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It was a cool October night
in San Diego.


One of those evenings where
peace was in the air.


That was the moment that
changed my life, and a movement was created.


There I was, sitting in my
car with a new friend Scott Evans (Known world wide as The Working Inventor) a
regular guy, with extraordinary vision and passion for living his dreams.


We had few minutes to chat
while awaiting someone else to meet up with us.


Am I ever grateful they
were late!


Scott said to me, "You know
Greg, even though we are successful doing different things in life, isn't it
funny that we followed many of the same steps to get there"


That was when the epiphany
unveiled itself.


He suggested that
considering we had so much in common that the two of us should do a project
together and in unison we shouted "Let's make a Movie!"


After the humor of our
response subsided we began to plot our mission.


We realized that, like most
things in life, success is not reserved for the elite, nor the ignorant, yet it
is awaiting for anyone who willing to take the necessary steps to journey from
where they are to where they wish to be.


In addition, as we compared
more notes, we also discovered that no matter where we traveled, people seemed
to ask us for advice in the same four categories


– How does one become financially independent?

– What can one do to get an idea out of their head and into the marketplace?

– Is there truly a way to discover one's purpose?

– Is there a roadmap to becoming a joy filled person?


You will notice the first
letter of each category creates an acronym WISH.

Then, people will ask "Are
you saying we can WISH our way to success?"


The answer is simple – NO!


What Scott and I are
claiming is, if one takes ACTION and followed the same recipe for
a life of sustained abundance that other leaders in their field have done, that
you too may have many of the same results.


So we set out on a quest to
find what these common denominators were.


We decided to ask our
friends and friends of friends and see just what these recurring trends were.


72 friends later we had
gold in our hands, after speaking with Former Congressmen, Corp. CEO's,
Motivational legends, sport icons to movie stars, we uncovered the blueprint
that each of these had applied to become top in their field.


That is what we created our
movie around.


The EXACT action steps,
each of them followed to separate themselves from the 95% who dream of success
to that top 5% who actually achieve it!


Now, this is where you may
be wondering, where the Laws of attrACTION comes into play.


Everyone's been talking
about it – heck, you've read about it right here.


People always seem to ask
the same question, does it really work?


The answer –




Absolutely, unquestionably,
and eventually it always does when we apply the proceeding principal. .


What I am about to offer is
what that next step is.


It is a very common word,
that when applied, along with the attraction principal will bring you what you
desire even faster…the word is –




All successful people
understand that simply 'wishing' for something is great.

It gets the ball rolling so
to speak and opens our minds and hearts to the possibility of something special.


Now combine that with
positive, forward thinking action steps and you can attain anything you have
your sights set on at an amplified speed.


It works like this…


Imagine someone sitting in
their living room and saying to themselves…

"I would LOVE a fruit
tree in the backyard."


Well, that's great – and
puts the law into motion.


(Let me ask you, what
would it take to make that desire materialize right away?)


They would go to the local
nursery, and pick up a fruit tree, drive it home, dig a hole, fertilize it, keep
it watered along with weeds away from its roots….right?


Then after an incubation
period of about two years, it blooms, and produces fruit….and what do you know?


Viola! You have yourself a
fruit tree in your backyard.


Sure, you manifested it,
applied the laws of attraction, (heck you are the one who wanted it in the first
place) but then you did something many are simply not willing to…you took


You put the laws
of attraction
INTO action!


So many people miss this
key ingredient.


They may desire wealth,
romance, security, happiness, etc…and believe they will receive it overnight.


If that was so, everyone
would win the lottery that plays each time, or fall in love when ever they left
the house.


As we know, life does not
work that way.


We have to take certain
steps in order to have our dreams fulfilled, such as learn to budget and open an
investment program, or enroll into a dating service, etc… 


You are a smart person,
that is why you are reading this…you want to move forward, and are willing to
open your mind to new ideas.


That's where Pass It ON
continues the journey.


It seems that so many
people are ready for major shifts in their life, yet are lacking the key


A Mentor!


Someone to hold them by the
hand and lead them through the actions necessary to make this desired


Imagine how different ones
life could be by surrounding themselves with the most dynamic and successful
people on the planet.


Our film acts as a 90
minute virtual which does just that.


This is because today's top
mentors wish to share their ideas, strengths and strategies so that they may
to this generation.


So that you too can
Learn it
(really take in the message), Live it (apply the principals
into your life), and then, of course, Pass It On (and share it with
someone else).