It is a powerful message, and in today’s business environment, I believe it’s time to dust it off and share it with others once more. You've heard it time and time again: “To get what you want out of life, you must help others get what they want first.” or told in an original way… “The greatest Success we’ll know is helping OTHERS succeed and grow.”

Re-acquainting yourself with this principle is not only a good way to live; it's a great way to do business!

Over the years, I've watched many start-up companies come and go. Their failures and set-backs got me wondering. What happened? Where did they go wrong?

But then, I began to ask a bigger question, rephrased in a more positive manner. What did all the successful businesses simply do right? The answer is right there in the first paragraph, summarized like this:

The more we Mentor others, share what we know, learn – and earn – the more it solidifies our chances to succeed at any endeavor. Commit to mentoring, and you can literally “Mentor your way to Millions!

Say you own a business, large or small. If it is your true desire to help everyone succeed, from the receptionist to the CEO (yourself), you know what? You will! Just help others get what THEY want first…and your own success soon will follow.

Okay. Right now you're asking yourself, “How can I do that?”

Simple really. The first thing you need to do is find out what motivates the people around you and commit to helping them achieve it. The second thing is to know who really counts in the company. Over the years if there is ONE thing I’ve learned it’s that the two most important positions in any organization are the receptionist and the sales executive. Why? That's easy. They're the people who interact the most with your customers, and they're the people with the greatest potential to create new customers. A happy receptionist and a loyal, motivated sales staff are ambassadors for your company's positive image.

Let's take your receptionist to illustrate how simply “Mentoring your way to Millions” can work – and work it does!

Say your receptionist – we'll call her Nancy – wants to go back to school to study nursing. She tells you her goal during the one-on-one orientation meeting you have with every new staff member, the meeting where you ask, “If you could have anything you want out of life, what would it be?”

Then, once she’s shared it with you, congratulate her on a great choice of career paths, and tell her you're going to help make her dream a reality. Now, Nancy is no fool. (Of course not! You don't hire fools!) She may ask why you would support her in something that will eventually cause her to leave your organization.

Tell her she's a valuable employee and you'll be sorry to see her go one-day. But you realize that by helping her achieve her true goal in life, you make it easy for her to give 100% the entire time she’s working for you, and assist in replacing herself when it comes time to move on.

Imagine Nancy's excitement when, a few days later, you show a genuine interest in her goal by giving her a variety of brochures from local nursing academies – brochures you requested on her behalf. We then tell her she can take a few minutes each day on the company phone to contact the schools and set up a class schedule that works for her.

Now here is where the true “Mentoring” comes in.

Take a moment to share with her, (your) experiences with change. Reflect on how you felt, the fears you faced, when you gave up your job to start the company she works for now. Detail how you overcame obstacles and shut out the noise of the naysayers who told you all the reasons why your idea was crazy and you should forget about it.

Let her know you're there to act as a positive support, a constant reminder that she can achieve her dream. Reinforce the message that if and when she needs guidance, encouragement, or a shoulder to lean on during her transition, she can count on you!

Consider how great Nancy will feel walking into the office each day, knowing that at the end of regular business hours she'll be heading right toward her life's goal: to become a nurse and help others. How will she answer your company phone from that day forward? What do you suppose her tone of voice and enthusiasm level will be when someone asks her about the place where she works? Think of the terrific first impression she'll make on the job applicants and potential customers who walk through the front door every day!

It paints a pretty picture, doesn't it?

“Mentoring your way to Millions” is the epitome of a win-win proposition. Let's face it, the more you help others identify and pursue their dreams, the greater support and backing you get from them in return.

It just makes sense. No one wants to be a cog in the system, a faceless wage slave, day in and day out for the rest of their lives. When you show your people that you recognize their worth and support not only their goals in the workplace but their hopes and dreams outside the system, they will do amazing things. They will rise above adversity and give their all to you and your business.

Why? Because you have given them something all too rare in life: Unconditional Support!

Step back and imagine, if you will, your company filled with people who feel important and appreciated. People who actually want to come to work each day. What if your job became making the rounds, checking that everyone was keeping up with their life goals as well as their job assignments?

Does this sound great? Then go make it happen!

Tomorrow, begin with just one person, and see for yourself just how wonderful things can be, by starting your journey of…

Mentoring your way to millions.


Greg S.Reid, author of, The Millionaire Mentor: A Simple Way to Get Ahead in Your Work and in Life.
Devoted to (giving back) to the community Mr.Reid has received many awards for his civic activities reaching all the way to the White house, and routinely mentors youths, adults and corporations on positive thinking and achieving dreams.

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