Most people love being in love. Feeling truly passionate about another person, a favorite hobby, a beautiful place, or even an ideal takes us beyond our mundane daily existence and transports us to a realm of happiness where there are endless possibilities. It makes the seemingly impossible not only possible, but an impending reality! If the person you love most was on the top of a mountain, what wouldn’t you do to meet them there? Love gives you the strength and courage to go beyond your comfort zone and accomplish new and amazing things. Why should business be any different? If you truly love your business and the success it brings to your life and the lives of others, what obstacle could you not overcome to make it work? Being passionate and loving what you do can become a very powerful force in your success.

Often when we think of business dealings, we assume that there is a need for a cool head and a cool heart and no place for emotion. After all, what’s love got to do with it? What we must realize is that by taking all of the passion out of our business, we limit our possibilities for wealth, success, creativity, fun, and most importantly, happiness. Why not leverage the greatest of human emotions in your business and in your life?

Let’s explore the definitions of love and how you can make love your business to truly open the doors to unlimited wealth, success and happiness.

Defining Love

When we hear the word love, often the first images that come to mind are of candlelit dinners, roses and romance. While these images are beautiful, they only take into account romantic love. Just as we encourage you to expand your mindset to dream bigger dreams and see new possibilities for wealth and success, we also ask you to expand your concept of love far beyond conventional romantic ideals. In the Japanese language, there are many different words for love; there are distinct words for the love you feel for your parents, your children, your neighbors, your lovers, your friends, your business and even your hobbies. In English, we have only one word for love, and this can limit both our verbal expression of love, as well as our experience of love if we are not being expansive.

Expanding Love Into Your Business

We invite you to expand your definition of love to include the warm feelings you have when you get beyond your sense of separate self or me first. These feelings can come from the joy of selflessly helping another, from giving time or energy to a charitable cause, or from simply sharing a smile.

If you want to be happy in your business, you must

build love into your business plan. This can come from the joy of serving your customers and knowing that your products and services are touching their lives in positive ways. It can come from giving a portion of your business profits to philanthropic causes that touch the lives of many others. It can also come from expressing gratitude to all of the people who selflessly gave to you over the years: your teachers, your coaches, your mentors – those who told you that you could do it, believed in you even when you couldn’t, and helped you to realize the success and happiness you enjoy today. By putting love back into your business, you become filled with the passion and creativity that takes you beyond daily problems into a life of joy and abundance.

We have formed a network of millionaire women who have not only mastered the secrets of success, but practice both philanthropy and love as an integral part of their businesses. They not only enjoy material success, but the happiness and joy of living a life of service to humanity. One of the women in our network, Wendy Robbins, went from broke to multi-millionaire status in just two years when she restructured her life to focus on products that would make other people happy. Now, she is focused on philanthropic projects, such as helping the Arbor Day Foundation plant a million trees. In a recently recorded interview with us, Wendy graciously shares her secrets to rapid success so you too can benefit from her experience and insights. To learn more about this interview go to

Using Your Success to Love YOU

Just as it is important to build philanthropy and love into your business life, it is also important to use your success to celebrate and love yourself more and more. Loving yourself means taking time to nurture your body and spirit, believing in yourself and your dreams, and investing in your self-development, education and thereby your future. It also means lovingly accepting all of your current limitations while working to transform them into a greater capacity to receive the universal abundance that is your birthright. Look at your current business calendar and schedule in a special reward time each week for you to do something that will bring you happiness and joy. By using your business success to express love to yourself, you will greatly expand your potential for even greater success to manifest in all areas of your life.

Making Love Your Life-long Business

We invite you to find more ways to expand love into all of your business endeavors if you want life-long happiness. At, we truly love what we do. We have built philanthropy, passion and service into our business plan, and it has made all the difference. We love to help you achieve more than you ever dreamed possible. We wish you all of the happiness, wealth, success, and love you deserve!

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