Do you know how sometimes it feels like ‘something is missing’ in our life? When that happens, a mastermind group can help you identify possibilities and create some very positive and exciting changes to fill that gap. Many people think masterminding is all about business. The good news is you can use this marvelous power your personal life as well.

John Sculley, past president of PepsiCo, celebrated CEO of Apple Computer and now a partner in the private investment firm of Sculley Brothers, teaches that “The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious.” This is exactly what a mastermind group can do for you. A mastermind team will help you not only to see, but also to create and develop exciting and new possibilities before they would otherwise become obvious.

The entire mastermind process is based on an ancient principle that has been proven time and time again. In his classic best seller, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill teaches: “When two or more people come together in a spirit of harmony and trust to work together towards a common purpose or goal, their combined energies are many, many times greater than the simple sum of their respective individual energies.”

Mastermind groups can help you use those combined energies to find solutions to your everyday problems whether they are related to relationships, money or health. It doesn’t matter what area of your life you’d like to improve, masterminding can provide insights and inspiration, combined with the best advice, counsel, and encouragement for your personal situations.

Leadership expert and best-selling author Stephen Covey said, “How different our lives are when we really know what is deeply important to us, and keeping that picture in mind, we manage ourselves each day to be and to do what really matters most.” With that thought in mind, what really does matter most to you in your life and world? We suggest you take time to step back and consider how your life is managed now.

As you review your current daily life, your family, dreams and goals, where would you like to see some positive changes? To make things easier for you, here is a list of “the Seven F’s” for you to review and choose from: Faith, Family, Friends, Finances, Fitness, Fun/Fight (your career) and Fulfillment. In order to give you the greatest opportunity for success, we suggest you begin with only one area of focus at a time. Have you chosen one? Great!

Next, consider what your life could be like with additional inspiration, encouragement and support behind you. With a mastermind team, all kinds of possibilities that have been overlooked or unrecognized can be discovered and become available for you. By having the encouragement of a mastermind support group, you won’t have to go it alone.

If there is not an existing mastermind group that fits your situation, it is easy to start one. Begin by thinking about who you know that you respect and enjoy being with. Most successful groups have between six and ten people. You can get started with as few as two. And, while you can have as many members as you like, for many groups, twelve has proven to be a reasonable top number for maintaining maximum efficiency. With short term projects, for instance something concerning your church or school, sometimes even much larger groups like thirty, seventy or even one hundred and ten can be helpful.

As you consider what group to join or who to invite for a group you are forming, seek out and choose positive people that are already enjoying the kind of life you would like to be living. Remember, variety really is a spice of life. So, bring together a diversity of people. Seek out people with different lifestyles, cultures, occupations, educations and more.

In summary, masterminding can help you make good decisions about situations you face every day. So, identify what you would like to improve and set your goals. Then, relax and let your mastermind team help you figure out what your best course of action will be. Finally, take advantage of those possibilities and, working together, bring even more positive changes into your life.

Masterminding has proven successful for thousands of years. And, as it has done for countless others, masterminding will help you recognize many wonderful options that are available much sooner than you could have seen them on your own. Your mastermind success team will help you identify your priority, clarify your vision, maintain your focus and help you stay motivated to take action on what really matters most in your life.

Today is a good day for a mastermind to help you discover possibilities and bring even more positive changes into your life. The marvelous power of the mastermind can help you reach your goals, achieve greater success and live the life of your dreams!

About the Author:

Dr. John (“Dealey”) Carpenter Dealey is an International MasterMind expert, business mentor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, author, speaker and self-made millionaire. He is dedicated to helping people solve problems, reach goals and soar to new heights of success using the marvelous powers of mastermind and laughter. To learn how mastermind can help you create a life you love, go to: or:

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