Ok, let’s jump right in…

We’ve established that the Law of Attraction is ALWAYS working;
it’s just a matter of if it is working for you or against you.

What we spend the majority of our time focusing on is we attract.

If you spend most of your time thinking, feeling and acting broke…

the Law of Attraction will deliver more situations to prove
you are broke.

However, if you spend the majority of your time thinking, feeling
and acting rich, then guess what the Law of Attraction will
deliver to you?

You guessed it…opportunity for more riches!

Notice I said OPPORTUNITY for more riches…the reason I said
OPPORTUNITY is because the Law of Attraction Key is

Without Inspired Action you may be constantly surrounded by the
opportunity for the life you desire…but if 8 million doors open
up and you just sit there and don’t actually walk through one of
those doors then your life still won’t change.

At this point, the question always arises of how to know the
difference between regular action and Inspired Action and trust
me there is a HUGE difference.

Regular action can keep you busy and running in circles every
day for the rest of your life while inspired action doesn’t eat
up all of your time and definitively moves you toward your goals.

Knowing the difference between regular action and inspired action
will eventually become a ‘Gut Instinct’ for you…and once you tap
into your intuition the Law of Attraction will work for you in
ways you never imagined.

BUT…chances are good that right now you are like most people and
much, if not most, of the action you take is probably inspired
by fear or boredom.


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There is 1 question you can ask yourself to discover if your instinct
is guiding you out of Fear or Inspiration.

Before you take action, ask this question:

“Will doing this right now move me toward my goal of __________,
away from my goal of __________ OR keep me in the same exact place?’

IT’S IMPORTANT to name the goal SPECIFICALLY, if you are general and
don’t get specific this won’t be as effective.

If your honest answer is that it will move you toward your goal, GREAT,
GO FOR IT…you are about to tap into the Law of Attraction Key of
Inspired Action.

BUT…if it will move you away from your goal OR keep you in the same
exact place then ask yourself this question:

‘What small action can I take RIGHT NOW to move me toward my goal
of _______.”

When an answer pops into your head, ask yourself the first question
again just to make sure you aren’t fooling yourself.



Remember, the Key to the Law of Attraction is Inspired Action.
And once you tap into the power of Inspired Action you will stop taking
action out of fear and in doing so will start immediately start
attracting the life you desire.

Life Mastery is Yours!

Kristen Howe


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