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The #1 Most Powerful Word in Marketing That Will Increase Your Article Marketing’s Conversion Rates

I recently received this email from a subscriber to my Article Marketing Secrets & Breakthroughs Newsletter:

Dear Article Marketing Expert:

After reading your articles in your free weekly e-newsletter, I’ve come to realize that writing and marketing articles online is the most effective, most cost-effective way to publicize my website, and promote my products and services online.

 I’ve followed your invaluable advice, and have asked my virtual assistant to find the top websites, ezines and directories within my niche that accept article submissions and have a strong emotional connection to their audience. Although, my articles can be found all over the Web, I have yet to make a sale.  Can you please tell me the number-one secret to increasing my conversion rate?


Believe it or not, the answer to increasing your conversion rate and building your very own hyper-responsive list of hot, rabid customers is very simple and basic – if you know what the #1 most powerful word in marketing is.

Do you know what the #1 ‘MOST POWERFUL Word’ in marketing is?
Well, the #2 most powerful word is NEW. But, according to Phoenix based entrepreneur extraordinaire and direct marketing legend, “Millionaire Maker” Dan Kennedy, the #1 most powerful word is…. (drum roll)……. FREE!  It’s a word that jumps out at most people and catches their attention. When you offer something for FREE in your bio box, your readers are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

Yet, 8 out of 10 article marketers forget this very important marketing principle.  They forget that people don’t usually buy on the first introduction and that you must first develop a relationship.

Here’s My List of the Top 4 Free Offers To Promote In Your Bio Box – So You Can Build Your List & Increase Your Conversion Rate:

1.Promote a free ezine  

If I read your article today, but I’m not ready to buy from you today (and there’s a 99% chance I’m not), you’ve likely lost me forever when I click away. But if you invite me to sign up for your free ezine that features helpful information on the topic I came to learn more about anyway, I’ll be more than happy to sign up. And, if you write a decent ezine, I will more than likely pass it on to friends and colleagues. After several months of promoting your articles and free ezine, you can have thousands of readers from around the world on your list — thanks to viral marketing mixed with some promotional legwork.

2. Promote a free special report

The special report is an effective tool that educates, informs and, most importantly, influences a prospective customer. The viral marketing power of a good special report can be astonishing, especially when you’re trying to educate and influence corporate executives in large companies. In fact, statistics show that decision makers in organizations use them as their first external source of information. I guess that’s why the special report is considered to be the standard marketing tool today. Yet, it is surprising how few article marketers have created their own special reports.

3. Promote a free e-Book  

When you write a book, you gain instant credibility. By offering your readers the opportunity to download your free e-Book and receive real content– in exchange for their names and contact information — you are taking advantage of a powerful viral marketing tool that can literally provide you with an entire network of people who promote your business, absolutely free. And don’t forget to promote your books, products or services for sale within the context, embed affiliate links, and add sales letters at the end of the e-Book to generate even more income.

4. Promote a free sneak preview

This is a perfect promotion if your article marketing’s goal is to promote your books. In order to capture his prospect’s names and email addresses, best-selling author, Mark Hyman M.D. promotes a free sneak preview of his book UltraMetabolism — The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss in his bio boxes.

Here’s the bio box that helped push Dr. Hyman’s book to the top of the New York Times Best Seller List:

New York Times best selling author, lecturer, and practicing physician Mark Hyman, M.D., is the Editor-in-Chief of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine and Medical Editor of Alternative Medicine Magazine.  Download a free sneak preview of his most recent book, UltraMetabolism — The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss at http:// URL and discover how you can ignite the fat burning code hidden in your own DNA. 

Through article marketing, you will build your list and convert readers into buyers over time – if done properly. Now the question is: How are you going to capture your reader’s interest long enough to complete a sale?

About the Author:

Article marketing expert, Eric Gruber, has learned everything there is to know about article marketing & list building strategies. Get the PR LEADS Article Marketing Secrets & Breakthroughs Newsletter for FREE at: http://www.articlemarketingexpert.com/newsletter.htm and learn how to increase your conversion rates and build your very own list of hot, rabid customers in 6 months or less.


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