The thermometer reaches beyond 100 degrees on the temperature gauge. Parched from the sun, your skin dehydrates from the blasts of heat, like weathered wood. Sweat begins to beat from your brow. A salty taste lingers on your lips as your mouth attempts to quench its thirst. Your eyes become blurred. You feel edgy. A daze falls over you. The asphalt on the pavement casts a vapor-like heat wave. A mirage appears before you. With the blink of an eye, the vision evaporates disappearing into thin air. What just happened?

It is as if you have been magically transported aboard a vessel destined to place somewhere, like a faraway desert. Continue with this vision a few more moments. Does this place seem somewhat familiar to you? Like you have been here at least once or twice? Or at least felt like déjà vu? Have you ever questioned yourself, what lies beyond that mirage? Actually, it is a test. One of unquestionable courage. A journey of uncharted territories opening new passages for you. Do you have what it takes to see through the mirages?

Let us rewind this movie. What have you just witnessed?

Mirages just don't happen in a desert. The location just seems to make it a bit more authentic in our own mind. Touched with an addition of mystery veiling it. We remember a picture, movie or incident which created this awareness without much effort. One minute we see something one way, then poof it is changed and now becomes something totally different. Not like we imagined. A process develops from what is real versus unreal. Mirages can symbolize another reality, known as a trap. The trick is to handle our thoughts within our minds, systematically and with humor.

An example of a trap, is one that entangles us to a point where the very breath of life that is meant to energize us, becomes the cause of our energy becoming depleted and drained. We exhausted every ounce of ourselves, blood, sweat and tears, to realize disempowerment and unfulfilled dreams. Just like that, like a mirage…fading in and out. Was this what we wanted? Of course, not. The mirage or illusion played us in the game of 'bait and switch.' Here we go again!

It can cage us like a wild animal with rebellion fighting to get free. We feel imprisoned within our own steel cage, separate and apart from the world.


Another type of illusion, can lure us into searching for that "piece of cheese" as a mouse hunting for a source of sustenance, only to get slammed shut by the mighty apparatus that stops one dead in their tracks. We fall weak and helpless under the spell of misuse of power, feeling defeated by the wrath of power. Naively we want the key that will set us free, not lock us away. It is at this point, we box our emotions by limiting ourselves beyond what we truly do know. This suffocates the precious life within each and everyone of us with stagnation. We compromise ourselves when we fall victim to any illusion. We keep repeating the same old pattern, replay the same old story, take another turn on the proverbial merry-go-round again and the results on the scoreboard haven't changed.

When we step into the drama of illusions, we need to see the truth hidden beneath the surface. Accept the lesson as a power

Mirages and Illusions of Promises Created from Misuse of Power and Agendas:
Outward/Inward Behaviors: Promises offered: Security, Protection, Money, Love

Physical Results Show:

  1. Controlled by another. Intimidation tactics, threats.
  2. Abusive relationship. Lack of self-respect, no value.
  3. Door mat mentality. No reciprocity of exchange. "My
    way or the Highway attitude." Partner stays passive.

  4. Systems: creating levels from inferiority to important
    Remember: WE ARE ALL ONE! Interesting?

  5. One-way street leading no where fast…this one feels
    you should be grateful for what they have given you,
    however it is all talk and no ACTION.

Internal Masks:

  1. Inadequacy (Overcompensating- not happy with themselves – a perfectionist – needs others approval)
  2. Undeserving, unworthy, inferior (Accepts less as
    what they are meant to have – no desires –
    defeated before they even start.)

  3. Low self-esteem, no confidence, no direction (Shy,
    timid, reserved, sits in the background)

  4. Lack of courage – stuck in the same old thing.
  5. Aloneness – reclusive – uncooperative

To make matters worse, we proceed to grumble, bicker and complain under our breath. Complaining doesn't change the landscape you see, only you do by
action and coming to grips with your own personal truth.


Why? Instinctively you're sensing the reality of the trap you chose and how you did it again to yourself! Point is, how do you find the escape hatch? It isn't easy. Just as you found the doorway to invite this experience, similarly the exit or window is available for you if you believe in yourself and trust your own feelings towards finding another path, your path!

Do you have the courage to change whatever you have set in motion? The answer remains within you. The question herein lies as to whether or not, you have the ability to accept and believe that YOU CAN. We are all capable of overcoming anything we truly desire, with trust, faith and COURAGE.

At times when everything around you seems dismal, the drama unfolds, you need to begin with strengthening your trust muscle. No guts, no glory! Voicing to yourself that you have the courage necessary to defeat any illusion by saying to yourself, "I am courageous!" It takes you out of that chaotic circle of confusion and opens another avenue to broaden your horizons. Support this experience with optimism and you will begin to see a whole new world for yourself. More importantly, know that we are not taught to look to find the joke in any drama. We are programmed to get serious. Instead, allow yourself to get silly and laugh at the situation. It's not meant for us to take anything that serious. Actually by getting serious, we take ourselves out of the flow and derail any idea or creative project we are perfecting. We tend to search looking for a solution of the drama, and we should be looking for the JOKE! When we get too serious, we over cook ideas and become very dysfunctional. Instead of creating doom for ourselves with complicated thoughts that are sure to lead to failure, start with concentrating on the FUN in dysfunctional.

Let the mirages fade as they will continue to do. Laugh to yourself when an illusion emerges, because it isn't real anyway. Avoid all the hassles as you focus on your truth with courage. May you discover the Light of Joy!


Joy Malumphy is a Spiritual Transformational Counselor, Reiki Master Teacher, and Intuitive. For more information you may e-mail Joy at: Bxquisite@ regarding schedules, services, and structure of pricing.