Jennifer Hough is the founder of The Vital You Clinic and creator of the Get Out Of Your Own Way course. Not only is she a speaker and author with the gift of intuition, but she’s a holistic nutritionist and teacher of the art of awakening. She truly walks her talk and has transformed her own life from years of financial struggle and chronic migraines to abundance and limitless vitality. She’s a master of leading people just like you to wake up and break free from the underlying patterns that keep you stuck.

TAMMY LAWMAN: For those who don’t know that much about you, can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you got your start in the self-improvement industry?

JENNIFER HOUGH: Sure. When I started out, I worked for a big multi-national company. I got a degree in economics, believe it or not. That’s a little left-brained. What happened was I was living on my sailboat, and I got exposed to some toxins. As a result of that exposure, I started to have chronic migraines and yeast infections. I was breaking up every relationship I was in. I sought some help, first medically.

I was taking medications, and they were helping some symptoms, but they were causing other symptoms. I knew that really wasn’t the root for me. I didn’t know anything about the holistic world. I was a purchasing manager at the same time that I was also a personal trainer. Even personal trainers at that point didn’t know a lot about anything holistic or anything to do with quantum physics or anything like that.

I found several different holistic modalities. I went to a chiropractor, a network chiropractor, a craniosacral therapist, and a reiki master. I went to a lot of different things. Each of them had a different story and a different take. One day I was in my chiropractor’s office, and a nutritionist came up to me and said, “Jennifer, you really don’t look that good,” to which I replied, “Thank you.”

From there, she said, “I know you know about Chinese herbs. Can you teach me about Chinese herbs if I teach you how to get your body back in balance?” She did. We traded. To this day, she’s still a very good friend. I got about 2/3 better by using supplements and nutrition and basically roto-rooting my body with homeopathy and bodywork. People started saying that I looked years younger. I did look years younger.

They started coming to see me for advice because I had learned so much. That’s actually how I started in the field of holistic nutrition. What we’re talking about tonight, and what I really want to share about, is what happened after that. That was the part that had my practice become the largest one in Canada. It really was around how our beliefs affect our biochemistry. I said I was 2/3 better, so I still had 1/3 that wasn’t so hot.

What happened was I still had migraines. People were coming to see me. I had a woman come in, and she had a brain tumor. That was the one avenue I had not explored about my particular migraine case. I had a lot of people who had migraines come to see me, and almost 99% of them we could assist them to reverse. There was just that 1%, including myself. I got most of the way better, but I was still getting migraines once a month.

This woman came, and that was the one avenue I hadn’t explored about me, which was having a brain tumor. For some reason, I just knew that she was going to pass away. I’d already had a few thousand clients, so I was getting extremely intuitive and sensitized to people’s symptoms and what they meant. I looked at her, and I knew instantaneously where that particular issue had come from when we started talking about it.

It had to do with her mother and being given up for adoption. Her mother was a cocaine addict, and she was given up for adoption when she was young. She held resentment against her mother that her mother didn’t love herself enough to make herself better so she could be with her mother. This was despite the fact that she was with an extraordinary adoptive family. I knew she wouldn’t heal.

She passed away in about a week and a half. I thought, “Brain tumors. I will get to the bottom of this because I refuse to have this happen in my office again. I know there’s a way. If the universe is a benevolent, loving universe, then there’s really no reason why we have to suffer. We’re a function of an amazing, creative force that makes worlds. Surely we don’t have to suffer symptoms.

“What is it, and how can I transcend it effortlessly without restrictive diet or having to take a ton of supplements the rest of my life?” I just knew because it was a struggle. Probably a lot of people listening right now are hearing this and thinking, “I don’t eat wheat, dairy, or sugar.” Some of you maybe do eat all those things. Yay for you. I didn’t want to have to keep doing that anymore in order to stay 2/3 well.

I wanted to be all the way well. I wanted to feel free to be able to eat, drink, and do whatever inspired me and to feel well without migraines. I knew that if I was a divine child of a wonderful, expansive universe, there was a way. That night, I went to bed. I woke up at 3:00 in the morning, and I took out a pen and a book, and I just started writing. I wrote, and I wrote. I basically channeled or downloaded the entire Get Out of Your Own Way program and how our biochemistry is linked to our beliefs.

I could feel shifts in my body such that I was able to see energy even more. I saw the big picture. I didn’t even see it. I felt it on a whole other level. I saw for me what the migraines were all about, and I stepped out of them in an instant. I started assisting my clients for the next week and months to come, and people started being referred from all over the place. What happened from there was I started speaking about what happened.

Then I realized that this really was about awakening to who we are and having a cellular shift such that it really transcends the effort. We get to wake up to who we are and thank our body for the symptoms it gives us that express how we really are. What a wonderful gift that our body gives us by telling us. It’s communicating with us all the time. This is about how we get to actually transcend all of that. That’s how come now we’re teaching the Law of Awakening and why Get Out of Your Own Way is something I’m very passionate about paying forward. Does that kind of give you an idea, Tammy?

TAMMY LAWMAN: Definitely. That’s an amazing story. I’m sure you never thought when you were getting your degree in economics that you would be in this field now.

JENNIFER HOUGH: Oh my gosh, no. One of the things that happened to me was the reason I went into economics and accounting, Tammy, was actually was one of the reasons I had migraines. One of the things that happened in that waking dream was I had this flash, and the flash was of me in my basement with my dad, helping him finish the basement with that ugly wood paneling that a lot of us used to have.

He was very meticulous. His father was an engineer, so everything had to be perfect. For my dad, nothing was ever good enough. He was very hard on himself as well. I was downstairs, and I was 3 to 5 years old. He had just meticulously jigsawed out this beautiful piece of paneling to fit around the fireplace, and I came along. I was helping my daddy. I took a hammer, and I whacked off the end of it.

I remember him just exploding. For me as a 5-year-old, I didn’t understand why he was so upset. When you’re 5, everything is about you. It must have been something you did. I immediately said to myself, “I must be bad. I must have to do things perfectly. I must have to get things right. I must have to do things in order for my daddy to approve of me and love me.” I started collecting evidence for it the rest of my life.

It seemed pretty true because he barked at my sisters. How I interpreted that was, “I guess we all really have to live up to that, and then he’ll approve.” The funny thing was I went into accounting and economics because of that, which was good. It gave me some insight into numbers and all of that. It’s very much not how I think, but it’s all good. All that pressure to get approval, to be good enough, and to really be okay was the same pressure that was in my head.

As I saw it, I remember having a conversation with my dad where I actually apologized. I said, “I’m sorry. I haven’t been telling you about my life because I’ve been too scared you wouldn’t approve of me.” This was quite a life-changing moment. He said, “Jennifer, I could not love another human being as much as I love you. You do your life. Sometimes I bark, but that’s just me. Don’t worry about it.”

That was in my 20s, and I had spent 20 years basically putting undue pressure on myself that I had adopted from my father. Voila! The migraines went away. That actually happened from the dream that I had. They went completely away because I got it on a cellular level. I understood who I was. I was much bigger than not up to par for somebody.

In the end, Tammy, what I was doing was I was saying that the opinion of my father mattered more than the fact that a creative force that makes the world decided I should be here. If a creative force that makes worlds decided I should be here, then I’m worth it. I’m so much more than good enough. I’m blessed. I’m wonderful. I must be if an omnipotent, omniscient, all-seeing, all-knowing creator thought I should be here.

The same is true for everyone on the line. How do you cellularly remember that? How do you actually know that in your cells so you don’t have to do a lot of intellectual work to get to your infinite, expansive life? You really don’t even have to do vision boards and intentions. You become a walking vision board and an embodied intention. You are the intention. Your beingness is. That’s really what happened to me. Again, that’s why I’m so passionate about this.

TAMMY LAWMAN: Awesome. It seems like people are really feeling this urgency to get on with their lives, fulfill their passions, and make their dreams come true. Why do you think that is?

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