As a kid, I remember begging my Mom to tell me the story again and again. I just couldn't get it. She had been 11 years old and had gone to the grocery store. Her identical twin sister had been sick and was at home. Suddenly, my Mom dropped what she was doing and ran as fast as she could toward home. She just knew that she had to get home to her sister. She walked in and almost immediately, her sister died of heart failure.

"How could this be?" I asked over and over again. How could she know? No physical thing happened to cause her to know she had to get home, yet she knew. She just knew. That was her constant answer to my never ending request for more information.
She just knew.

I continued to think about this mystery and others like it as I grew up. I continued questioning parents, teachers and authority figures about God, about hell, about being told I was a child of God but that He would send me to hell. That and many other things just didn't make sense. The answers were never satisfactory because the pieces didn't fit together. I also noticed that a lot of people were telling me how to live, but they didn't seem to live that way themselves. I turned into a rebellious, angry teenager who claimed there couldn't be a God.

It was a beautiful September day in 1973. It seemed like a perfect day for taking my friend, visiting from another state, out to see my horses. It was about a 20 minute drive on the highway, so we headed out of town. Next thing I knew, I opened my eyes to see people standing around me in a hospital room. A man had turned in front of me. I hit him and went airborne, off the highway and into a ditch. My car was totaled, my friend was fine and I had died.

Back in 1973, I had never heard the term "near death experience" and when I did, I discovered that it was a bit controversial. Some scientists, doctors and ministers simply didn't believe it was real but it was very real to me. I didn't even try to talk about it after hearing from a priest that my experience, impossible to define in words, didn't really happen. It was all in my head. The vacuum, the tunnel, and emerging into a place of brilliant white light where I stood before God and reviewed my life was all due to my head injuries from the wreck. It didn't happen according to the priest.

I wouldn't talk about it again for years, but a day didn't go by that I didn't think about what I had seen.


I saw God as a being of pure love. That was all He was capable of; love. I realized the meaning of unconditional love. In the presence of what I can only describe as pure love, I was able to see as if I were looking through the eyes of God. I understood the significance of each and every life and how each of us affects every other part of life.

Like a movie, I watched my life and the people in it. I saw and experienced a range of emotions as I observed my life on earth. As I felt the higher frequencies associated with feelings like kindness and compassion, I felt myself being drawn closer to God and oneness with His frequency of pure love. I felt separated from that state of peace and tranquility by experiencing frequencies of hate and fear.

It finally made sense. Learn to love and eliminate fear. It seemed so simple at the time. I felt as if I was being given a choice to go back. I wanted to take the memory of this knowledge and understanding back with me and help others understand what I had seen. I knew that I needed to change my energy or vibration to that of love and teach others how to do the same thing. I discovered the power that is available to us when we project outwardly, from the depth of our very beings, the energies of kindness, compassion, hope, peace, joy or love. I understood the destruction of sending out feelings of anger, resentment, jealousy, hatred or fear. I understood that all things are possible when we eliminate fear and hold a frequency of love. I understood how to create a vision for my life and empower it by associating feelings with it.

As I opened my eyes in the hospital to see people standing around me, I remembered begging God for the opportunity to return so that I could change myself and make a difference in the lives of others. I had wanted to please this tremendous Being of Light and Love more than anything.

Obviously, my request was granted to come back, but the feeling of peace and understanding had been left behind. I had it as a memory but what was I suppose to do now? In despair, I looked at my life, just as I'd left it, and remembered that place of total peace where I'd been. How was I suppose to get from here to there? What was I suppose to do now???


Over the years in my search for answers, I think I experienced the lowest of lows. I was driven by the memory of my experience. It wouldn't let me rest. I couldn't lead a "normal" life. The only happiness I found was in searching, studying, taking courses, going to workshops; constantly looking for a way to find the peace I just knew we are all meant to have. I slowly but surely started to change but I never really knew when an old momentum would rear its ugly head and create that "dark cloud" phenomenon that had plagued me throughout my life.

Then came new discoveries and technologies. With the development of sophisticated instruments, we can now disprove outdated beliefs about how both our material world and our bodies work.


I finally found a way to get control over all the energy I was producing that was destructive to me and blocking the good things I wanted in my life. The tool I have found and use has allowed me to change my financial situation, my weight, my relationships, career, attitude and everything I use it for when I follow a certain process. The process gives me clarity, direction and focus and the tool heals the destructive energies blocking my way.

The peace in my life has become more than a memory of where I was. Now, I am able to live there. From that place, so much good flows through my life. Now I am able to teach others how to find the peace that leads to true success.

May you know peace in all you do,
Teri Rose
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Teri Rose is a success coach and also works with Dr Alex Loyd Services with her "Success Unlimited" program. Her greatest asset is the fact that she has used what she teaches to transform all aspects of her own life. Her passion is teaching others to do the same.