Q: I heard at the gym you should exercise according to your body type. Is this true and what does this really mean?

A: Any person can do any exercise and reap the benefits. However, knowing your body type can help you design an exercise program that will fit your needs and maximize your capabilities.

There are three basic body types. You made be one of these or a combination. They are: 





Mesomorph: Thick bones and generally muscular physique. It is easier to develop muscle and the look of a body builder. Meso's muscles are shorter and tend to be bulkier. Great for heavy work and bodybuilding. Best type for sports that require quickness and strength like tennis. Not as naturally suited to long distance endurance sports like marathon running. Also, tends to be less flexible; stretching can help.




Ectomorph: Slender, thinner, longer bones, more difficult to build muscle mass but easy to sculpt a model-like body. Ecto's muscles fibers are longer and well defined.  Best for endurance and cardiovascular activities like aerobics, long distance running, or swimming. Ecto's are generally more fragile and more prone to injury in contact sports.





Endomorph: Rounder or more pear shaped body. Easy enough to build muscle but more tendency to gain and retain body fat, which often obscures musculature. This body type needs constant physical activity to maintain a healthy weight and an attractive physique. However, because of the uneven distribution of body fat, endo’s can be more prone to lower body injury. Be careful with activities like high impact aerobics.



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