Dr. John Jay Harper is a clinical hypnotherapist, futurist, medical research scientist, public-speaker and writer with the non-profit corporation American Delphi Academy.

His most recent book, Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century, is the true story of John’s experience with telepathic communication, which forced him to seek scientific answers to spiritual questions. He embarked on a spiritual quest of reflection and research, which has resulted in an astounding array of facts that lend credence to his seminal vision for the rediscovered myths of long-gone but not forgotten civilizations such as the Mayans and Egyptians.

John has built on a solid academic foundation that spans many disciplines: anthropology, archaeology, astronomy, astrology, physics, psychology, biology, history, mathematics, and medicine. Today he is a radio/TV talk show guest in Canada, USA, and the UK, speaking to our worldwide changes in climate, culture, and consciousness, as well as sharing his visions of future world events to prepare us all for era-2012.

JOHN HARPER: Thank you, Ric. I’m glad to be with you and your audience.

RIC THOMPSON: Thank you for taking the time. We have a lot of stuff going on here. I guess, John, the best place to get started would be to give us some background. Where did you get started on researching the 2012 phenomenon?

JOHN HARPER: Yes, it was quite a traumatic event, actually, that got me into the 2012 lifecycle of information. Up until June of 1988, I had spent about 20 years as a very traditional left-brain electronics engineer in computer science with the US Department of Defense working on very classified programs, including the Trident Nuclear Submarine Program, various missile programs, and space defense command at the US Army at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama.

The reason I bring that facility up in particular is because I had a very good colleague who had been with me for a number of years. He and I had served in the US Army together in Germany and at other missile command facilities in Alabama. My friend was a very brilliant optic-physicist. His name was George Viguet. He was a native Cajun. He was from Plackman, Louisiana.

He and I met in the Army in 1969 in Huntsville, Alabama. The tragic aspect, the traumatic aspect, of this was that my friend, George, died suddenly in November 1987 of a massive heart attack at age 40. It was very sudden. He was not able to be revived. Of course, that put his wife, two children, friends, family and colleagues in a deep state of shock to lose this brilliant, kind, gentle man so quickly at such a young age.

That started a process that I look back on in hindsight and realize it was a relationship that would go on beyond the grave. What I mean by that, Ric, is that I asked for a transfer from the US Army facilities in Alabama to my hometown area of Seattle, Washington to get away from the grief and to start a new chapter without my friend, George.

He had been part of our family-my wife, Connie, and I and our three children-since the beginning of our relationships. We both were married in Huntsville, Alabama, and like I said, went to Europe together and served in the army. We were now at a US Navy facility on the west coast. I was getting on with my life. It was six months later after his death that things started percolating and going pretty well for me.

I was starting to clear some of that grief trauma out of my system when, lo and behold, one June morning in 1988 at about 4:00 in the morning, my friend George decided to appear suddenly at the foot of my bed. Initially, being a left-brained scientist, I thought I was having a dream, a very lucid dream, but nevertheless an altered state of mind like a dream state.

As I cleared my mind and tried to shake this vision at the foot of my bed from my mind, it became stronger and began to shimmer. It was a clear holographic image of my friend, George. He looked at me and we made eye contact, and he smiled. It shook my belief system to the ground. I was traumatized by this experience; I was elated by this experience.

I had the full range of emotions that one goes through when they see, I assume, the dead come back to life. We see this in the media today but remember, this was 20 years ago. There was no “Ghost Whisperer” whispering to anybody around me. There was nobody I knew who could share in this experience with me. What I did, Ric, was I went to the International Association of Near-Death Studies Chapter, one of the largest in Seattle, Washington, and began to attend their meetings.

I started listening to stories of the dead, about the near-death experience, and those who had died, and I became introduced to many, many wonderful people who later went on to publish books, such as Betty Eadie, Kimberly Clark Sharp and others. From that I met people like Dannion Brinkley and Mellen-Thomas Benedict and others who I give the credit for spending the time and the hours with me trying to help me piece the puzzle together for myself.

This was now being called an ADC, or an ‘after death communication’. Really quickly, that’s what got me into this entire process of paranormal phenomenon and making the bridge from physics to metaphysics.

RIC THOMPSON: What’s the connection here, specifically, with 2012?

JOHN HARPER: Initially, I didn’t think it had anything to do with anything other than a misperception on my part, but as I began to study the near-death experience I was led into quantum physics, and quantum physics led into all kinds of interesting branches and parallels into the psychic realm, into the realm of the shaman, and the idea of walking between worlds.

That led me into looking at cultures such as Egypt. That led me into the Mayan culture. From the Mayan I found the 2012 calendar, the work of John Major Jenkins, for example, in the early years; and then others like Dr. Calleman, Daniel Pinchbeck and others. Geoff Stray in England comes to mind. Then there’s Lawrence Joseph and so on and so forth. I hope you get a chance to speak with them, as well.

RIC THOMPSON: It sounds like you’ve done a very broad-based look at 2012. We’ve had some experts who have come at this straight from the Mayan perspective and then branched out from there. You’ve actually, it sounds like, taken this from a very broad-based approach and then narrowed it down to where 2012 becomes a focal point.

JOHN HARPER: Yes, it does become a focal point. It becomes a focal point through the mind’s eye, the third eye, or the pineal gland. This was very shocking to me to understand there was a physical, chemical and biological relationship to the 2012 era. What I mean specifically is that I realized what had happened to me when I saw my deceased colleague, George Viguet, was that my mind’s eye had opened in real time. In other words, I just didn’t close my eyes and then see him in a dream state.

I had my eyes wide open, and I was looking at the energy signature of my friend in the zero-point field itself. In other words, we’re enmeshed in the vacuum of space right now. Of course, we think of the earth spinning around on its axis in the vacuum of space. However, literally within our mind’s eyes, within the bio-chemistry, we’re actually able to synchronize our brain hemispheres through the third eye, the pineal gland, and actually bring the outside of us inside and the inside of us outside. That’s why I say in 2012 we’re going into the farthest reaches of inner-space.

RIC THOMPSON: “Why?” I guess, is the question. What’s so special about 2012? What happens in 2012?

JOHN HARPER: Twenty-twelve to me is a focal date. December 21, 2012 officially, of course, is controversial because there are ways of interpreting the calendar. Dr. Calleman does not agree with John Major Jenkins, for example, so there are some esoteric, but probably some very real, mechanical reasons, scientific reasons, to doubt the veracity that anything will happen on December 21, 2012. I can say this: we’re in that process right now wherein the energy is shifting dramatically every day.

Literally, we are connecting as we share information, for example, with your audience on this program, we are linking the cosmic puzzle back together again through the 2012 meme. When I say ‘meme’ I mean the idea that’s infecting our genes literally, and we are ‘tranceforming’ in the trance-state of consciousness. We’re bringing the dream into a lucid state; that would be another way of saying what I’m trying to convey.

RIC THOMPSON: If I can rephrase that to make sure I understand, what you’re talking about is an on-going process. We haven’t talked about when this process started, but the process basically culminates in 2012.

JOHN HARPER: Yes. I would say it would reach a critical threshold that anybody who has any access to the information that you and I are sharing in this program today will be well aware that they are not what they were even a year ago. In other words, it’s a spiral, and we’re spiraling toward the center point. That center point of time and space converges on or about December 21, 2012.

I would say that’s the critical threshold of consciousness. Regardless of what’s going on outside of us, be that chaotic or even a new order of wonder, we have really done is gone down Alice In Wonderland’s rabbit hole and we’ve landed in the presence of the Wizard of Oz.

RIC THOMPSON: Just for argument’s sake, let’s say it’s December 21, 2012. Granted, there are arguments on many different sides as to what the actual date is and what it signifies. However, just assuming that’s the end date, December 21, 2012, what does that mean for me personally, or for one of the listeners personally, as we approach that date? What’s going to happen to us?

JOHN HARPER: I would say that we’ve all become sensitized to a phenomenon of physics and metaphysics where the outside of us and the inside of us are becoming unified into a whole perspective of reality. For example, I would think by that date in 2012 it will be very clear that we are no longer alone in the galaxy, and that will be confirmed by NASA, and by all government agencies, that we have been in contact with extra-terrestrials, and that the UFO phenomenon will be understood as an organic living process of consciousness.

We can talk about that if we want. We’ll also know that our future will include such things as artificial intelligence and robotics; that cold fusion will by then become a very real physical, theoretical reality; and that we will understand zero-point technologies. Again, we’re looking at an opening, you might say, of our mind’s eye to the wonders of which we are an integral part. We will then become active, conscious participants in this universe at a level never before seen in world history.

RIC THOMPSON: Fantastic. You started off, John, by saying there are going to be personal changes inside of us. Now you’re talking about this extending way beyond us to societal-level changes.

JOHN HARPER: Yes. In fact, the model, Ric, that I finally understood was an organic model based on the Fibonacci Spiral-and people can Google ‘Fibonacci’ and come up with some wonderful diagrams that will show you that all sacred architecture, all sacred music, and all sacred art is all based on the spiral. We have good colleagues like Gregg Braden talking to us about Fractal Time in his new book, or my good biological colleague, Dr. Bruce Lipton. His new work will be called Fractal Evolution.

We’re getting to the heart of this spiral aspect. If we look in the night sky through a very clear lens with NASA technology, we’ll see that there are 200 billion-plus stars in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. That center point of light is what we’re talking about aligning with in a resonant relationship. In other words, we don’t have to get closer to it. We don’t even have to be aligned even to the center point of it.

All we do is tune to it now in the 2012 timeframe. That information stream will now become accessible to us. The other idea about a spiral is if you were to walk around a mountain to get to the top in a spiral configuration. Let’s say all of us started in a line at the bottom of a very big mountain such as Mt. Everest. We began to spiral to the top. We can see that each one of us would have a different perspective of the 2012 idea.

As we turn the corner, however, we would get a larger and more comprehensive picture of what’s going on below us and up above us; and as we spiral to the top of this 2012 logarithm, we would then arrive at the same point in time and space, look down and say, “Oh, now I get it.”

RIC THOMPSON: That’s very cool. We’re talking about a lot of energies impacting us on an individual basis, which then cascades out to societal or even planetary changes. So far, this seems to be all mental and emotional. Are there any physical aspects to this, as well?

JOHN HARPER: Yes, absolutely. First things first in terms of when we can reach this critical threshold of cosmic consciousness. We’re clearing the debris of the past out right now. It is about emotional freedom. It is about psychological cleansing. As I’ve said in not too reverent terms before to audiences, this is all about getting our head out of our past.

When we do get clear, as we say, and we start to run this higher level of energy through us, through the chakra system-through the endocrine glands, if you prefer-then we will see that that was the road that had to be cleared of the debris of all the dead bodies in the past: all our past-life experiences individually and collectively, all of the societal guilt, shame, and fear instilled by religion. Even science itself in conflict with the creation idea has added to a certain strain on society.

I think Dr. Calleman probably does the best job of understanding that. He knows that, for example, we’re headed to a very stressful transformation period where the economy collapses, and yet it doesn’t. It transforms at the end, because in chaos theory nothing ever collapses. It always goes into a new order. We’re looking at the ‘Butterfly Effect’, as I call it, where the butterfly flaps its wings in the Sea of Japan and a tornado touches down in Topeka, Kansas.

A little bifurcation, a little disturbance, in the force field can have tremendous impact. That’s another meme, or idea, of 2012: that by reaching critical mass of consciousness on or about December 21, 2012, we will see that collectively we can shift the entire planet with no more than our intention, with our willpower and our observer effect, or what would be called attention.

We’re looking at something so powerful that we have to clear all the debris out of our way; otherwise we’d create more chaos. That would then amplify to a point that then the apocalyptic ideas would manifest. However, I see us getting through this threshold of consciousness. It’s kind of like breaking the sound barrier. Now we’re going to break the mind barrier.

RIC THOMPSON: What I hear you saying-and correct me if I’m putting the wrong words in your mouth here-is that Utopia is possible, but there was a tone there that this could be either/or.

JOHN HARPER: It absolutely is walking a tight rope, because as long as you have systems in place that are no longer or never have served the whole organism-in other words, they were like selfish genes or cancer in the global organism-then you’re going to have illness and toxicity at the same time the organism tries to become alive, vibrant and renewed.

For example, we have pandemic ideas now surfacing in the collective consciousness about swine flu and other mutations of the flu. This idea is more than simply something we have to get through. It will be with us a long time because the organism itself is changing. The human body chemistry, the electrical dynamics of all those relationships at the cellular level, are now transforming so quickly because new information is being processed through them that our DNA is actually trying to expand.

It’s a double helix coil. Think of it like the coil or shock absorbers in your car. It’s trying to take the speed-bump effect out of the 2012 phenomenon, but we must open up. That’s where love comes into this picture; we can’t serve two masters anymore. We can’t serve fear and contract the coil of DNA and love and expand it at the same time. This is the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton.

The genius of Dr. Lipton is when he looked, in the laboratory, into his Petri dish he would take a cell and isolate it. Then he added a toxic substance, and he realized that you cannot have fear and growth postures at the cellular level at the same time. That’s the same idea that I’m talking about. The DNA is the shock absorber. We’re clearing our chakras, all the endocrine gland systems, at the base of the spine all the way to the top of the brain.

This is the Tree of Life in a metaphysical sense. In the ancient traditions it is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden; this is what we’re talking about at a metaphorical level. The Kundalini, or the coiled serpent energy, at the bottom of the spine, which is tied literally with the sex glands and reproduction issues, is all going to come into play, too.

All of this impacts our physiology. Consciousness and physiology are the same. Matter and mind in quantum physics now converge at the zero-point. The zero-point is the vacuum of space, what we would call now ‘cosmic consciousness’.

RIC THOMPSON: Let me throw something pretty blunt at you, John. It makes sense that you can’t serve the two masters. As you said, you have fear and you have love. Pick one; let’s take a dark path. As people explore 2012, let’s face it, there are a lot of negative connotations there. You have, of course, Hollywood and their 2012 movie, an end-of-the-world type picture. Like it or not, this brings a lot of fear into the picture. What kind of impact does that have?

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