The Law of Attraction states
that you can have, be, and do whatever you want in life as soon as you master
the science of getting rich. As we all live within one connected Universal
Energy Field, we can achieve anything we want by aligning ourselves in harmony
with Infinite Power.


Here's how.


4 Action Steps You Must Take to Achieve
Financial Success


1. Activate Your Creative
Mind, not Competitive Mind:


We typically think
competitively. We fill our minds with ideas such as "How can I do better than my
competitors?" Or we think, "How can I help my company increase its market


This scarcity mentality
manifests to a zero-sum game. One gains, the other loses.


To come into harmony with
the Universe, you need to become a Creator, not a Competitor. When creators
advance, everyone also advances.



2. Knock Down All Hurdles
to Building Your Own Business by Selling Large Companies Products on the


Before the Internet, a
traditional retail business demanded:


Ample capital and cash flow

An excellent business plan

Experienced management team members

Reliable suppliers

Efficient inventory and operations
management systems

Store rentals

Hiring and training of sales


At the end of the month, you
would pray your revenues would be higher than your operating costs. The problem
for the majority of us is that we lack the necessary startup capital, cash flow,
management experience, and connections to start our own business.


Now, thanks to the Internet
you can sell large companies' products on the Internet and eliminate all
obstacles. And, these larger companies benefit by cutting their overhead costs.


That's exactly why
many large companies, such as Amazon and Dell are looking to increase their
sales force by welcoming affiliates just like you to sell their products online.
You are awarded commissions in return.


This way, you don't have to


  • Manufacturing costs
  • Inventory costs
  • Store Rental costs
  • Shipping costs
  • Staffing costs



3.  Choose
Well-Established Companies that Offer High-Commission Plans:


While you may like to sell
products affiliated with renowned companies such as Amazon and Dell, you may not
be very attracted to their low single-digit percentage commission plan. So
choose wisely! You don't want to pick a saturated market.


I recommend an affiliate
program like Bob Proctor and Jack Canfields' "The Science of Getting Rich"
seminar program, where you can get 25% commission fees equaling US$500 per sale!



4. Choose a Lifetime or
2-Tier Affiliate Compensation Package:


Not only do you want to
choose a high-commission affiliate program to promote its products and services,
but you also want to choose one that offers continual residual income or a
2-tier affiliate compensation plan. This is the most important step as one-time
run-offs are ok, but you cannot become insanely rich
this way


For illustrative purpose,
let's use the "Science of Getting Rich (SGR)" Seminar Affiliate Program to show
you how a 2-tier affiliate program works:


You will earn US$500
for anyone who purchases the SGR program through your website. When someone buys
from you, they also have the option of becoming an Affiliate Member. They are
called your Tier 1 Affiliates. When someone purchases through your Tier 1
Affiliate, you will receive an additional US$250. They are called your Tier 2


With the above compensation
plan, you can earn one million dollars if you sell, the SGR program for example
to only 5 Affiliates each month for a year, and each of these 5 Affiliates sell
to 6 other Affiliates (Tier 2) each month for a year.


The beauty of these
affiliate type programs is that you are creating steady income even if you
decide to stop selling the product to anyone. Your 1st Tier
Affiliates will continue to generate recurring income for you.  


By leveraging the power of
your affiliate network, you will turn your monthly income into annual income.




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