful. If applied to your life, you will not only be motivated and inspired, but truly empowered to triumph over your trials.

Ann Stewart is the author of With Wings as Eagles, an autobiographical account of how she had to "walk the walk". Standing on the Promises of God in her trials, desperation faded into victory. Visit Ann at