Karim Hajee is the founder of Creating Power which has helped over 100-thousand people worldwide achieve their goals and live fuller, more meaningful lives. An award-winning television and newspaper journalist, he is one of the first South Asian journalists who was able to break into the US newsroom.

TAMMY LAWMAN: Ladies and gentlemen I am so thrilled to be with one of the celebrated experts in the Law of Attraction, Karim Hajee. Good evening Karim. Tell us, why do you think people are having a hard time following the concept of creating wealth, influence and power.

KARIM HAJEE: Thank you Tammy. The truth is the concept, though it’s a really ancient one, is quite difficult to grasp. It’s not a walk in the park. It’s not going to be the easiest thing you’re going to do. It’s kind of like being right-handed all your life and now starting to write with your left hand. People, specially the older ones, have a lot of preconceived notions. They have a set of beliefs and mindsets that they have been carrying with them all their lives.

And it’s not easy to change those negative thinking patterns.

It’s not going to be easy, but it is possible. If you train yourself enough, you can do it. Anything is possible.

TAMMY LAWMAN: I like that you say anything is possible. What kind of thinking does one need to have to begin the process?

KARIM HAJEE: The only frame of mind that you need to be in is you need to want to make the change. You have to be at that point where you say, I’ve made these changes. They didn’t work. Now I really need to make some dramatic changes. I’m tired of the way life is. I need to make some changes. I need to move forward and start achieving my goals. I need to live this life to the best possible. Where I am right now just is not getting me there anymore.

But as I’ve said, being at this stage where you have experienced things, and have trained yourself to think a certain way, changing your thought patterns will be challenging. The older you are, the more engrained those negative thoughts, and the longer the process might be. But the good news is that you’ll see changes happening along the way, and we want to work with you so that you encourage yourself to continue, progress, and make those changes. That’s why I created Creating Power.

TAMMY LAWMAN: It’s indeed a very simple logic to follow Karim. But before we dig deeper into the process of Creating Power, would you mind telling us how you discovered it? And how were you able to use it in your life?

KARIM HAJEE: I’m going to share with you a personal story. I didn’t grow up in a rich household. I was born in East Africa. We immigrated to Canada and I went to school in Toronto.

I had a passion for radio. I always used to love taking apart radios and figuring out what was going on. I didn’t realize at this time that I was setting this intention, but at the same time, my mother would always take me along with her trips to the bank and all this stuff. I was kind of like my mother’s sidekick.

My mother would always take me to the bank whenever she went, and I was curious. Do you remember those withdrawal slips you’d get? I think some banks still have them. You’d fill out a withdrawal slip. I’d take a pile of them home. I’d make believe they were checks, and I’d write my own name on them and put $40,000 or $1 million.

Fast forward, I was already in the university, and I was walking in the hallways. I saw a sign saying, Help wanted. University radio station needs help. I went and said, I love radio, so I’d love to help out. To make a long story short, I ended up being the program director for that station.

Then, a couple of other friends and I decided to apply for an FM license. We built a radio station, Tammy. We put up an FM antenna.

That radio station is still going today, and that was over 20 years ago. Then from being a program director I got into news. I started up the news department, and I got into sports and all that.

That’s when I decided I wanted to be a journalist. A friend of mine at the time said, If you really want to be a journalist, you have some good experience, but I would suggest you go to grad school and get some more experience. I would suggest you go to grad school in New York.

I just happen to have a cousin in New York. I went down to visit my cousin in New York, and I was thinking about going to Columbia at that time because it had a really good journalism program as well. He said, I think you should take a look at NYU. You might like it. I was kind of set on going to Columbia. I went to Columbia, and I didn’t have a good experience there.

I went down to NYU, and I fell in love with that university. I fell in love with the program. It just seemed more progressive for me and for what I wanted to do. I applied to a bunch of universities. I got accepted to every one, but I was waiting for NYU. It still hadn’t come. My intention was there all along. Finally, I was driving my mom somewhere, and she said, This envelope came for you.

I looked and said, I think that’s the answer. She said, Do you want me to open it? I said, You might as well. I got accepted, but I didn’t have any money to go to school. It was very expensive to go there, plus I had to get housing. We put the first semester on credit card. I came back, and I had this big credit card bill that I had to pay off, but I didn’t even have a job. I called up that same friend of mine who suggested I go to New York.

He’d just gotten a job at CBC Radio here in Toronto. He told me, I think there’s an internship program coming up. You might want to talk to my boss. He put me through to his boss. I talked to his boss. He said, Why don’t you come down and fill out the application? I went down and filled out the application, and at the same time I applied to another TV station. The other TV station decided to hire me per diem on a part-time basis where they’d call me as they needed me.

Nothing happened with the internship. Finally, I decided to take the other job. Just as I was getting ready to go to work, my friend’s boss called me up. I still had toothpaste in my mouth at this time. Nobody was home, and I picked up the phone. I remember this very clearly. He said, We got the money for the internship and would like to bring you on board. It doesn’t pay a whole lot, but we think you’d be a great fit. Then the CBC decided to hire me practically every week. It really turned out to be a win-win situation. As I focused on this more, I got recruited to be a reporter. One thing led to another, and I ended up in New York. This was the kind of intention that was set in motion a long time ago when I started to focus on playing with radios, learning about radios, and pursuing a career in journalism. Now back to that withdrawal slip checking writing bit I was telling you about. Guess who writes my checks now. I do, and I sign them. It’s funny how things happen. It’s amazing how the intention process starts once you get it going, focus on it, let go, and forget about it. It starts to play out. It wasn’t until very recently that I realized, Wait a minute. I’m writing those checks now.

TAMMY LAWMAN: Really amazing story Karim! Everything, your love for radio, the checks, they all just all came together, because you believed in them. Now, tell me. Your Creating Power program has been around for 20 years. You have built a solid structure to help other people achieve the same success you have.

KARIM HAJEE: With our Creating Wealth program, we’ve had tremendous success where people have applied that course and been able to get the success they wanted. They first work with Creating Power. Those who have had tremendous success work with the Creating Power course on a regular basis.

It’s a combination of different techniques. And the trick is to be able to work with these different techniques to get the best results. I’m going to discuss first the major techniques that have worked so well with my clients. First we have the ….

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