Creating a fearless, confident presence that captivates an audience onstage, in front of the camera or in your business presentations is usually considered to be only possessed by those born with such a talent; therefore, most people usually resist the opportunities in each normal ‘work’ day to fully experience their authentic, innate freedom of expression.

Right now, here's a quick tip on exploring how you can radiate fully who you are and connect to the core and heart of all those with whom you interact – thus being fully self-expressed.

Next time you connect with someone you come into contact with,
rather than going at it as business as usual and hiding behind a veneer of what you "think" they would like or how you "should" show up…

Instead… take a moment to breathe, utilize all your senses and connect to your surroundings – (what sounds do you hear, what sights, what smells, what are you feeling) and then – consciously remove all concept of "trying", be an open channel of allowing in and just BE with the person in front of you. Really look into their eyes, see who they are beneath their own veneer and listen and communicate from your heart.

You will automatically show up more powerfully, be more accessible and connect far more deeply with whomever you’re dealing with.

And consider this – everybody wants to be validated and be truly SEEN – think of the greatest gift you will and can give them from BE-ing that with them. Not to mention – you’ll be feeling more centered, more grounded and more confident as a loving by-product.

Operating from this perspective, everyday is filled with an opportunity to inspire and uplift and grow. And with each practice of connecting fully you’ll continue to attract into your life more and more of what inspires YOU and connect more fully with those around you.

You'll be amazed at what you attract to you as a result and how life opens up for you. Just this one practice alone will alter your being and help you create a life you love in all areas!

So…you aren't "born" with it – you merely get intentional about it, practice it and DECIDE to BE connected, confident and grounded.

Watch what happens!

Lynn Rose
The following is a contribution from Lynn Rose, “The Voice of Transformation”, a multi-faceted Singer/Speaker/Author/TV and Radio Host, and facilitator of “Creating ‘The WOW Factor!'” – a ONE DAY, hands-on workshop that gives people an innate freedom onstage, in front of the camera or in all their business presentations see:
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