Millions of people use the Internet every day and as a result, unscrupulous people want to ‘cash in’ on the information highway. This means you, your family and your computer might be at risk.

It has become a necessity to maintain security when using the Internet.

It all breaks down to protecting the data on your computer. Data regarding any account information like banking and credit card information is at risk. It also means protecting your passwords as well.

Using Public Computers

Be careful when using public computers like in the library or Internet cafes. If you access any websites such as your bank for example make certain to log out rather than simply closing the browser and going to another website. You wouldn’t want the next person using the computer to be able to access your account because you ‘left the door open’, so to speak.

This is also true with sites like Facebook and Twitter. These computer programs will remember your username and passwords so if someone comes in after you and uses the same computer, they may be able to see where you visited and access your account information.

Never use a public computer to make purchases on the Internet that require entering your credit card details. There are malware programs that steal your private information that may have been loaded onto that computer. Just don’t do it and you won’t have anything to worry about.

As when you use an ATM, be vigilant and alert to anyone hanging around. If there is someone who seems to be a bit too close for comfort, ask them to move away or logoff all sites you were visiting.

How to avoid getting caught out in a phishing scam

Phishing scams are those scams that lure you into believing that a fake website or email source is the real one. For example, you might receive a phishing email from what appears to be your bank. The stationary might look legitimate so naturally you think it has indeed come from your bank. In the message there is almost always a sense of urgency to address a situation with your account. You are encouraged to click on a link in the email and then provide your account information.

Your bank will NEVER ask you for that information in an email. If you are concerned, call the bank but never use the phone number in the email. Use the number you find in the phone book or go to your bank to confirm the legitimacy of the email.

There are other types of phishing scams that dupe you into divulging your private information. Treat all emails like that as suspicious and err on the side of caution.

Always delete them and never click on any of the links. Don’t bother unsubscribing because doing that alerts the scammers that they have a real email address and you could be the target of even more spamming.

Get quality Anti-virus and Anti- spyware services

There are many reputable services available. You can check with your trusted friends to see what they use, or ask your technical support at your Internet service providers or the manufacturer of your computer if you need a recommendation.

Always activate Firewall protection. Firewalls are used to prevent unauthorized Internet users from accessing private networks connected to the Internet. When you get a quality anti-virus service, there is also a firewall component as part of it. Always ensure that it is turned on.

Maintaining Security when using the Internet is important so take the time needed to learn everything you can do to protect yourself and your family.

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