What the Food Corporations and Drug Companies Don't Want You to Know

No one will argue that obesity is a problem in this country and it is getting bigger by the day (no pun intended). The numbers have been going up since the early 1980's and in the last ten years the numbers in overweight children is even growing faster than with adults.

Heart disease and diabetes have been skyrocketing along with the increase of obesity. We would have to be really stupid to think that there is no connection between obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

There are some background facts that we need to know before we get to the explanation of obesity.

Prior to WWII, we had a fairly healthy population. We had people dying from heart attacks and suffering with diabetes (my grandfather died of a heart attack just before I was born), but we had very few people overweight much less obese.

After the war, we went to chemical agriculture and industrial food companies.

Do you remember the commercial that it was not nice to fool Mother Nature? Well, that is what happened and we have been trying to fool Mother Nature by leaps and bounds ever since the 1940's.

In the early 1950's, chemistry was expanded from industry to the food table. Companies bragged that they were simulating food and food tastes and that within a few years they would be able to simulate any taste so our taste buds could not tell the difference from real food and manufactured food. Well, those chemical predictions have come true. All you have to do is read labels of food in grocery stores. For the most part, you will not be able to pronounce or spell the chemicals that make up any company's "food". There are at least 3,000 chemicals put into foods today to imitate things like onion, garlic, etc.

Sugar is common and if you eat a product with sugar and you overindulge, your system will raise the level of insulin and you will get the sensation that you are full and stop eating that item. Unfortunately in the early 1980's, companies started using corn syrup in their foods, drinks and soft drinks. Corn syrup will not stimulate your insulin system and so it is easy to overindulge, store fat and not know why you have gained weight.

The Japanese invented MSG about 60 years ago. It is a flavor enhancer that tricks your taste buds into thinking they are getting real foods when they are not getting anything but chemical substitutes.

A chemical company here in the U.S. invented a product called Aspartame. The American Diabetes Association has approved Aspartame as a safe sugar substitute for diabetics. The problem is that this product causes people to gain weight.

I have listed the ingredients that cause obesity, but let's fully lay out what has happened to cause this overweight problem.

MSG and Aspartame are excitotoxins. They get into the blood stream, cross the blood brain barrier and travel to the hypothalamus, and damage the appetite's control center so that people have little sense of being full and they gain weight.

Corn syrup doesn't stimulate the appetite control center, plus the center is damaged by the chemicals, MSG, and Aspartame.

Aspartame also causes weight gain by a process known as a paradoxical effect. No one understands this process, but it most assuredly happens.

There is one other cause of obesity – eating useless carbohydrates that have had all the nutrition stripped from them. A perfect example is grocery store bread and white rice.

Obesity is caused by toxic chemicals, processed foods, corn syrup, MSG and Aspartame. If you eliminate these things, you will be healthier, your weight will come down to a normal level and you will feel better.

Food companies and drug companies don't want you to know the above information. Fat people eat more food for more profits and fat people are sick more often and require more drugs and doctor visits.

I have not mentioned the obesity problems with kids. This process starts before, as they are conceived, or soon after conception with the mothers eating various amounts of the 3,000 chemicals, MSG, and Aspartame. These toxins go through the blood stream of the mother across the placental barrier into the body and the brain of the unborn infant. The damage to the hypothalamus is done before the birth of the baby.

This all sounds terrible and it is terrible. But, the good news is that the damage can be reversed by following some guidelines on how to eat, how to supplement, how to avoid toxins, and how to detoxify chemicals from our bodies.

You or people you know can feel better, look better, age slower, and have better sex if you follow some simple rules to become healthier and slimmer.

In case you are asking yourself why I have this knowledge and why I am sharing this with you, your family, or friends, there are two reasons that I am sharing this information with you. I am a reporter who happens to be an eye doctor. I have read and studied extensively and observed patients in my office. Most importantly, I have been there and done that. I was way overweight and I know that diets don't work, so I looked for the cause of being overweight instead or trying various forms of deprivation.

I wish you well if you need to lose weight and/or feel better.


Dr. Robert Bard is an advocate for better health. He publishes a weekly newsletter and special reports to help everyone educate themselves about herbicides and pesticides, how to detoxify your body from harmful chemicals, the truth about "good carbs" and "bad carbs" among other topics. Along with his wife Judy, they raise cows, horses and goats the natural way. He is in the process of writing his first book outlining the program he created to help him lose weight and live healthier. To sign up for his free newsletter, visit wwww.drbobthehealthbuilder.com