One of the most glorious sites I have seen lately is the view to the Pacific Ocean from the garden and vineyard of the Getty Villa in Santa Monica, California. It is a spectacular place, with sculpture, antiquities, pools, gardens and the complete re-creation of an Italian villa. It sits on a few dozen acres of land that Getty purchased several decades ago and used as a private residence, then residence and museum, before turning it fully into a museum. Because of how the late billionaire J. Paul Getty spent his money, I was standing in one of the most beautiful and peaceful spots on Earth, and feeling quite spiritually and emotionally blessed because of it. It also made me spend several minutes thinking about Getty and about money.

With the proliferation of cell phones (something I do not like and try my best to live without), we all have the “pleasure” of listening to a variety of private and business conversations in which we are typically not interested. I have noticed that one of the most popular topics seems to be about sex. In some way, whether directly or euphemized, it is a hot topic. Who did it with whom, what it was like, who does it best, et cetera. Peculiar thing is, I hear more people talk explicitly about sex in a public place than I hear talk about another subject that I think merits a lot of discussion: money. I came to wonder at some point if people feel more comfortable talking or around a stranger about a sexual topic than about their finances. On occasion I conduct research: riding on the train or standing in line, I have often politely asked people I caught talking on a cell phone about their sex lives, “How much money do you have in your 401K retirement account?” They get flustered and tell me, me they don’t discuss money in public or with/near strangers because it is “private.

In general, most people are so uncomfortable talking about money and the making of money. Not all of us – but most of us. We take the attitude that money is something we should not talk about, if we do not want to sound greedy. We take delight in hearing negative news about wealthy people. We get suspicious about how others with more money than us attained that money. We get jealous of those who have it and we bemoan personally not having enough. We think rich people must somehow be bad people who cannot get into heaven or must in some way be morally bankrupt. We view money with fear. It is “filthy lucre”. We find it to be inconsistent with being a good, spiritual person.

Your attitudes, beliefs and thoughts determine your success or failure in life. You cannot blame anyone else but you. The cold hard fact of reality is that that you become and are the sum total of the choices you have made up until now in your life. So if you hold the negative belief that those pieces of paper and those coins are “filthy lucre”, just how much money do you have and how are you managing it? Do you have lack or abundance? How is your attitude about money manifesting in your life?

You see, attaining money, becoming wealthy, is not immoral or wrong. What matters is what you believe about money, how you attain the money, and what you do with money.

If you attain it honestly and with integrity, that belief is in alignment with the Universe. If you understand that money is not inherently bad, rather is of unlimited supply in the Universe and able to be used to accomplish good things, this is in line with the Universe.

While I will not say the persons behind these uses of money are prefect angels, think on the Rockefellers, the Fords, J. Paul Getty, Oprah Winfrey, and Bill Gates. The Rockefellers and Fords used their wealth to establish the Rockefeller Foundation and the Ford Foundation, charitable institutions which have benefited many people for decades. The Getty money has preserved some of the world’s most glorious art treasures and antiquities, housed at the magnificent Getty Center and Getty Villa. Bill Gates has created a charitable foundation which is providing healthcare solutions worldwide. Oprah Winfrey gives millions each year to causes around the globe which benefit a variety of causes, including establishing a school to educate youth.

With all this great work being done because of the money available for it, why is it not spiritual to have plenty of money, material things (a home, a nice car, the ability to travel etc)?

How can you successfully run a business if money is evil? How can you ask for the sale/make a sale if doing so is “being in league with the Devil”? How can you be spiritual and still welcome money into your life? How can you have financial wealth if you despise, worship or fear money? How does money/your finances affect your spiritual (and emotional) health?

Start today to explore these questions about your relationship to money and your thoughts about it. The answers will be revealing!

If you find you do not like the relationship you have to money, it is time to get in alignment with the abundant Universe. It is time to gain the keys you need to transform your emotional and spiritual relationship to money – and move from scarcity to abundance. The Universe wants to give you all the money you desire and more.

What better time than NOW, to accept the gift!

About the Author:

L. Barrett Powell is a coach and cultural trainer/consultant with a background in journalism, theology and counseling. Barrett’s focus is on Law of Attraction coaching, and working with individuals and inter-cultural organizations as a coach, coordinator and trainer. You can reach her by email at