It has been my observation over the years that many people pray to God to be cured when they get sick. They also often pray to God to not get a certain condition. Please God, don't let me get cancer! for instance. Obviously, these prayers don't always seem to work (or be answered) or there wouldn't be any illness in parishioners of all the churches with prayer groups!

But these praying people still get life-altering and/or life-ending illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. So when they do, they and those around them often become disillusioned. After all, they prayed to God not to get these illnesses, and then they prayed really hard (along with everyone they know) for their diseases to be cured, and they weren't.

This can lead them, and those closely associated with them, to react quite negatively to assume there is no God, or that He isn't listening to them since He didn't answer their prayers. Many even decide that God is punishing them for the sins they have committed. Some turn away from God permanently saying, I knew there was no God. I prayed for His help and He didn't give it.

Experiences with prayer seem to run the gamut from concentrated formal study to belief in it. Generally speaking, most of us have had some type of training on how, when, and what to pray. Our training varies from religion to religion, from household to household, and from person to person. You may have memorized various prayers in school or Sunday school. You might have been taught to repeat particular prayers for certain shortcomings on your part. You could have learned that you should pray every evening before you go to sleep. You could have decided, from experience, it is not important to pray at all. Experiences with prayer seem to be quite vast and varied.

But, have you ever really thought about what you pray for and how you pray? I mean, how should you structure your own prayer in order to successfully talk to God (or whatever you may call the ultimate spirit or creator)? Is there really a right and wrong way to pray?

Often, people think praying to God is about bargaining with something, so you don't get what you don't want to get. l'll start going to church every Sunday if you'll get me that raise, or Please cure my cancer, I've stopped smoking for 30 days . Or how about, Don't let me get Hodgkin's like my mother, and I'll be so grateful.

So, how should we pray? After years of study and clinical experience with people, their conditions and their behaviors, and by reading volumes of text on the subject, I teach a way of prayer to my patients which I base on the Law of Attraction.

Pray in a manner as though you are giving thanks for that which you are asking, as if you have already received it.

You may want to read that again.

Simply put, that's pray as if you already have received what it is you are asking for. Jesus told us how to gain our desires in Mark 11:24 where he states, Therefore I say unto you, what things so ever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.

Create it energetically in the spiritual field, so that it may come to being in the physical world. You will actually help to make it happen by thinking it into reality. If you cannot envision your goals, they can never come to fruition.

The more you pray to God to cure your disease or ailment, the worse it is going to get, because you are putting negativity into your field and to the Universe. God doesn't know negativity; the only thing He hears is cancer or arthritis, thus actually creating more cancer or arthritis. The spiritual energy works to create the positive outcome necessary for your survival. Cancer and arthritis are created as the results of choices and thoughts over a period of years. Each is the perfect response by the spiritual intellect for survival. If the cancer had not been created, you would not survive. Now, eventually you may not survive the cancer, but it was and remains the perfect response for survival of that moment.

So, when we get cancer, we may be tempted to think that God didn't hear our prayers or has deserted us. The bottom line here is that God never went anywhere, because He was already there. So, He can't do any more, no matter how many times you ask or bargain. Consider that it is you who strayed from Him and His path, instead of Him turning His back on you. If you pray in a thankful fashion, then your prayers will be answered.

For example, let's say that you have a skin rash. Your most effective prayer might go something like this, Dear God, thank you for my perfect skin. My soft, supple, smooth skin is wonderful. Thank you for creating such a glorious system of elimination in my body . Then, see your skin as perfect. If you did not eliminate these toxins (which show up as your rash) then you would harbor the toxins within, causing some other organic or systemic problem. Your skin rash is your perfect response for eliminating the toxins. It's your signal that something is not right. Be thankful, truly thankful, that your body is designed to survive that your body is designed to eliminate wastes through your skin, and that your body has alerted you to notice that something is amiss.

I believe every prayer is answered. I also believe that every thought is a silent prayer. Think about what you think about when you think about it! Pray in a fashion that will actually bring what you want into your energy field. Instead of being judgmental, be thankful. Have faith that God is a loving God, and know He is a universal power and intelligence that flows through you, as well as through everything else.

About The Author

Dr. M. T. Morter, Jr. is the founder of the revolutionary Morter HealthSystem, based on his Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.). For information on B.E.S.T. Life Intensive seminars offered all over the country in 2007 call 800-874-1478 or visit their website at Janet Bray Attwood of The Passion Test and bestselling New York Times author, Dr. Barbara De Angelis , will also be presenting at B.E.S.T. seminars.