Jackie Lapin is a 30-year veteran media relations expert, with experience in brand leadership and book marketing in the personal development marketplace. Before becoming a consultant, she was also President and CEO of a $2 million bi- coastal agency for 15 years. She has recently authored The Art of Conscious Creation, a manual that helps people create the life they desire.

TAMMY LAWMAN: Jackie, thank you so much for being here today. Let’s jump right in. Why don’t you tell everybody on the line here what “conscious creation” is.

JACKIE LAPIN: Conscious creation is the opportunity to manifest the life you want rather than letting life happen to you. It is choosing what you want to have happen in your life and then making that become your reality. It’s a very distinct difference from how most people lead their lives. Most people lead their lives as unconscious creators rather than conscious creators. The way the world works is that everything is energy.

Our thoughts and emotions that we put out into the world are energetic emissions. Since everything is energy, when we put those things into the world, they go out, and they either draw things back, or they create a domino effect and impact things. When you are thinking, you’re actually vibrating energy. If you’re vibrating in the high range, and that is love, compassion, and joy, then you’re bringing those things back into your life.

If you’re vibrating in the low range, that is fear, anxiety, worry, disappointment, and mistrust of the universe. If you’re vibrating all of those things out into the world, then that’s the experience you’re going to draw back into your life. Most people are unconscious creators because they don’t realize they’re actually creating their future with these energetic emissions. There’s a real distinct difference between being able to say, “This is the experience I want to have,” and creating that experience. That’s what I teach.

TAMMY LAWMAN: Whether you’re trying to or not, you’re emitting some kind of energy out in the world. Is that correct?

JACKIE LAPIN: Absolutely. At all times. The key is you can choose what kind of energy you want to put out there. Let me explain why this is really important. The universe is vibrating at the highest level, which is the level of love. When you’re vibrating at that level or close to that level, then the universe is carrying you along. It’s like having the wind in your sails or having a racecar that drafts you.

It’s basically carrying you along and opening all kinds of doors. That’s when you see synchronicities happen, your life gets a whole lot easier, and you begin to manifest a lot faster. When you’re consciously manifesting, that means that you can actually begin to create your reality a lot faster. If you are unconsciously creating, putting out negative vibrations, and basically vibrating at the low range, then what happens is it’s like driving a car with the brakes on.

Your life is difficult. You hate your job, your relationship is a problem, and you’re not making any money. Essentially, life just doesn’t work. Wouldn’t you much rather be vibrating at the high range?

TAMMY LAWMAN: Of course. How do you take control over your life instead of feeling like it’s just happening to you?

JACKIE LAPIN: It’s where you actually choose what emotions and thoughts you’re going to have. Unintentionally, those negative things will arise, but they don’t have to just stay there. You can actually shift your thinking and emotions. When I start to feel all that negative stuff, now that I know I’m responsible for my own life, I basically say, “Wait a minute. I am not going there.”

Then I start to rethink how I’m going to look at something. “I know this is in my highest good. How do I have to think about this differently in order to make it work for me rather than against me?” I am constantly on the alert to change my thoughts and emotions and to make sure that what I’m putting out there is going to lead me on a positive path instead of a negative path.

TAMMY LAWMAN: Can you give some examples of the way this has helped in your life or maybe the way that you have helped someone else in their life through using this?

JACKIE LAPIN: I think so. There are times, for example, when I might have lost a public relations account for various reasons. I could look at this and think, “Woe is me. Where is the money going to come from? How am I going to pay my bills?” and start getting all worked up. Instead, I say, “Do you know what? I know that there’s a reason why I’ve lost this client. Obviously, this is somebody who is not in my highest good.

“I’m leaving space open for something new to come in. I will find somebody far better suited for me. This person wasn’t vibrationally right for my environment. I have total faith that the universe will present something that will be better if not equal.” That’s a big shift in how you treat an opportunity. One of the things that most of us human beings tend to do is we get into our heads.

We work up all the reasons things are going to go wrong and all the possible things that are negative consequences to something. We really don’t have to listen to all that mind chatter. We can choose not to. We can shut it down and live in the moment. We can think about, “What other positive things are there?” A perfect example is sometimes you’ll get these days when something goes wrong in the morning, and then it just continues to escalate and get worse and worse.

The reason that happens is not because there are all these extraneous circumstances. It’s largely because…

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