After years of struggle, Kristen Howe heard about the Law of Attraction. She then asked, What is the secret, really? What she discovered in the back of an old bookstore led her on an adventure to a life she only dreamed of a few short years earlier.

Today, she is a successful actress and entrepreneur, and she is spreading the word about the key to the Law of Attraction.

Ric Thompson: I’m looking forward to today’s call. It should be a lot of fun. As you know, I’m a big fan of the Law of Attraction. It’s a topic that a lot of people have only heard about and haven’t gotten into, or worse; they misunderstand and misapply it. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to work with you on the call and get a lot of people to move forward.

Kristen Howe: Fantastic. That’s why I’m doing this. Let’s get those people moving forward. I love it.

Ric Thompson: In the first place, let’s give them some background. Tell us how you first got into the Universal Law of Attraction.

Kristen Howe: That’s a good place to start. You mentioned the bookstore. We’ll talk about that. This is one of my favorite stories. It was one of the first times that I became aware of it. Let me digress for a second. We’re all using the Law of Attraction every moment of every day, whether we realize it or not. It’s when you become aware of it and how to harness it that it becomes positively powerful in your life.

This was the first time I became aware of synchronicity and the Universal Law of Attraction. Many years ago, probably like most of you, as Ric said, I found myself struggling. I was in a place that I can explain as being absolutely lost. I knew I had a purpose in life. I knew that I was meant to make a significant contribution to the world, but to be blunt, I had no clue what it was.

I had no clue when it was going to begin or how it was going to happen. I was floating around in that phase of my life. I’m also a performer, as you mentioned. At that time, I was doing a show in Wisconsin. A bunch of us took a trip into Madison. We stopped off at the small bookstore that you mentioned. We popped in there to warm up because it was freezing. I was drinking coffee and half-heartedly looking through the books.

I was just there to get warm. Suddenly a book actually fell off the shelf in front of me. I don’t know how else to explain it. It was called, The Message of a Master. I had never heard of this book. I had no idea what it was about. I didn’t even know what section of the bookstore I was in. For some reason, in that moment-and this might sound crazy-but, the only way I can describe is to say that right then and there, the air around me changed.

I knew that I needed this book. For the first time that I can think of in my life, I consciously went with my instinct and bought the book. I was reading the book backstage during the show. I felt this thing inside of me. It was a sense of excitement that started to stir. That was the beginning of my journey with the Universal Law and the Law of Attraction.

I haven’t turned back since. It’s definitely been up and down. I’m finding out how to harness it consistently. It’s great for me that since discovering how to do that, I’ve been able to work with countless people around the world and help them do the same and transform their lives, as well. Long story long, that’s how I got involved with it.

Ric Thompson: That’s certainly not your typical introduction into something. That makes the hair rise up on your arms. That’s very cool. Obviously, from that point to now, if I can be so bold to say, you’re playing the game at a much higher level, being a successful entrepreneur and actress. What are some elements of your life now that you attribute to your work with the Universal Law and the Law of Attraction?

Kristen Howe: This is years later. As I said, I absolutely have had ups and downs. I hear this from people I work with all the time. They say, I feel like I’m doing it. I’m manifesting great things, and then suddenly, I’m down at the bottom again. I think that can be part of it as you’re figuring it out. As with anything, when you’re learning it, you’ll have ups and downs.

When I first started working with this and really broke through, this was the breakthrough moment. It went from, This is so cool, and I was using it for small stuff, to literally changing my life. There was a point when I was living in New York City that I was living off of less than $300 a week walking dogs. I love dogs, but that’s not why I was doing it. It was in the cold. This was not an easy time of life.

There was a time that all I could afford to eat was stale bread and mayonnaise. I like to be clear about that. Sometimes I think the Law of Attractions seems like a magical thing some people got a ticket to, and some people didn’t. I like to make it clear that wherever you are, you can actually flip it around. As you said, I’m now a successful actress on Broadway, film and T.V. I’m an author, businesses owner and life coach.

I’ve achieved financial freedom. I can happily say, and without question, this is because of what I learned in terms of focus and the Law of Attraction and the Universal Law, and how what you are focused on completely and ultimately determines what reality is. All of those things I talk about are what I’ve finally broken through. Every single day, I look at it and say, I am absolutely blessed that this is my life. I would attribute all of that to Universal Law and the Law of Attraction.

Ric Thompson: Just out of curiosity, are there any areas of your life that really stand out for you that you think have really made-and obviously, in a lot of areas in your life it’s made a big difference-but is there anything in particular that stands out for you?

Kristen Howe: It’s when I was making $300 a week walking dogs. I’m not going to make it a big secret. It’s literally as simple as what you focus on is what determines your reality. I finally figured out that meant that my only job was to focus on what I did. Then I went from $300 a week to $5,000 a month. I basically created a position out of thin air, as a motivational speaker.

I went from $300 a week to $5,000 a month within a month. You can flip things around. That’s one of the huge things that stand out in my life. Another is my first huge Broadway contract. We talk about following instinct and intuition. I was in an audition for a completely different show where I stood a good chance of getting it. Come to find out afterwards, I didn’t. It was already cast.

I never walked out of an audition in my life. I walked out of that audition in order to get the audition that ultimately was the gig that launched my career. Things like that shattered my mind and I tuned in and thought, Nothing else is working so I’ll follow whatever this voice is telling me to do. It has worked out. Those are two of the major things that jump out at me.

Ric Thompson: That’s very cool. If moving forward is what we’re focusing on, what do you want us to focus on today?

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