We are the prisoners of our own perceptions. Here are 3 short stories about the results about being locked up by worry, doubt and fear – and then an alternative ending for each.

1. I walked around the counter to get a straw for my drink and found a woman frantically mopping up her spilled coffee. She was using the flimsy tissue paper that was used for wrapping pastries so the mopping up process wasn’t working well. I reached for the napkins and started helping. She looked up in surprise that I had found the napkins saying that she had looked for them but didn’t see them. Her comment was “I couldn’t see for looking.”


No – she couldn’t. Why not? Her state of mind blocked the view of the napkins that were in plain sight. A state of mind called worry.

2. There is an old story about the Devil’s yard sale. The Devil decided to go out of business (wouldn’t that be nice?) so he held a yard sale to get rid of his old tools. As one woman walked around the yard she saw many tools that appeared to be in great condition; tools labeled, discouragement, bad times, sadness etc. However, one tool stood out because it was so old and beat up and also carried a large price tag. It was labeled “doubt”. “Why”, she asked, ” Is this tool so beat up and so expensive?” The devil replied,

“Because this is the one tool I always use. It works best because no one suspects it’s me.”

And we rarely do. Entertaining reasonable doubt seems like such a wise thing to do. But the point of view of doubt is a prison where we are incapable of taking action. After all – with a state of mind of doubt – we are never sure if we are doing or saying or being the “right thing.”


3. I was in a room full of people listening to how to get on radio and TV shows. In the front of the room was a panel of key people to whom only a few people in the audience were going to be able to pitch their idea. Within moments a room full of seemingly intelligent and stable grownups erupted as they made every effort to be noticed. Calling out, “me, me, me,” and jumping up and down was a favorite method of getting attention.

What motivated this behavior? A state of mind – a perception – called “fear.” Fear that there wasn’t enough; fear that they wouldn’t have a chance, fear that this was the only way to accomplish their goals.


In the prison of our own perceptions, we can’t see for looking, doubt seems innocent, and fear motivates our actions. Each of us has our own personal prison created out of all that we have been taught and accepted about the worldview.


Perception does rule. What we believe to be reality magnifies. Let’s all break out of prison – now!


What if we knew – even if just for a moment – without doubt – that instead of being material beings striving for perfection we are really Spiritual beings already perfect? Even if we don’t fully understand this – even if it doesn’t make sense – even if we aren’t sure its true – what if we imagined that it was? What if we chose a Spiritual Perception? What then?

Here’s how a Spiritual Perception might have been used to alter each of the three stories.

1. As the woman spilled her coffee and began thinking from Spiritual Perception her thoughts might have run something like this: ” I know that everything is already created, therefore what I need is here for me right now.”

Result – dissolved worry state of mind – and what was needed would have been immediately seen by her.

2. Here are two ways to keep doubt from putting us in prison. One: become aware that the voice suggesting doubt is not ours (remember it’s the Devil’s tool), and Two: that God does not know or send negative things or thoughts. A Spiritual Perception that God is omnipresent, omniscience, and omnipotent Love eliminates the possibility that there is anything other than Love and Good.

Result – dissolved doubt – as faith and understanding lead the way instead. In our life this might appear as knowing what to do, feeling the weight of the world lift, or previously unseen opportunities appearing right in front of us. There are countless ways that Spiritual abundance is revealed to us after the blindfolds of sense perception are removed.

3. Most of the people in the seminar room were acting out of the worldview, the earth game, that there is not enough, which produces a “me first and only” attitude. If each person had been thinking from Spiritual Perception the room would have been calm, poised, supportive of everyone and uplifting. In this Spiritual point of view everyone would have known that they were not in charge of the outcome, that what they needed was already provided, and that no one is ever left out.


Result – the appropriate action would have automatically taken place as inspiration or Angel Ideas guided each participant to the fulfillment of their purpose.


With Spiritual Perception, not only would the wardens of worry, doubt and fear dissolve, but also the prison itself.


Perception rules. Prove it for yourself. Try magnifying only Good – God and pay attention to the results and be grateful for every brief glimpse of Truth no matter how small. Gratitude is the oil that loosens every stuck prison door.


Coming from Spiritual Perception – the woman with the coffee would have seen what she needed right in front of her – in this case napkins, the Devil’s tool of doubt would become useless, and fear would not motivate our actions.


Choosing to think and act from Spiritual Perception we would transform the worldview – releasing everyone from the prison of sense perception into the freedom of Spiritual Perception.

I am ready for a prison break – will you join me?


About the Author

Beca (Lee) Lewis is the Author of Living in Grace: The Shift to Spiritual Perception

Click here to visit www.theshift.com for more free information on spiritual perception.

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