There are numerous Myths, Lies and Misconceptions that keep
Americans Broke and in Debt. When you Learn and apply the
Truth that can Change it All.

These are perpetuated everywhere around us: Media, Books,
magazines, our lendors and even financial planners. As you
review the myths you will have an even harder time believing
that they aren't true. That’s the way ALL good Conspiracies work!

Money Myth #1 – Paying off debt seems to be the number one
reason people want money.

We are always saying to ourselves; If we manage to make enough
money we can take care of our debts. If we could JUST win the lottery,
we’d pay off all our debts. Stop and think about this…If we paid off all
our debts and all Americans were Debt-Free, what do you think would
happen to our economy?

Do you realize there is a current Goldmine in your Debts? What if there
was a System where you could learn how to manage debt properly, so you
spent half as much money during your life to pay them back? Do you
think the Half you save could afford you more Lifestyle?

It’s an eye-opener when you see that Proper Debt Management is the
key to financial security AND that has nothing to do with Paying it Off!
In fact, those with heavier debt loads actually have a greater
opportunity to achieve financial independence. Could that be YOU?

Seize your opportunity today…

Myth #2 – Our biggest problem is we want everything NOW
and aren’t willing to pay cash.

Everyone seems to be preaching that we are over-spenders
and we buy too much. These accusations can make us feel
pretty guilty. If you trade $50 on a bottle of perfume that
you like better than the $50, nobody has a right to tell you
that you're wrong. Only you should be deciding what things
are more valuable in your life.

Trading money for things of value is a personal choice and is
not the problem. In fact, the more we choose to consume,
the better off our economy is.

The real problem is when you spend money and get nothing in return.
At least when you buy perfume, you get the perfume. But if you
paid a hundred dollars for the perfume, when you could have spent
$50, then you consumed with $50 and mis-consumed with the other
$50. The second $50 went down the drain. You didn't get anything
for it. It is known as "zero return spending."

This zero return spending can easily account for half of the
money we ever spend. You might be thinking, “well, Hey, I’m
a bargain shopper and that doesn’t happen to me”; so let’s
put it in perspective of the Bigger Picture … Your Debt.

Let’s look at a specific example for you. A typical debt user
in this country will easily spend a half a million dollars on
interest during their lifetimes, three quarters of which is
spent unnecessarily. That’s the Truth! With the
money borrowed and the payments made Anyone
could pay off their debts in a small fraction of the time and
save half or three quarters of that half million dollars.

Are we talking about *Serious Lifestyle* here?

You see, the money we spend is not the problem. It's the
money we flush down the drain. If we would quit throwing
money away we could easily afford to increase our
consumption and still be far better off financially. So stop
feeling guilty for the things you buy and wasting time
figuring out where you can cut back. Instead, figure out
where all the leaks are in your financial ship and plug them
up. Your effort will be far more valuable if it is spent
figuring out how to reduce your Mis-Consumption.

Turn your mis-consumption into more consumption…

Myth #3 – If we stop spending and start saving we'd
be better off.

Is that a sermon you hear a lot? So how come our Federal
Reserve lowers rates whenever the economy slows a little?
Our spending is what drives our great economy and if we
ever stop spending like we do, our economy would look like
other Third World Countries.

We need a new source of spendable money to replace the
debt spending. We have to quit borrowing to the point that
we are self-destructing, but we also have to keep spending
so that our economy doesn't self-destruct.

Myth #4 – To have more money we must either make more or
spend less.

Every book, tape, website, ezine or seminar on money talks
about ways to make more or ways to cut back and spend less,
but there is another way that no one really thinks of directly.
How about recycling?

Confused? Well, recycling is the process of taking something
we waste and converting it into something of value. Since
you waste hundreds of thousands of dollars during your
lifetime separate from the money you actually use to buy
things, why not figure out a way to take that wasted money
and recycle it into wealth?

Think about it. You don't need to make any more money and
you can keep buying all the goods and services you do
anyway. Meanwhile, a bunch of the money that you are
inadvertently flushing down the drain could be redirected
back into your bank account. It’s your money!

You see, the money you make gets broken into two categories:
the money you live with, and the money you live without. The
money that buys things like food, clothing, transportation
and entertainment is the money you live on. There is no need
for you to restrict that.

But then there is the money that you spend unnecessarily on
excess interest, taxes, insurance, product mark-up and the
like. That is money that you live without. Think of it as
the money that already belongs to somebody else before you
even get your paycheck. You religiously stick it in the
mailbox every month and are not buying anything new with it.
You earn it but then subsequently proceed to live without
it, paying your bills and debts the way you always have

By managing the way in which you pay them you can divert a
very large percentage of the money back to yourself. That's
recycled wealth and it can be enough to let most people
retire wealthy without ever changing their level of earnings
or consumption.

Keep more of what you earn and earn more than you can keep.

Myth #5 – It's hard to get ahead when all your money goes to
someone else, mainly Creditors!

This is going to be extremely hard to believe, but we told you
that we were going to expose Money Myths….
The more money you are currently spending on debt payments
the easier it is for you to become financially independent.

It's true and the only exception is for the person who has
already stepped over the edge and cannot afford to make the
minimum payments on their debts. But if you can sustain your
current level of debt repayment you can create more wealth
in direct proportion to the amount of money you are paying.

We’ve shared about how it is possible to convert your
wasted money, such as debt payments, into wealth. That’s the
financial recycling concept. Well in a world where waste can
be converted to wealth, the person with the most waste has
the most potential to create wealth.

So for you and anyone you know who feels like they are
buried in debt payments, Rejoice! Your ship has just come
in. If you can just commit yourself to a simple system of
debt and credit management you can reverse your fortune and
turn your debt into wealth without having to make any

Forget the gimmicks and the tricks. This is pure math and
math is absolute. It doesn't change. If you manage your debts
properly you will create wealth with exact, unwavering

Build Wealth without Sacrifice…

In summary, Americans have the whole wealth, debt and income
relationship all mixed up! Several of our core beliefs about
money simply aren't true. We just shared that how you’ve
looked at wealth and debt is the wrong way and it's probably
confusing. The big question is, If you understood what you
just read is, "How do you do it?"

Recycling your wasted interest into wealth makes perfect
sense but how do you get started. Years of research and
millions of dollars have been spent to create a System that
works for ordinary people that dirt cheap and incredibly simple.

The only way to get people to manage their debt and credit
lives so that they could reclaim all the wealth they are
currently letting slip through their fingers, was to put it
into a turnkey, point-and-click system. Americans need a
system for everything. ALL Wealth is created using Systems!

We believe we have a system that anybody could use and
anybody could afford.

It works for anyone who uses debt and has Internet access.
It works silently and without a lot of hoopla, but it works.
Using this system is quite probably the most important
financial decision you will ever make.


Cheryl Gonzalez has been an online entrepreneur for 9 years sharing resources and
Systems with fellow entrepreneurs. She has been debt-free for 7 years and has helped
tens of thousands do the same. If your sick of being broke, visit now and find out how a simple on-line system can give you the financial security you deserve.