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Lisa Nichols is a world-renowned public speaker and an expert on becoming a master of public speaking.

In this motivational speech, Lisa Nichols shares her own public speaking tips on how to gain self-confidence you’ve always wanted to capture an audience through storytelling.

In this video, Lisa Nichols gives a motivational speech for success in life at A-Fest.

02:30 The context of speaking
02:53 How to tell stories
07:57 Never stop moving no matter how many times you get hurt
16:29 3 things to do while telling a story
19:16 Key questions most potential speakers ask
30:40 Answering questions from audience
33:38 Story of Lisa’s swimming
48:16 Story of Lisa’s stuck in a traffic jam

Not only is Lisa Nichols a motivational speaker, but she champions personal development by helping people become powerful communicators to achieve their goals.

In this TED Talk on storytelling with Lisa Nichols, she gives valuable advice on how to turn your life around and focus on self improvement.

If you’re looking for real-life examples on personal development, Lisa Nichols explains how to build self-confidence and conquer your fear of public speaking.

Learn public speaking tips and more with Lisa Nichos in her FREE masterclass


Lisa Nichols is the CEO of Motivating the Masses, one of the top training and development companies in the world. She is a best-selling author and TV personality who has appeared on CNN and The Steve Harvey Show.

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