Before you read the article below, take a minute and watch two and half minutes of inspiration to get you started on the right foot for October-Passion Awareness Month:

September 30 was International Passion Day. One day in the year to assess where you stand in following your passions and living your life purpose.

Now, in October as we celebrate Passion Awareness Month, you have the chance to start taking action on your passions. This is the time to get a copy of The Passion Test ( and use this simple, but powerful tool to discover your top five passions.

You could have the kind of experience Julia did when she went through The Passion Test process.

Two years ago, Julia was struggling. Her 15-year marriage felt like it was coming apart.

Her health sucked. She couldn’t walk barefoot without experiencing intense pain.

She felt like her life had no direction. She was committed to home schooling her sons, but had neither the income nor the time to even begin thinking about how to make that happen.

“What you put your attention on grows stronger in your life.”

That was when Julia attended a seminar where Janet Bray Attwood took her through The Passion Test.

Her top passions?

  1. enjoying an awesome relationship with my husband

  2. powerfully home schooling my children

  3. living a life of abundant health

  4. having multiple streams of income

  5. being a public speaker and motivating others

It was a little over a month later when her husband discovered a business opportunity they could work at together.

It was about two months later when her husband came to her out of the blue with healing words and a transformed heart that completely changed their relationship.

She discovered a unique treatment program which has turned her health around and she’s hired a tutor for her boys in the areas she was struggling with.

Two years later, she is happier than she has ever been. She is once again deeply in love with her husband. Together they have made more than a million dollars from their business. They have received many honors and much recognition. She is in great health and she happily home schools her boys and gets to spend lots of time with them.

Now It’s Your Turn

This is Passion Awareness Month. So what are you going to do with this chance?

Why not take The Passion Test and then commit to at least one action each day this month to follow your passions and begin living your life purpose.

Want to make those actions really meaningful? Commit to at least one action to follow your passions AND serve others. Here’s your chance to create your own story. The story of the life you choose to live.

What could your life be like if you were really on fire?

Julia says her life now is an ongoing miracle. What miracles could be possible for you?

“When you’re clear, what you choose to show up in your life will, and only to the extent you’re clear.”

Take action. Now.

And if you want to have fun along the way, try taking The Passion Test Online. For a $2 donation, over the next month you can go through all The Passion Test exercises plus have access to the Decision Meter which will help you determine if any decision in your life is aligned with your passions or not.

About the Authors:

Chris and Janet Attwood are co-authors of the New York Times bestseller, The Passion Test – The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Destiny. They are also co-founders of Healthy Wealthy nWise and through their company, “Enlightened Alliances” arranged 70% of the interviews completed for the movie and book, The Secret. You can get a copy of their phenomenal bestseller and take The Passion Test by going to:

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