Jerry DRhino Clark is a peak performance coach, entrepreneur, author, educator and professional trainer who started making millions in his 20s and now conducts personal and professional development seminars worldwide through his company, Club Rhino. Author of Magic of Colors, Creating Magic and The Magic of Influence, and creator of the series Standing on the Shoulder of Giants, he has taught many people peak performance strategies, effective communication and increasing productivity and profitability in direct sales and marketing.

TAMMY LAWMAN: The first question I have for you is the DRhino part of your name. Why do you call yourself that?

JERRY CLARK: That’s an interesting story. A number of years ago, I got started in the entrepreneurial world through direct sales. I was still a teenager. As I got started in the business, I started to go out there and develop my business and my organization. I started to communicate with people and develop a sales team. I started to realize something fascinating.

These people were going through life wanting to create something of significance for themselves and their families, and they had the opportunity with what we were doing. There were people in our organization who were generating $20,000, $50,000, $100,000, or more a month in income. These were people who didn’t have the formal education you were supposed to have. They didn’t have the business background.

They didn’t have a great family that they came from. They had none of the stuff we’ve been taught we’re supposed to have. They were doing it in record time-two years, five years, seven years-and generating these fantastic results. I started noticing that people would come in the business and give it a go for a little while, but then they were quitting. I was wondering, Why are these people quitting? They didn’t get their dreams and goals that they came in here for. What’s going on?

As I took a closer look, I started to notice something. One of the big things I noticed is that if you’re going to get started in this business, focus on anything that has to do with you being able to go out and trade time for results and not for dollars. We’re used to learning how to trade time for dollars. You go out there, put in some time, and get some dollars back. In the entrepreneur world, you go out there and put some time in, but you might not even get any dollars back if you’re not able to produce results.

I started noticing that if you’re going to make it through this entrepreneurial jungle and to your very own land of paradise where you can do what you want when you want with who you want, then you have to develop the skin of a rhino. A rhino will allow you to continue to charge through the jungle as you encounter all of the hardships you may encounter along the way, such as people telling you, You’re crazy. Get a real job.

This is not going to work for you. Why are you investing your time and listening to these different conference calls, going to these different trainings, and purchasing these audios? What do you think you’re doing reading these books on learning how to become more successful? That stuff’s not going to work. It takes the skin of a rhino for that stuff to be able to bounce off you and for you to continue to stay focused just like a rhino does and move forward towards what it is you are seeking to achieve.

I started to tell the story about the rhino quite a bit. I heard a few others tell the story, and I started realizing, I think this rhino concept is pretty cool. I read a book called Rhinoceros Success by a guy named Scott Alexander. He talked about the rhino concept. I thought, I’m going to take this on and start to develop this in a bigger way. The Jerry DRhino Clark and my website have to do with rhinos, so everybody’s always asking that question.

That’s a really interesting question, but now you have a little bit of an idea of why the rhino is significant. One of my top selling audio programs is called Murphy’s Committee. We’ve sold over a million copies of that. People buy that program because they get this whole detailed story of what a rhino is, why it’s important to be a rhino, what you can expect as you’re in the jungle, and how you can make sure you make it to the other side to your land of paradise.

TAMMY LAWMAN: Right now you’re focusing on working with salespeople and entrepreneurs, and you’ve worked with people like that in over 35 countries all over the world. In fact, I read on your website that most of the people you’ve helped became multi-millionaires. In there some big difference between the people you’ve worked with who have been able to create those massive results and those who haven’t?

JERRY CLARK: That’s an interesting question. I can give you a shorter answer or a more detailed reply if you want. Which version do you want?

TAMMY LAWMAN: We’d probably like the more detailed. I’m sure they’ll enjoy listening to you. The more detailed, the better.

JERRY CLARK: Okay. There’s definitely a difference that I’ve noticed over the years. It’s interesting because there are some people I started working with, and when I met them, they were basically just making ends meet. They were making $3,000 or $4,000 a month working really hard and doing all the things that we’re taught to do. It was very commendable.

I started working with them and sharing with them some basic principles and strategies. They started listening to some of my audios. Some of them started coming to my trainings and getting personally coached. Now to see a lot of these people are multimillionaires is absolutely amazing. I looked back and said, What’s the difference? Why are these people millionaires and multi-millionaires, and why are some of the other people who had the same opportunities still struggling?

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