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Too much to do?

There has been much written on this subject. Many of us have found it is all too easy to wake up and discover that we have too much to do with too little time to get it all done.  Unfortunately, a lack of clarity about what to do next will further compound the problem.

Try a different view!

Often when faced with a problem, looking at it from a different angle can provide some clues to solving it. Looked at a different way, the problem of overwhelm is often one of “time management”.

Tried and True.

One of the world’s simplest and best time management systems was developed by Andrew Carnegie, America’s first “billionaire.” It has been in use for nearly a hundred years now. This simple concept has proven to be one of the best ideas on the subject of time management that I have ever seen.

Poverty to Prosperity

At the turn of the last century, Andrew Carnegie was by far one of the wealthiest and wisest men in the world. He was born into a poor family, but he had a strong work ethic and a burning desire to succeed.

Knowledge is Power

While he did not begin his formal schooling until age 8, he quickly realized the value of continuing education. Carnegie was always seeking out new information, new tools, new methods and putting them to good use.

Know very clearly what you want

Carnegie published an article entitled “Wealth”. In it, he wrote about his philosophy and goals for his life. His goal for the first part of his life was the gathering and the accumulation of wealth – to become extraordinarily successful.  

Do unto others

As his success grew, so did his desire to give back to his community. Carnegie set a goal that in the second part of his life, he would give all that money to charitable causes. He wrote “especially those connected with education and improvement of the poorer classes.”

Tempus Fugit

There is a story that one day Mr. Carnegie began to focus on the subject of “time” and what a significant impact it had on everyone’s work, everyone’s family, everyone’s life and, in short, the huge impact this subject had on the entire world.

MasterMind for Success

Carnegie believed that being a member of a MasterMind group was essential for success. A man named Charles M. Schwab worked for him and Carnegie claimed he was one of the smartest men he had ever known. They frequently brainstormed together to become even more successful. Each credited much of their success to the power of the MasterMind sessions they developed in the steel industry.

Keep it Short and Simple

Mr. Carnegie asked Mr. Schwab to turn his attention to the subject of “time”. Carnegie wanted to help his people get more done in a day. Their goal was improvement of their world, financial and otherwise. They wanted to figure out a simple system that could be used by anyone who chose to.

The “Big 6”

Here is the system Mr. Schwab designed:
(which some have called the “Big 6”)

1. Make a list, before the start of each day,
   of the things that need to be accomplished.

2. Identify your “Big 6” and put a star (*) by them.
   Commit to accomplishing the top six that are
   CURRENTLY most important to your goals .

3. Begin work on the one that is most important.
   Continue working until that task is completed
   (or something else became more important).

Action and Accomplishment

When Mr. Schwab submitted his report, he said: “Mr. Carnegie, this method will not guarantee that someone will accomplish each of their “Big 6” items. Rest assured that there is no system currently known to mankind, whereby anyone can accomplish more of their highly significant things.”

Wake up Energized

Many have found even greater benefit to writing the list right before they go to bed. There really is extra power developed by “sleeping on it”. You can wake up energized and ready to jump right in to your day’s activities.

Healthy Habits

Remember, it takes 21 days to develop a new idea into a habit. This simple three step solution is an investment you are making in your future. It takes only a very few minutes to implement and the rewards will be marvelous as you complete your “Big 6” every day!

1. Write your list
2. Prioritize your “Big 6”
3. Take Action !

Feel free to share this article with your family, friends and those on your team because when they incorporate these time management ideas, everybody will benefit.

About the Author

John Carpenter Dealey started his first business at age nine, joined his first MasterMind group in 1972, and became a “self-made millionaire” by the age of 27. If you would like to learn how to apply these powerful principles in your own life, sign up for a free subscription to MasterMind Tips ezine at: http://www.dr-mastermind.com/

John is dedicated to helping people solve problems, recognize (and take full advantage of) marvelous opportunities available to them and helping people reach their dreams and goals with “ease and grace.” Visit his website at: http://dr-mastermind.com/home.php


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