All of us have power greater than any god that we can imagine. Gods are created in the minds of men and relegated to kingdoms. The god that 86% of the world worships is made weak because we give him/her human qualities. But the potential power that we have is much greater than his. So why are we not demonstrating that power?

It’s all about maturity, knowing and fear. Tell a six year old boy that he cannot climb a ladder and you will get an argument. The kid will know that he can climb it and he will not have considered the consequences of failure. In your absence he will try. It is immaturity that drives the six year old while ignoring the danger. So as parents many of us disempower our children by trying to instill fear into them so that they won’t hurt themselves.

By the time we have reached adulthood we have been so accustomed to being disempowered that we have learned how to do it to ourselves. For the millennia that humanity has been on the planet it has matured very slowly and hasn’t even scratched the surface of its potential.

Power over life and death is one of the greatest powers we have that we can demonstrate, and even that for the most part is done instinctively and without much thought.

How many generations went by before we discovered light, telephone, and space ships by a primitive race, on a planet that is so unbalanced in the sharing of its abundance?

Why are we so disempowered that we try to keep the dinosaurs alive-government, large corporations, churches, dictators, kings-and those who would exploit us?

The power mongers tell us that we cannot survive without them. Yet for centuries we did. We are brain washed into believing we cannot live without their products or services-that is incorrect-we have demonstrated in an earlier time that we can.

Microsoft wants to control the computer world-it is a huge dinosaur that has been raping the world since the eighties. Gross earnings by its founder certainly are an indication that they charge too much for their products.

How do you kill a dinosaur-you starve it? But first you must know that you have the power to do it. If no one purchased their products for a period of time, what would happen to the pricing they charge for their products and services? This would bring a corporate dinosaur to its knees. The real power for this comes from the individual who has been convinced that he/she needs the products and services. Power comes to you when you know you have it, and you have the resolve and maturity to use it. This may sound like killing giants with a slingshot and stone, but what it really is is granting yourself power not be exploited by them. This is consumerism in action. It’s a choice between being a victim of business and being the creator of fair trade with business.

Making such decisions will come with some inconvenience for awhile as the market adjusts and the monopolizer falls and another takes its place. Business knows where the balance of power lies, but it also knows that consumers are gullible, and as demonstrated by the recent events worldwide with the bailouts-are forgiving. You hurt, and they survive another day to recreate the situation again, sometime in the future. Recessions are not natural a phenomena in the world-they are created by humans.

Churches, business, and governments know that the best way to maintain dependency on them is to create fear of lack or withdrawal of products and services. The same way a spouse or partner will withdraw from you to gain power over you. Bringing down giants is rather easy, keeping them is expensive. People will always survive a corporate Tsunami. It’s swift and recovery comes fairly quickly. Bailing out car companies and banks is not demonstrating responsibility, maturity nor is balancing out power. Reason does not support business that is irresponsible. People run businesses, and it is people who create depressions or recessions.

The business owners will die, the corporations will be dissolved or bought up-life will always go on. For some reason people believe that the present system is working for them, that is why they support it and that is why it continues.

The industrial revolution has failed in its promise of more free leisure time and a better life-we have less. But it wasn’t business; it was the consumer who failed to use his/her power to control business. Consumer spending has been out of control and that has made us dependent on others giants-the bank, governments and the Church to bring us commiseration for being so stupid, and a promise of something better after we have suffered enough in this life.

It’s not about taking away from the haves. It’s about not supporting them when in the end it is you who has very little or nothing left.

Corporate and personal profits work for us; they work for everyone when in balance. Business brings many benefits into the mix, but not when we are enslaved by it. Less we forget-the power to control business is always with the individual.

I do not believe in evil, right or wrong, but if I was asked to demonstrate it, it would point to business. Corrupt business practices personify or embrace all the things many see as evil. It knows no bounds or limitations, and is emotionless.

Our greatest roadblock to the access of personal power is not the organizations, but the individual who does business with them-you!

Those who have great personal power are those who know how to use it. Given power or being born into it does not mean you will have the common sense to use it wisely. Those who have worked for it, learn how to use it along the way. Those who are born into it are usually taught how to use it effectively. A sudden realization of power most often does not work either, as it corrupts and intoxicates the person receiving it.

People are not disempowered by persons, governments, churches or organizations. Disempowerment is a personal choice. No one can take away your power without your permission at some level of your consciousness.

You cannot be a god, a creator or a victim unless you know yourself as one of them. To be any of these things you must be prepared to give up everything you now know about who and what you are. You must be willing to give up all attachments. Freedom costs in free enterprise, but it is not the natural state.

Those who would have power over you know how to use their power to get it. The only way they can get it is to disempower you one way or the other. Eliminating competition is a quick route to power.

Power is not power unless it is exercised-it is potential power. Potential power is never lost; it is dormant. Responsibility for using power rests with the one who uses it.

The more responsible and mature a person is, the greater his or her access to his power. Power is drawn to a person naturally as needed. When it is taken; it is corrupted. You will never be powerful until you start using your power.

About the Author:

Roy is a resident of British Columbia, Canada. An international published spiritual author of books, ebooks and articles. Roy’s first book “You Life Was Never Meant to be a Struggle” is now available in 13 countries. Roy’s books, ebooks and articles are written to challenge your current beliefs and to motivate you to think outside of the box. Visit Roy’s site at: or

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