“Hey Honey, come look. There is a huge bird in the tree that I
have never seen before!” I pointed out the window to what looked
like a beautiful mahogany colored bird, bigger than the red
tailed hawk that often sits in the trees behind our house.

Del studied the bird for a moment through the binoculars before
he said, ” Wow you are right that is the most amazing bird I
ever saw.” The caution light went off. Del was way too excited;
he had to be teasing. I looked through the binoculars and
discovered the truth. What had looked like an exotic and
beautiful bird-on closer observation-turned out to be…leaves!


A few weeks later I was sitting on the living room couch,
working on my laptop, and casually glanced up at the TV just in
time to see beautiful birds swimming-in the ocean? I was
delighted to discover that the show was about penguins, which in
their native habitat of water fly like the birds they are.
Captured by their image I watched the rest of the show and
learned that all penguins live south of the equator; many in
very warm habitats. I had always thought that penguins lived
only in the cold at the North Pole.

Once again, on closer observation, something I believed-
and in the penguins’ case accepted as true for my entire life-
turned out to be false.

Almost everything we accept as truth is as much of an illusion
and as untrue as what I believed about the bird in the tree and
the birds of the sea. Yet we base our entire lives on what we
look at from far away, and what we accept as truth without
finding out for ourselves.

These perceptions produce our day-to-day reality. We act, talk,
think, and plan our lives as if our perceptions are real
instead of looking closely for Truth and living from that

One of the most limiting perceptions we all have is that there is not enough-of anything. Yet all around us-if we
observe closely and with an open mind-there is proof to the

For example: let’s look closely at a tree-one of my very
favorite symbols of true supply. Imagine with me a tree as it
grows its first leaf. Do you think it worries that this is the
only leaf it will grow? Is it afraid when its leaves start to
fall off, or when someone harvests its fruits? Although we may
not hear the tree’s “thoughts” we can easily imagine that the
tree never feels lack or fear. Instead it “knows” its supply is
not the leaf, the fruit, or the flower. It is what they are,
their essence-symbolized as sap-that produces the outward
symbol of supply.

What makes it even more glorious is that those outward symbols
bless so many other living things through their shade, their
food, their beauty, and the purification of the air.

Trees don’t work for their supply. They don’t need to go to the
bank to borrow money to replace their leaf supply or feed
themselves. By being what they are they are cared for.
Why would it be any less for us? Would not God be caring for us
as diligently and lovingly as It does for all other expressions
of Itself?

It is our common agreed upon belief and perception that there
is not enough that produces the illusion of lack. It does not
matter how many people believe that lack is a reality or how
long they have believed it. It is still an illusion and it will
vanish as easily as a bird turned into a leaf when observed
through the understanding of Truth
. The proof is always
present; we just have to be willing to see it.

With an unlimited Spiritual Perception, looking closely through
God’s binoculars and with an open desire to know the Truth-the
illusions of lack will appear to be as leaves in a tree-
unlimited. The next time we worry about spending a leaf, or
harvesting our fruit, we would do well to imagine we are a tree
and know that the supply within is God Itself.


Beca (Lee) Lewis is the Author of Living in Grace: The Shift to Spiritual Perception


Click here to visit www.theshift.com for more free information on spiritual perception.

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