If you are at a time in your life where you feel like you have found the right town or community you want to live in for a while and are prepared to custom build your home, there are some ways to plan and prepare for the quite large task ahead. Here are just a few tips to consider when building your own home.

Many home builders don’t have a clue the first time they build a home. The idea of the project can seem either fun or scary and maybe a bit of both. The details you are going to be dealing with are countless and you will probably be over budget. If you know these things ahead of time, it can make for an easier task. If you think everything is going to be done on time, on budget and without any glitches, you will be sadly disappointed and frustrated. By knowing ahead of time that there will be issues along the way and to prepare for them now, you can save yourself a lot of headaches.

– You will probably go over budget. If you know this now, then plan accordingly. Estimate high and make sure you have enough in your budget for 5-10,000 over the estimate, at least. Even if the builder guarantees the price, there will be issues along the way that will be unexpected or things you may want to upgrade at the time.

– There are way more details then you expected. Think about all the details you may have to deal with. Now double that… and that’s still probably not enough. Details such as trim and molding; paint color and cabinet hardware; fixtures and switch plate covers; door knobs and wall texture. These are many details that home builders don’t consider until the builder asks. Sometimes without proper planning, these items need to be special ordered and it takes longer to finish. Which brings me to the next topic.

– Pay close attention to space. Remember that plans and bone structure of a home does not include furniture or sometimes counters and cabinets. If you think you have enough space remember you may have chairs, counters or other furniture that will take up the space. Will you have enough space to move around once you are actually living in the home.

– It will take longer than expected. Even if the builder gives you a time, certain issues beyond their control can come up. If you change anything along the way such as siding, paint choices, trims pieces or fixtures, they may need to be ordered and this may take time. Building a home is not based on one or even two person’s schedules but many all trying to work together to finish a house. By keeping flexible in your schedule and current living situation, you can finish to as close on time as possible.

– You will probably get frustrated. If you are building a home with your spouse, you will probably get into some heated discussions at some point. It’s a long, detailed process with two or more people working closely with each other to pull off the building of a home. If nothing ever goes wrong, it would be a miracle. Just know, you will get through it and it will be wonderful on the other side.

This may seem like a doomed project from the beginning but unless you look at the project realistically, you can end up so frustrated you may never want to move again. These are real issues that you may have to deal with. By knowing them up front, you can plan better and be more prepared when something does come along and throws a wrench into the mix. For more tips on building visit the masters in Kentucky construction. These experts can help manage all your residential construction in Kentucky and also help with Kentucky home loans.

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