Less than sixteen months ago, I would have laughed if you had told me that I would be doing the things that I have accomplished. You see, that’s when I “met” Ms Janet Attwood, then President of the Enlightened Millionaires program, founded by Robert G Allen and Mark Victor Hansen.

Since that first conversation my life has been truly transformed. I am well on my path toward success I had only dreamed of before, met some extraordinary individuals from all over the world, and had my eyes opened to a much larger world.

What has occurred since that conversation?

  • Wrote “Life’s Magic”, a song –
    • endorsed by Mark Victor Hansen
    • now being considered by a major female vocalist for recording
    • submitted as title song for a future feature film
    • accepted as a funding tool for several charities
  • Performed “Life’s Magic” at the Inaugural National Conference for the Enlightened Millionaire Program in La Jolla, California
  • Ambassador and Speaker for the Enlightened Millionaire Program (Phoenix, AZ)
  • Phoenix was one of the leading cities within this organization, developing a one-day event that benefited a local charity while bring national speakers to our area
  • Introduced Mark Victor Hansen to Mr. Jerry Colangelo, owner of the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Phoenix Suns
  • Have been invited to by an internationally renowned speaker and humanitarian to Europe to perform Life’s Magic and do some presentations
  • Promoting events with and for renowned speakers and trainers
  • Invited to participate in a local organizations brain-storming to expedite the coordination of efforts between government, business, charities and faith-based organizations
  • Have helped initiate marketing niches for the One Minute Millionaire book within two major sporting venues
  • My name in a selling book (The One Minute Millionaire)
  • In the process of collecting stories of successful people, so everyone can know even their dreams are achievable

And when you consider I held a full time position at a major commercial construction firm as senior estimator, it’s been one very full and very fulfilling year.

Prior to meeting Janet or Mark, I could not have dared any of those items on that list. Several years prior I had lost a business during the crash of the 1980’s in Texas after having seen a ten-fold increase after my first year in business. We had filed bankruptcy. I had also gone through a divorce after an eighteen-year marriage. Watched my own children struggle with what I had hoped they would never see. In plain English, I felt and was by many counts a total failure.

What Bob and Mark offered, was the chance to be mentored with them, to join them in success, and to walk beside them in their overall vision of transforming the economic paradigms by which much of the world lives!

So what does my experience mean to you?

First, no matter where you are in life your greatest successes are yet before you. Your history does not control your future. What ever you truly want, you can accomplish. If the dream is big enough, the facts truly don’t matter. It truly all begins in the mind. Robert Allen often told us that the word manifest essentially means to create and make real from thought. Even Einstein said that imagination was more important than knowledge. Our limitations are simply the limits of what we can see for ourselves. Or as Mark Victor Hansen oft says, “The size of the question, determines the size of the answer.” It comes down to how big will you dare?

Next, a team makes the dream work. The day I met Mr. Colangelo and Mark, it was put together by a team. I was in the room with one of the most influential and successful men in Arizona, and had just had lunch with one of the most phenomenal authors and speakers in the world. I had less than twenty dollars in my pocket and less than one hundred in my checking account that day. My initiative made the contact. But my team helped me write the letter and coordinate the actually meeting. In the One Minute Millionaire TEAM means Together Everyone Achieves Miracles.

Finally, know that Life itself is designed for your success. Life is fundamentally abundant. So how do you tap in? Action.

"What ever you can do or believe you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now" – Goethe

It has been amazing watching person after person move toward their success, some with extraordinary pace. But consistently, life shows up for those who dare to live out their dreams. It’s not always easy, but it is consistent, built into the very fabric of life.

So where do you start?


If money were no object or concern, what would you do? How would your life be different? If you were to project how you are living now and your current plans out 5 years, would you truly be content, truly happy with the results at that time? If not, now is the time to change your thinking, your vision for your self, and move toward your best dreams.

As the man who conquered Mount Everest, Sir Edmund Hillary said, “you don’t have to be some fantastic hero to do certain things. You can be just an ordinary chap, sufficiently motivated to reach challenging goals.”

The full story of the song “Life’s Magic” may be found at www.lifesmagic.com. You are invited to benefit in the accomplishment of the outlandish goal of giving away millions of CD’s (and dollars) to the children of organizations like Challenge Day, Be the Star You Are, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Make-a-Wish, Boys and Girls Clubs. The Life’s Magic affiliate program is designed to give you a passive income while we together create a miracle of encouragement and inspiration for these kids. From there, we’ll reach beneficiaries and survivors of breast cancer, AIDS and other diseases.

  • You will learn the mindset the ultra successful have
  • You’ll learn the principles of the masters
  • You’ll get connected- you’ll be introduced you to extraordinary people who’ll catapult your aspirations into reality
  • You’ll develop another income stream while benefiting some great organizations
  • You’ll learn the power of masterminding, team builiding…more

Even the Eagles learn to fly from the cliffs
They unfold their wings and soar on the winds
If you want to live like never before
Dare your dreams in your doing, Life’s Magic is yours. From “Life’s Magic”

Songwriter, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur. William Homeier brings compassion, conviction, integrity, inspiration and encouragement forged in experience of both failure and success, that connects with individuals of all walks of life. His song “Life’s Magic” is endorsed by “Chicken Soup for the Soul” co-creator Mark Victor Hansen.