Do you want to live a life of integrity? In order to have integrity you need to know what your values are. Defining your values will lead you to a path of integrity.
Values are the things that influence how we live our lives. Unfortunately, those values may be what was handed down to us through family, friends, society and our environment on a whole. We go through life in a fog, just living the way we were "trained" to live through the influences that was passed down to us.

Most of us go through life just living day to without thought or focus on what we are pursuing. We sometimes wonder why we are unable to be successful at our endeavors. We feel stuck or even feel like we are on a roller coast of life with no chance of an exit. We may have bursts of success here and there, but there are more down time than up time. This leaves us in a state of depression and we are ready to give up except we can't afford to.

The good news is there is hope! We can be unstuck; we can live a successful life and enjoy the journey. Believe it or not, we have all the resources that we ever need at our finger tips, we just need to reach out and grab it. You may say I have heard that before! You may even say I have tried many things and nothing works. I am sure you have, but the challenge is, you have been trying things that were not aligned with your personal values. You cannot succeed without walking the path of your values. Aligning your values with your goals and dreams will propel you to the life of success that you have always yearned for! You would be surprised that just moving one step to wards being aligned with your values will result in a huge improvement in your life.

The reason why success seems to be unreachable is because you are not doing what is of value to you. In other words, you are working a job or you are in a career that is paying the bills but you are unfulfilled because you are just chasing the dollar. In addition, it is not getting you anywhere near your goals and dreams. I have been there, so I know exactly how it works. However, if you are living your values, you will be more fulfilled.

A values driven life will automatically empower you to be successful. You will have a more successful relationship. You are saying how is that possible? Well, once you define your values, then you will know what your relationship values are. In so doing, you will find a partner who has similar values as yourself. Then, you can both work on aligning your individual values as a couple and even define values for the relationship itself. A successful relationship is built on both parties having similar values. Now, I am in a whole new topic that will be given in another article. So you see, once you take a moment to define your values, you will see the right direction to take in your life. You will not hesitate to follow your passion.

Aligning your values with your goals will infuse your life with the needed passion to do, be and create whatever you want. You will no longer settle for less, but will instead walk the path of your values. Your values will be so embedded; you will not think twice to do anything that will go against them. I am sure you have heard that whatever you do, do it with passion or make sure that you have a passion for it. The reason being, without passion, you will not be as successful as you would like because you are not putting your all into it. This takes me back to what I said in the beginning. You have been doing all these things in your life to try to get ahead with no success. Now, we know why, you had no passion for it, zilch.

Picture this, a young kid growing up in a low-income family; he only knows about lack and scarcity. However, that kid loved to read and soon learn that there was another world outside of where he lived. The kid grew up to be a somewhat responsible man. He would try his hand at many different jobs and just about anything. All this was done in his pursuit of trying to be successful and to live a comfortable life. But try as he did, he could never seem to find the right way out of his predicament. Once in a while he got lucky at making some "good money" but that only lasted for what seems like just a minute.

He read personal development books and even became a seminar junkie. He would go to every seminar that he could in hopes of "fixing" himself. To his dismay, he would be right back at square one once the seminar was over. One day he was talking to a friend and the friend invited him to go to seminar entitled "My Values, My Life". He was a bit hesitant after attending so many seminars before. Anyway, he decided to go.

At the seminar he discovered that he was living his life based on what he saw happen in his family. He was working under his family's values of scarcity and lack. He realized that he would never be a success if he continued in this situation. He learned that day that he must define his personal values and live his personal values in order to achieve his dreams.

He took the opportunity that the speaker gave to participate in a free coaching session on defining values. After that he was totally changed, he discovered that his values did not allow him to participate in lack. He was able to align his values with his goals and dreams and found out that he could live his dreams in vibrant colors. He was able to become the successful consultant that he has always dreamed of becoming and living in total abundance. That was only possible because he aligned his values which allowed him to pursue his passion without chasing the dollar in a merry-go-round.

We can now agree that aligning your values with your goals and dreams is one of the most powerful things that you can do to lead you to the road to success. You will not look back. You life will be so on track and on purpose. Everyone will be saying to you "there is something different about, I just cant put a finger on it." You will just smile because you know that your values are aligned with your goals and dreams and you can't help but be successful. You know that your life is empowered with success because you are living a life of integrity and success.