The first step in making positive changes in our lives starts with exposing ourselves to the ideas that promote a more prosperous, successful mindset. It is important to read books, blog posts and articles, listen to audio programs, go to seminars, or do whatever else that helps brings these ideas into our awareness. It takes repetition to hammer them in and replace most of the junk we have carried around most of our lives that has caused us so many problems and frustrations. As you progress, you will find yourself leaning more towards this way of thinking and believing these things to be true. And that is great, because that is the vital first step.

So, we have reached the point where we ”know”certain things. We believe that these things, such as the power of our thoughts and intentions in shaping our world and the importance of consciously directing our thoughts, are the truth. Great. But, the next question is, what are you doing with this information? You can read every book in the world about the law of attraction, positive thinking and the like, but if you never actually work on implementing the tasks that will make these beliefs a reality in your life, you will get nowhere. We often want to make huge changes while expending the least amount of effort possible. It is nice to think that listening to a specific CD or reading a certain book will be enough to miraculously reprogram your subconscious, but you have to do the sometimes arduous mental work required of significant change.

What are you actually doing that supports these beliefs you hold in your mind? Do you do written or spoken affirmations? Do you visualize? Do you consciously work on tuning into your thoughts and shifting them when they go off course? Do you write out your desires in the present tense as if they already occurred? Do you work on the mental aspects of getting what you want with equal fervor as you do completing the physical, logistical type things necessary to reach your goals? These are just examples; you do whatever it is that works for you. Even someone as passionate about these things as myself falters at times and I still have a ways to go, so I understand about the blockages that stand in our way. It is something that takes time, but you get better and better at it as you go along. You need to be honest with yourself about this. If you are trying to adopt these types of beliefs, what are you honestly doing every day to make them work in your favor?

People often ask me what materials I have used to develop the mindset I currently possess. Well, there have been a lot, but the first piece of material that really resonated with me and actually carried me from just reading about techniques to improve my life to actually using them was Bob Doyle’s Wealth Beyond Reason Program. Learn how to utilize the law of attraction for your benefit, not your detriment.

About The Author:

I have also authored the book ”Passing on Parenthood: A Childfree Woman Speaks Out“, a great read for the childfree, the undecided and even parents and those who are sure they want kids in the future. Some food for thought for everyone in there.