Was it Einstein who said "I talk to myself in order to have an intelligent conversation"?
Maybe it was Buddha.

Anyhow, I'm in a conversation with myself right now. I'm trying to knock off a few winter pounds,
(If you think being a fitness pro makes you immune think again) and I find talking to myself is not
so crazy. We all need a support system. Mine happens to be me.

So every night before I go to bed, I have a little chat with myself. I plan my meals for the next
day and approximate calories, and the type of exercise I am going to do. I like to switch it up so
I'm not doing the same thing every day, which sometimes requires a little more planning.
I get my workout clothes and other stuff ready the night before so I have no excuse and I tell
myself what a good idea that was.

Although I teach classes and work with clients, my body has gotten use to that, so when I want
to lose weight, I need to do more.

For motivation, I talk to myself about a piece of clothing I'm determined to get into.
I put myself on a realistic, achievable timeline. So, if I'm trying to lose five pounds I give myself
about 5-6 weeks.

Now this sounds like I'm really in charge doesn't it? But I've learned to expect the unexpected.

For instance, this morning my husband brought home a bag of bagels for breakfast.
As soon as I saw them, calorie numbers started to flash in my brain. So instead of denying
myself all together, I told myself I could have a serving that would equal the calories, if not the
nutrition, of the oatmeal I was about to prepare. And I must say I savored every bite.

As I ate my half a bagel watching my husband eat a bagel and half, I told myself that I made the
right choice. I had my taste, and I was thankful for it, and I wanted those pounds off more than I
wanted the rest of that bagel.

So if you are looking for some support, why not try talking to your best friend, you!

By Mirabai Holland © 2011


About The Author:

Mirabai Holland M.F.A. legendary fitness pioneer, is one of the leading authorities in the Health & Fitness industry,
and public health advocate who specializes in preventive and rehabilitative exercise for women.

Her Moving Free®
approach to exercise is designed to provide a movement experience so pleasant it doesn’t feel like work.

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