Marie Diamond is an internationally acclaimed author, teacher who has been featured in The Secret and seven other motivational documentaries. She has used her extraordinary knowledge of quantum physics, the Law of Attraction, and feng shui energy to help people transform their environment and their lives. Her clients include A-list celebrities in film and music, top selling writers, and leaders from Fortune 500 companies and government.

TAMMY LAWMAN: The audience is in for a real treat today. Thank you so much Marie Diamond for being here. Now, first up, let’s talk about how you came about with your idea of the Law of Attraction. It’s interesting that you were able to connect three intention keys to the whole concept. Tell us about that.

MARIE DIAMOND: In my view, there are three aspects of the Law of Attraction or vibration.

First, there’s the vibration field of our spirit or a heavenly connection. Your soul and spirit have their own connection and are sending out vibrations which we call karma, destiny, or fate.

Second, as a human being, with thoughts, feelings, and actions, we’re creating a vibrational field which we call human experience.

Then we have the environment that brings signals and vibrations to us and our human experience. It’s called the environmental experience.

TAMMY LAWMAN: You’re saying that it’s not enough that we are sending out positive vibrations from within our human experiences, but we should also be aware of our spirit or soul or heavenly connection, and more importantly our environment. That’s amazing! Can you tell us, how does all three come together in the Law of Attraction?

MARIE DIAMOND: These three should be in balance, and are working together. We as human beings are connected with heaven and with earth. If all three intentional experience are aligned, at that moment we are completely holistic, and things are moving forward. If you are missing out on one aspect, you don’t have the strength. There’s not enough moving forward with your intention. For every single person, maybe you have an intention to say, I want romance. But the images around us are all telling a different story.

TAMMY LAWMAN: I understand that you do have a very logical method to improving one’s environmental intention. But before that, can you tell us how this idea came to you?

MARIE DIAMOND: It really started when I was 15. I had a major accident. I actually had a near-death experience. I remember when I came out of that time in the hospital, I was quite angry because of all the things I’d been doing before- all the praying, affirming, and visualizing. Even with my prayers to be a happy girl and a good girl, I ended up in the hospital with a lot of issues health-wise. I said to my mentor, What have I done wrong? I’ve been praying. I’ve been doing all the right things. He said, Marie, you have bad feng shui.

He actually explained to me that the intention is not only in you. The intention is also in your environment because your environment is putting out signals.

It’s putting out an intention and confirming or actually contradicting the intention that you have in yourself. He explained to me that my environment in my bedroom, which was where my anchor point was, was actually telling a different story than my inner story. I agreed with him. I hated that bedroom. I couldn’t sleep there, and I was very lonely there. I made a choice to go and sleep in the bedroom that belonged to my brothers before. They always had so much fun in that room. They were always laughing and joyful. They had friends and parties. I thought, Wow. That must be a good room. I moved in there, painted it a different color to make it a girlier room, and put other images up. It was quite interesting.

What happened was I started understanding how the environment is affecting what how we’re feeling and how we act in the world. I started seeing that by changing the colors and hanging different images, I attracted a completely different experience. That intention and vibration of my environment was actually sometimes overruling my own intentions, and it did affect me.

TAMMY LAWMAN: What do you think is the effect of leaving out the environment intention from the equation of a successful manifestation?

MARIE DIAMOND: Yesterday I was with a client, and wherever I was walking, in her hallway, bedroom, or living room, there were images of solitary people . They were strong female women. She’s asking for romance. I said, These images. How much time have they been traveling with you? She said, In every home I put them up because I really love them. I said, How long have you not had a relationship? She said, For 22 years. I said, When did you purchase these statues and images? I came into a lot of money about 23 years ago, and I started buying these beautiful images of very powerful and successful painters and creators. I love them. I said, You definitely love them, but your intention has been, ‘I’m a page, which is a strong single woman.’

She said, Yes, I am. I said, Yes, but you want romance. It was really interesting. I had to work with her to still have the images but make sure they were not in her constant view because everywhere she went that was the first thing she saw in every room. The moment you came in, it overpowered the room, so it would overpower her brain energy. Her intention, even if she has something else, overpowers the vibration. I just wanted to share that energy so that you understand that environment has a strong signal of intention. That’s where I really think my purpose is: to share this with people so that they know things are sometimes just not manifesting because they don’t listen to what they have in place in their environment.

You have to understand that everything has an intention. Everything has a power of energy.

We also need to look at our clutter and chaos because if we create chaos around us, then we’re actually putting the intention out that chaos will come to us. We are comfortable with chaos. If you don’t clean up and you leave clutter, then you actually are allowing chaotic people, business, and solutions to come to us. If you create order and organization, you’re telling the universe these are the kinds of things you really want.

You want organized people, business, and solutions to come to you. It always starts not only in you. It also starts around you because your surroundings are actually affecting what’s going on in you. Sometimes it’s really difficult to change something in yourself, but it’s really easy to change things around you. That will actually affect your subconscious mind.

TAMMY LAWMAN: Is transforming your life as easy as changing or adding little things around you?

MARIE DIAMOND: The things I mentioned are an easy start. But people have to understand that there is a science to environmental intention. While you work with your mind, you must also work with what surrounds you, and I’m not just talking about your physical environment but also with the people around you.

Again, there are laws, rules, or principles. Once you know them and you start using them and personalize them, they will work for you the rest of your life. It will always be the same for the rest of your life.

If you want a strong environment that supports your mind’s intention, you have to begin with understanding these things…

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