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company’s recent merger is on a tidy timetable. Your IT department backs up your
valuable data every Friday at 9. The water cooler guy arrives every Tuesday at
noon. Busy executives know the importance of structure and regularity in
juggling business responsibilities. But should you be so rigid when it comes to
your nutrition and fitness routines and choices?


well-established habits and a consistent routine is great. But it's not healthy
to assume every fitness rule is set in stone. It’s important to be flexible in
your habits. If you want to get fit, lose weight and live a longer, stronger
life then become aware and conscious of the real effects of some of your
nutrition and exercise choices.


the Skinny on These 3 Widely Accepted "Fitness Rules" to Discover Why They May
Not Work for You Anymore


Eat 5 meals throughout the day.
While it's true that eating throughout the
day helps keep your energy up so you can make those important decisions, your
hunger under control, and your metabolism burning, it's important to not eat TOO
much. Quite often your small snacks or mini-meals turn into over-sized portions.
So, even if you are making healthy selections, keep portion sizes in check.
Think of the “handful” portion rule-a handful of nuts, a palm-sized piece of
protein-and you’ll be keeping portions in better perspective.


Stick to an exercise routine.
Consistency might be good for your business,
but variation is better when it comes to your fitness routine. Don’t tie
yourself to the treadmill when you could have fun with an occasional yoga class
or sign up for softball. I guarantee if you don't include variety in your
fitness plan, you will eventually hit a fitness plateau. Although you will
always be getting heart healthy benefits from any form of exercise, your body
may not change unless you mix it up. Not ready to give up your favorite
exercise?  You don't have to! If you like walking or biking, add a few hills. Or
go on a slower, longer jaunt one day and pick up the pace the next. More variety
equals more results!


Plan your meals ahead.
We’ve all had those long days at the office where one
thing leads to the next and suddenly you’re home tired, stressed and starving.
Now you're less than thrilled with the chicken breast and broccoli you know has
been waiting in your fridge. There’s no need to be so rigid with meal planning.
Mapping out meals before you get hungry is smart, but so is including enough
variety to give you several appealing options. Keep your freezer stocked with
healthy protein options like fish and lean beef. Fill your crisper with fresh
fruits and veggies. Allow yourself to go for something tasty and satisfying
within a range of smart and healthy options.


So don't
forget to sometimes question those widely accepted hard-and-fast fitness and
nutrition rules. Think about the real impact your choices have on your health
and energy level. Be flexible in the range of options you create for yourself.
And always remember that losing weight getting into physical shape should be fun
and eating should be a pleasure as well as a health choice.



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