Since his childhood Patrick Geryl has been interested in astronomy, and today he continues his avid study of this subject. Through this astronomical knowledge, he’s discovered a trace leading to a highly-developed civilization that was destroyed by a polar reversal. The descendants of that civilization, the Maya and Old Egyptians, predict a similar disaster for the year 2012.

Noting the urgency of this warning, Patrick started intensive research, which has resulted in three books on the subject: The Orion Prophecy, The World Cataclysm in 2012 and, most recently, How to Survive 2012. In these books he continues his scientific analysis of the millennia-old codes of the Maya and Egyptians that refer to the coming super-disaster. Patrick has authored six other books as well, all bestsellers. Today, Patrick spends his time forming a survival group.


RIC THOMPSON: Thanks for joining us. I know you’re very busy with all you have going on. As a matter of fact, listeners, Patrick just shared with me a few minutes ago that there will be a History Channel interview published with him soon-be looking out for that-as well as an NBC two-hour special that is coming out in November of 2009. Be looking out for that, too. Patrick, obviously your viewpoints are very well known.

You have three great books: The Orion Prophecy, The World Cataclysm in 2012 and, most recently, How to Survive 2012. I think with the titles of those books, it’s pretty obvious where your viewpoint stands on 2012. However, for the sake of everybody listening who might be fairly new to exploring this phenomenon of 2012, I’ll let you put it in your own words. What is 2012 all about?

PATRICK GERYL: It is about a high civilization that once existed on earth that was able to calculate the last polar reversal of the earth; that was about 11,800 years ago. Their descendants, the Maya and the Egyptians, left for us a dire warning that this will happen again in 2012. The reason is that the Maya and the Egyptians knew a theory that is not known by astronomers today.

It concerns the sunspot cycle. With that theory, they were able to calculate when there will be a big change in the magnetic field of the sun. When that happens, and they’ve calculated that for 2012, the magnetic field of the earth will be destroyed and our civilization will disappear completely. That keeps it short.

RIC THOMPSON: That’s short and to the point, as well as rather dramatic. We have a lot of concepts here you brought up that I want to make sure our listeners and readers understand. You mentioned the pole reversal, first of all. You’ve done a lot of research on that, so let’s share with everybody what the scientific concept of a pole reversal is. Then let’s share what the ramifications of that are. First, explain to everybody what a pole reversal is.

PATRICK GERYL: It concerns the magnetic field of the earth. The North Pole will become the South Pole, and vice versa. With this, the turning of the earth will be upside-down. At the moment, the sun is coming up in the east, but after the polar reversal the sun will come up in the west. There was a writer 2,500 years ago, Herodotus, from Greece. He visited Egypt at that time. They told him once where the sun came up before that, it settles down there. That will happen again in 2012.

RIC THOMPSON: Besides that instant you’re talking about, most people think of the poles as rather fixed positions, but they’re not. They’re constantly moving, aren’t they?

PATRICK GERYL: Yes, they are constantly moving. In the previous century, in scientific magazines you could read the findings of geologists. They found that every 11,500 years, the North Pole becomes the South Pole. You can see that in the magnetic reversals from lava. When there is an outburst of lava, the iron looks at that moment at the North Pole.

When the North Pole shifts, the iron is then turned upside-down. Therefore, it is possible to see that it happened regularly. In the last 30 years, you won’t find anything about that in the scientific magazines. The knowledge from 30 and 40 years ago has been lost at the moment. That is very important. For that reason, nobody is sure that this will happen again in a very short time.

RIC THOMPSON: There has, however, been a lot of research on that. That’s a great point. The other concept you also blended into this was about the solar cycle and sunspots. How do the two work together?

PATRICK GERYL: Every 11 years, there is a high in the sunspots. At that moment, after the high in the sunspots, the magnetic field of the sun changes. The astronomers know that this happens every 11 years. There are shorter cycles from nine years and longer cycles from 13 or 14 years, but the mean is 11 years. The astronomers can’t calculate the solar cycles. They don’t have a theory.

I did find in the Dresden Codex of the Maya one of the remaining four books of the Maya theory that calculates this 11-year cycle. Also, you can calculate with it the change of the magnetic field of the sun. That theory is extremely complicated, and I need the help of several scientists and mathematicians just to find out how they were able to calculate the dramatic reversal for 2012. The short form of my theory can be found on my website.

RIC THOMPSON: His website is, of course, Patrick, what you’re talking about leads me to ask this question: If the cycle is every 11 years on average-sometimes shorter and sometimes longer-why is it so special in 2012? What’s the difference with that cycle?

PATRICK GERYL: It’s because the Maya were able to calculate that after a very long time there’s a dramatic switch in the magnetic field of the sun. This is just a natural cycle like natural cycles everywhere. We need a full year to go around the sun, and the sun has a natural cycle for the switching of its magnetic field.

RIC THOMPSON: You’re basically saying that at the same time the earth is going to be going through its own magnetic shift with the polar shift, the sun will be too?

PATRICK GERYL: No, it’s otherwise. You have a switch of the magnetic field of the sun. At that moment, trillions of particles will be thrown to the earth. These particles have a southern polarity. Now, the earth has an angle of about 23 degrees. The South Pole is looking to the sun. When the wave from the sun hits the earth, it creates a southern polarity there; the inner core of the earth will have a southern polarity.

They’ll look to each other. If you have two magnets with the same polarity that look to each other, they will be pushed apart from each other. The inner core from the earth will be pushed upside-down. When that happens, all buildings on earth will be destroyed through the earthquake, and all volcanoes will go off. However, there is something even more dramatic.

When you take a ball and you are moving it in one direction, and then you push it 180 degrees upside-down, after that you will see that the movement has reversed. At this moment, the earth is turning from west to east; after that the earth will turn from east to west. That is why the movement of the sun will appear in the west. Because of this change of the movement of the earth in less than two days, the oceans can’t stop.

Thus, there will be a worldwide flood of more than two kilometers high everywhere, even far inside the land. The height of the tidal wave will be two kilometers high. You can find on my website the flood stories of ancient times; there are hundreds of flood stories from the whole world that there was a very high flood everywhere. It’s not only in the Bible, but it is everywhere that people talked about this flood. That is what will happen in 2012.

RIC THOMPSON: You have a lot of fascinating points I’d love to dig into, but this last one, I think, is the more exciting one. A lot of different researchers have pointed to this; it’s not just Mayan research, and it’s not just the ancient Egyptian knowledge. You’re pulling your research from a lot of different sources, a lot of different cultures, a lot of different parts of the world. All seem to have a lot of similarities.

PATRICK GERYL: Yes, but it’s not only that. There is also a lot of research from geologists and others about a large cataclysm 11,800 years ago. There is also a book out from Robert Felix that there is an ice age in most of the United States and Canada every 11,500 years. Twelve thousand years ago, Chicago didn’t exist.

Also, a large part of the United States didn’t exist because there was more than one kilometer of ice above it. If you have seen these movies “Ice Age” and “Ice Age II,” you can see in the beginning of those movies that a long time ago the United States was ice-free. Then there was ice, then again it was ice-free, then again it was full of ice, and then again it was ice-free. I’m talking not about a few hundred meters, but about one kilometer of ice.

This will happen in a regular cycle, and this will happen again in 2012. A large part of the United States will be pushed under the pole circle, and that is why there will be a new ice age in Canada, Chicago, and even to New York.

RIC THOMPSON: That’s because of the pole shift?

PATRICK GERYL: Yes. The reason is that the inner core of the earth will be pushed 180 degrees upside-down, but the crust isn’t following the 180 degrees. It’s only following 30 to 40 degrees because between the inner core of the earth and the crust there is magma, which slows down the movement of the inner core. Also, the outer crust on the equator is larger than to the poles. To go over the equator, this takes an incredible amount of energy from the crust. That is why the crust isn’t following 180 degrees, but only 30 to 40 degrees.

RIC THOMPSON: I’m going to ask you this, Patrick: You’ve done a lot of research, not just current science-astronomy, geology and all this stuff-but you’ve also tapped into a lot of the more archeological-type stuff and ancient cultures. How long have you been researching information on 2012?

PATRICK GERYL: I started my research in January of 1996 after reading “Fingerprints of the Gods” from Graham Hancock. He stated in his book that there was a cataclysm 12,000 years ago, and that the end of the Mayan date could be something similar. After that I said if the Maya predicted something, the Egyptians must have the same thing. In the summer of that year, I found a Belgian archeologist who is also an astronomer.

I contacted him and said, “I have seen something in an Egyptian book about the Temple of the [indiscernible]. I saw there the whole zodiac. If you know the whole zodiac, then you know an incredible amount about astronomy.” He said, “Yes, of course, because you can only see a limited amount of the zodiac from Egypt. To know the whole zodiac, you have to travel almost to the farthest point on the south side of Africa, or you have to study it during thousands and thousands of years.”

I said, “Do you have a book about that?” and he said, “Yes, I have a translation from The Book of the Dead from the Egyptians that concerns the Temple of Ankara.” I started reading that book and immediately I found what I was looking for. It started at the beginning, that there was a high civilization from earth that was able to calculate the last polar reversal. They built tens of thousands of boats, and they escaped.

In fact, this is the story of the Bible, but the Bible is coming from Egypt because Moses was a High Priest of Egypt. He knew the secrets of the Egyptians and he took it with him. That is, in short, what I have found. I’ve found a lot more because the Frenchman, who translated this story from the Temple of Ankara more than 40 years ago, also said, “Nobody will believe this, but you can find the truth in the Egyptian Labyrinth.”

The Egyptian Labyrinth was described by Herodotus, who was an ancient Greek-as I already told you-and he wrote a book of more than 700 pages about it. Herodotus said, “I have seen the pyramids. They are beautiful, but I am walking now here during hours and hours in the Labyrinth. This is the most fantastic thing I have ever seen in my whole life.” Then he goes further, “It consists of 3,000 rooms and two floors.

“The secrets from the Egyptians are in the underground floor, but I may not visit them.” It was after reading this that I started my quest to find the Labyrinth, and we have found it. You can read about it in my books or on my website.

RIC THOMPSON: Again, listeners, his books about the 2012 phenomenon are: The Orion Prophecy, The World Cataclysm in 2012, and How to Survive 2012, which has been the most recent one published in 2006. Patrick, where do we go from here? What’s next? What’s next for you? What’s next for us?

PATRICK GERYL: The Labyrinth is very important. My friend, Louis De Cordier, was able to scan the Labyrinth. We have an agreement between the University of Ghent and the University of Cairo. Scientists from Egypt scanned the place where we thought the Labyrinth would be. They said that, indeed, the Labyrinth is there. We are waiting now for excavations because the Egyptians won’t say anything until they have found it with excavations. That will take some time; maybe we can start in a few months with excavations. Then we will know more.

RIC THOMPSON: By scanning it, do you mean using a ground-penetrating radar or something? What do you mean by scanning it?

PATRICK GERYL: Yes, it was ground-penetrating radar they used. They scanned it from February to March; they were busy more than a whole month using ground-penetrating radar and resistivity and other things. Their ambassador stated very clearly, “There is no other explanation than that a huge building is under the ground and waiting for its discovery.”

RIC THOMPSON: Can I pry and ask where this was found?

PATRICK GERYL: It is about 100 kilometers from the pyramids in Cairo, and it’s in Hawara. It’s explained in my books how we found it; it’s historical that we found it, and it is also said that it’s in the same place that archeologists thought it would be, according to old stories.

RIC THOMPSON: According to old stories like those of Herodotus and others?

PATRICK GERYL: Yes, and others. Herodotus was not the only one who wrote about the Labyrinth. There was also Pliny the Elder and others who have written about the Labyrinth. We hope we will be successful this year in discovering it.

RIC THOMPSON: That would be very, very exciting. Definitely keep us posted on that. I’m going to assume you will post information as you get it on your website at

PATRICK GERYL: Yes, there is a link to the website of my friends. We are now remaking the website, so that could take some time. When it is remade, then we will give all the information when we know it and when the Egyptians say we may put it on our website.

RIC THOMPSON: That’s certainly a fascinating aspect of all this, but let’s go back to the big picture because you paint a very grim outcome for all of us here in 2012. What are we to do?

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