Faith is a very strong part of the principle of attraction. Every great work, project, or movement is started by an idea. Faith makes the idea become real. Not only does it become real for you, but others as well. Because you have faith in your idea, others see it as worthwhile as well.

Where is your belief level right now? How much are you leaving your comfort zone and really challenging yourself? Here's a good way to find out.

Look at what you're attracting.

Oh, no, I had to go there, didn't I? Actually, yes I did. Because that's the way the universe works. You attract what you think about. And you attract at the level of consciousness that you are at.

I have a new acquaintance I met recently in the softball league. His name is "Jeremy." He's 36 years old, and in his 36 winters, he's seen a lot. His father told his family that he didn't love them, and walked out of their lives when Jeremy was about 12. He's been single for five years, since his last relationship ended. Before that, his fiancé was killed in a car accident, a few weeks before their wedding. He's had cancer. Twice.

When he talks about his friends, I sit in quite amazement. His best friend since school days is a girl who married an alcoholic who abused her and the kids. His other friend came home to find his spouse had blown his brains out. Another one has both alcohol and drug addictions.

Now here is the interesting thing about Jeremy . . .

I asked him what he thought he was doing to attract these kinds of friends around him. He looked at me like I was speaking in Swahili. The more I tried to explain it, the more lost he got. He slowly went from perplexed, to confused, to defensive, to mad. Finally I came to my senses, and changed the subject. I sometimes forget that not everyone is on the path of higher consciousness and personal growth. And to all these people, things that happen to them are just random occurrences that they have no control over.

Jeremy has a very good job. He's two years away from Senior Partner status at his firm. So he works weekends, and often stays at the office till midnight. He's on-call a lot, and gets dozens of calls, all hours of the day and night. He doesn't drink or smoke. He works out four times a week in the gym, and doesn't have an ounce of fat on him. He's very friendly, and well liked by everyone. He's intelligent, educated and gets along perfectly in society.

He's formed several softball teams, helped pay the fees, and contributed towards the uniforms. When someone doesn't have money to go to a tournament, Jeremy is there to bail them out. He is constantly getting calls from his friends, talking them through their challenges in relationships, drugs, employment and other dramas. He is a true friend, always there for them. He must get one or two dozen calls from friends a day. He can't get through a meal without getting three or four calls.

He is very proud of his accomplishments, both professionally, and the personal challenges he has overcome. He thinks he's extremely well adjusted, and has dealt with his demons.

I think he's in total denial . . .

Yes everyone likes him. That's tip number one. Because if everyone likes you-you're doing something wrong!!! Because to be generally accepted by the tribe, you must pander to their lack and limitation programming. And enable their addictions and dysfunctional behavior. Bail them out of their jams. Commiserate with their victim-hood, and let them know that it is not their fault.

Jeremy believes that he is a perfectly well adjusted guy. I think he so desperately wants to be loved that he works too hard at his job, going way above and beyond duty, to receive positive acknowledgment. I think he befriends all these people who are experiencing drama because it lets him act out his co-dependency behavior and get positive attention that way. I think he is afraid to be alone with himself for five minutes. I think he has a lot of unresolved anger, rejection and hurt.

So why am I telling you all this?

Because of what it demonstrates. Here is a good-hearted guy, who wouldn't hurt a flea. He's honest, hard working and caring. He's interacting well with society by society's standards. Yet the only people he is attracting in his life are people in the absolute throes of victim-hood, drama, and despair.

Talk about people in a negative pattern, Jeremy is the poster child. Yet the world is filled with walking wounded just like Jeremy. Alcoholics, co-dependents, narcissists, people unable to express love, unable to receive love, and a litany of other situations. And most all of them think they are well adjusted!

Set aside some serious time, and honestly answer the following questions about yourself.

First, how would you judge what you're attracting in your life? Overall, is your life working well? (By this I mean you're in great health, have loving relationships, are experiencing monetary abundance, enjoy your work, and have a strong spiritual belief that works for you.) What's your personal "team record" overall?

If you're not experiencing excellent health, do you believe it is the result of factors beyond your control? (Example: You were paralyzed in a skiing accident.)

If you answered 'yes,' is that really the whole truth? Or have you blamed a weight challenge on your metabolism, big bones, or a sedentary job? Have you "owned" a health challenge because it gets you sympathy, attention and care?

If you know that your health challenge is a result of factors within your control, why do you think it still exists? Simply saying, "I need to skip desserts," etc is not realistic. There is a lot of truth in the statement, "It's not what you eat, but what's eating you." How does that apply to you?

Are you using food as an escape or substitute for something else? Are you subconsciously using it to self-sabotage your results in something?

Likewise with other physical challenges. Are you holding on to them to excuse yourself from succeeding at something?

Do you have loving relationships in your life? And by this, I mean real love, not the 'well we have 2.3 kids, a picket fence and shaggy dog, so we must be in love' love. Do you have friends that love you?

Do you have friends and family that you can have REAL conversations with? In case you're not sure, here's what I mean by that. If you call your mother and she says the following, this is NOT a real conversation:

"Well we met at Aunt Becky's for the Memorial Day picnic. I brought apple pie, and Susie made potato salad. Grandma made ham. Why she got an 11-pound ham, I'll never know. There were only 8 of us . . ."

This is not a real conversation because it doesn't mean anything. It's just mindless conversation to fill space and time. A real conversation goes something like this:

"I start the new job next month, and I'm really scared. I hope I can fit in with the new culture. It's a real challenge because it's a big step up for me, and the most responsibility I've ever had. The kids are nervous and a little upset about moving and leaving their friends. I'm excited about the new opportunity, but I'm afraid the kids won't adjust well to the change. I just let them know that I love them and . . ."

This is a real conversation because we are talking about real emotions, feelings, and things that matter. Most people are not capable of these kinds of conversations. They simply repeat the platitudes and patterns the tribe taught them, blathering about the weather, sports and what was on TV the night before.

One of the most important scores to look at in your life, is the number of people you've attracted who can be real with you. This means not only having real conversations, but also calling you on your "stuff." We don't like to hear that our pants are too tight, our breath is bad, or our fly is open, but you need people in your life who will tell you those things if need be. Having someone that you can check this out is very important to functioning healthy in this very unhealthy society.

So based upon this, how many people do you have that you can have a real conversation with? Don't be surprised if it is zero, by the way. That's true for most people. But if it is zero . . .

Think about that. What are you running away from? What is it that you're still hanging on to that you're afraid to have someone tell you? (Addictions, narcissism, fear of intimacy, etc.)

As far as prosperity, how are you doing money wise? Like the other areas, I think the score here is important. I believe that the money you earn is in direct relation to the value you provide others. If you're not wealthy, why not?

How does that question make you feel? Are you angry with me for asking it? Do you think it's a stupid or bad question? Have you just started to justify why you are not wealthy? (Examples: Not all people are supposed to be wealthy. We can't all be rich, otherwise it would be meaningless. I'm in a noble profession like teaching or nursing and we're not supposed to make a lot of money. Etc, etc.)

And if you did start to justify like that, what do you think about that? Does that belief serve you? What do you think I would say about your justification?

How's your spiritual connection? Do you have a belief that works for you, whether it's God, the Universe or nature?

How were you raised, and what kind of programming did that infect you with? Do you find yourself sometimes attributing things to fate, destiny or God when they don't go the way you want? What do you think about what I say about being a co-creator? How does that belief serve you?

What are the people who are closest to you like? Are they healthy, happy and successful, or still in victim mode. Your income is determined by the average income of your five closest friends. Where does that leave you?

Please take the time necessary to really reflect on these questions, because once you uncover subconscious programming, it loses its control over you. And it means the work you do, you will be that much futher on the path to releasing negativity, lack and self-doubt. And what an exciting path it is!

*Excerpted from Randy Gage's Breakthrough U monthly lesson

For more than 15 years, Randy Gage has been helping people transform self-limiting beliefs into self-fulfilling breakthroughs to achieve their dreams. Randy Gage is a modern day explorer in the field of body-mind development and personal growth. He is the author of the best-selling albums, Dynamic Development and Prosperity and director of . For more resources visit and .