Much is said and written about the characteristics of Leadership. Clearly, the effective leader possesses both skill and talent and these ingredients are wrapped in personality traits and characteristics. Some leadership styles work in certain conditions and not in others. One of the Key Ingredients to effective leadership is the consistent focus on talented employees.

One of our core principles for managers and executives is that they Plan well, Delegate effectively and manage the execution of work through others. Taken together and performed well, they can result in effective leadership. The engine that drives these principles is the PEOPLE in the business unit. In the fast paced, performance drive world of business, the People Factor I more important than ever. With high unemployment and limited job opportunities it certainly is a buyer’s market for talent.

There are three considerations for leadership in managing the People-Factor.

  1. Elevate Only the Best – Nothing sends a message to the business team as clearly as who gets promoted. If any criteria, other than who are best for the position, is used, the fiber and culture of the business unit is weakened. Aspiring employees will see those promoted ahead of them as THE role model for success and advancement in the organization. Understand this…people know! They know if the person being promoted is not the most qualified or if politics, favoritism or anything less than the best person for the job underlies the promotion.
  2. Communicating Expectations – When a person is promoted to a position of authority and responsibility, the manager makes the expectations crystal clear. They leave nothing to chance. Even if the position being filled is known to all, the manager re-states the expectations. They let every member of the team know what is expected of this position, why the promoted person was chosen and clearly describes the manager’s confidence in this person’s ability. The manager is careful to define the limits and breadth of the promoted person’s authority and control.
  3. Commitment To Developing Talent – Organizations and leaders who consistently work to develop their people infuse the organization with bench-strength and a positive environment. Where people have been trained and developed, the best people rise to the occasion. When they are promoted, it is clear to everyone that they have acquired and implemented the skills and knowhow for the job. People feel energized by improving and adding new knowledge and ability to their talents. The organization has a team better prepared for the challenges that may come. Execution of important work assignments is supported by the hoarse-power of a well developed business unit. Technical abilities and technology know-how enriched through training and development give rise to a high-powered business unit.

Leadership is about many things. It is most certainly about the People orientation. The organization with the best people, executing the best plans with work delegated effectively and managed for speed and quality of execution will be the ultimate winners. Managers need to take a close look at their people orientation. Not just lip service but real focused organizational commitment to building the best people. Get the right people on your business bus, consistently develop the best people and get the wrong people off your business bus…management and leadership depend on this more than ever.

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