Hal Elrod shares his 5-minute rule to becoming emotionally invincible. That is, to never let negative thoughts control your life and the outcomes you desire. It's not about how quick this can be, it's about a shift in the mindset you have when things don't go according to plan, and how to re-write the story about what has happened, to affect what's about to happen.

Hal is the author of two books that have instrumental for me and my personal growth: The Miracle Morning, and The Miracle Equation (affiliate links to Amazon below):

The Miracle Morning:
The Miracle Equation:

Hal has been on amazing life journey that's led him to where he's at today, inspiring people all around the world, and best-selling author in multiple countries. He was in a car crash in his 20s where he was actually pronounced dead for several minutes before coming back to life, then only to be told he would never walk again. Through his will and determination, he was able to walk again, and has vowed to help others live their best life. He recently was diagnosed with cancer, and has beat that, too. This man is an inspiration to me, and millions of others, and I hope this 5-minute rule of his helps you, too.

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