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Q. I have
just been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I have been told that
exercise might help. Can you please give me some guidelines to follow?

A. There are an estimated
half a million Americans with CFS.


Women are
more prone than men to developing diseases where the body's immune system fights
its own tissue. Diseases that fall into this category include chronic fatigue
syndrome, fibro- and polymyalgia, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis.


Talk to
your doctor and listen to your body because the amount and types of exercise
vary greatly from person to person. The key to a successful exercise program for
people with CFS is to pace yourself. Never exercise until you are tired. On the
days you feel really fatigued, don't exercise.


According to the U.S. Department of Health and
Human Services Office on Women's Health "Get
regular exercise (but be careful not to overdo it).
  Try to move
most days of the week. A gradual and gentle exercise program often works well
for people with long-lasting muscle and joint pain. Easy walking, light
aerobics, stretching and some types of yoga or tai chi exercises may be helpful.

Q. Now that the weather is getting warmer, I really would
like to start wearing my sleeveless tops, but my arms are looking a little
saggy. Is there any quick fix for this?


A.  Yes. Here are two exercises you can do to help shape
up those problem areas.


If you are just starting out, grab a couple of soup cans
from your pantry. Or get some hand weights 1-5pds. Try to do 8-15 reps, 2
seconds to come up and 2 seconds to come down.


Do's & Don'ts

Always breath out on the

   Breath holding can
elevate blood pressure.

Never use a resistance
that's so heavy you can't lift at least 8 repetitions.

   Each set should be at
least 8-15 reps.

As you get stronger, repeat
another set of 8-15 reps for each exercise.




Biceps Curls: (Front of
Upper arms)

Turn palm up and slowly
bend elbows bringing fists up towards shoulders.

Triceps Extension (Back of
Upper arms)

Bend elbows and extend arms behind you.

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About the Author


Mirabai Holland M.F.A. is one of the leading authorities in the Health & Fitness
and public health
activist who specializing in preventive and rehabilitative
exercise for women.
Her Moving Free™ approach to exercise is designed to
provide a movement experience so pleasant it doesn’t feel like work.