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For the
past six months Judith thought she had a serious computer problem. Almost always
when she'd try to sign up for a free report or teleseminar she'd receive a
computer error report.


It told
her that her email address was incorrect and directed her to fix the error. But
her email address was always typed in correctly.


I (Judith)
called Hewlett Packard and said "You're the expert at trouble shooting
computers, please fix mine."


I paid
Microsoft and said "Fix my computer."


described it to the fix-it guys at Circuit City. They'd never heard of anything
like it.


So I had
to send what I wanted over to Jim's computer and he'd sign up for me.


It was all
most annoying and enraging.


And it was
a total mystery how I could have a situation where no one could diagnose my
computer problem!.


That was
the case . . . until yesterday!


Jonathan Delson (
rescued me from computer hell . . .


AND gave
me a Soul lesson at the same time.


A Soul
lesson? How?


He had me
sign up for something free while he watched.


enough! The Error Notice popped up on my computer screen. Perfect evidence of
problems with my computer.


Then he
asked me to do it again verrrry slowwwly.


I said,
"Why? I just showed you the problem."


calmly replied, "Just do it again, verrrry slowwwwly."


So I did.


And it




How could
that be!?


said, ever so matter-of-factly, "Your thumb's hitting the space bar and adding a
space at the end of your email address. And that space becomes a digit in your
email address and the computer reads this as an error."   


Oh, oh, oh
. . .all those months of frustration, anger,  and feeling powerless . . . AND it
was all my own fault!


What an
amazing Soul-joke on me!


Now, how
often in life is that the case!?


You are
totally certain that "the problem" is out there. You're innocent.


Yep –
you're positive that you're innocent.


BUT you're


just caught in an unconscious habit that you aren't aware of and it's causing
you problems.


Who knew
that my need to fix my computer would help fix me!


Yep, me
and my computer – what a team.



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